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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Weekly Top X: That New Blog Smell

Hello and welcome to another edition of the House of Paincakes Weekly top X.  Once Brent and I came down from our opium highs on Sunday, we scoured the HOP blogs for some of the best stuff that was published be the good people who are kind enough to openly admit that they are associated with us.

In a drug addled haze, Brent and I both had some flashbacks to the meager beginnings of our own blogs.  It can be hard to get noticed when you get started and it takes time to get readers and the sweet, sweet approval of your e-peers.  So with that in mind, Brent and I decided on focusing our attentions on blogs that have existed for less than a year.  Hopefully we'll get some of these guys the readers they deserve!

1) Bringer of Victory - Don't Be Stupid, Ya Moron

Brent: So, we’re looking at new blogs this week, Lauby. To which I have to say... this isn’t about me at all! How can we correct this glaring problem?
John: I don't know, Brent.  Maybe we could politely ask all of this weeks authors to sprinkle there posts with pictures of your glorious faux-hawk.  But what I'd really like to talk about is-
Brent: Jeez, man - way to make it about yourself. We’re pushing new blogs here, like this one, Nike40K. As with any new blog, there’s not much material to go on, but I think we’ve picked a winner here. He’s got a dry wit and knows how to spin the absurd for laughs - check out his Warseer articles! The one we’re featuring today is an honest self-assessment of his army at Hard Boyz, to which I can only say: I’ve been there, brother, I’ve been there.
John: Yah man, me too. Self delusion can really be a motherfucker.

2) Ragnar's Fist - Spiral Binding Your Codexes

John: I know its not technically from the last week, but this is just too good an idea not to share. Since he just got back from a vacation and I didn’t want him to miss out, I fudged a bit. I’m an editor. I can do that. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of his solution yet, but he’s certainly got me thinking about doing something to protect my large investment in army books. Especially considering how much the get used.
Brent: Actually, I’ve done this to my book before and it works out great! My Eldar Codex is always opened to psychic powers, since that piece of crap book is so hard to find anything in... sorry, I’m ranting. Point is, an open book on a gaming table is an annoyance, but with spiral binding it’s a convenience. This idea is tres useful.

3) Rant in E Minor - Retro Review: The Failcon Grav Tank

John: As Eldar players, I think both Brent and I can appreciate where this guy is coming from. The Eldar don’t have as many successful build options as we’d like anymore and there is a certain amount self loathing involved when you use the tools you do have. A spot on analysis of the shenanigans the Eldar have been reduced to to win against the newer codices. Bonus points for snow-mobiling the fluff. That killed me.
Brent: I’m just glad he didn’t steal my snowmobiling color! I still haven’t forgiven the last chap who took green, using it for his comments in the hideous love-child that was the monkey-fucked-football-grotesquery 5-man snowmobiling of 2010. He knows who he is! (Oh yea, give the article a read...)

4) N++ - Liguitex Matte Varnish

John: Sealing your models is always an opportunity to fuck them up somehow. Most people who write about varnish seem to not realize this or at least try and sidestep the issue. Which is entirely frustrating since you pretty much have to seal you stuff if you plan on actually playing a game. Dave’s piece is the exact kind of post on the subject I like to see - objective, honest, educational and with a trouble shooting section.
Brent: I couldn’t agree more. Did you know Heavy Metal doesn’t seal their models? It ‘ruins them for photos.’ Fuck that - the rest of us can’t afford to repaint what we’ve painted!
John: Or at least the rest of us aren’t being paid to maintain our corporate masters’ collection. HIYO!

5)  BJC MiniStudio - Bartertown.Com Admins: Part I with MagikalMemories

Brent: Folks, we really did save the best for last this week - nothing against these other articles, but this one is so freakin’ useful I can’t stand it. My boy Evil Homer knows how to work these online trading angles, and it seems to be a great way to stretch your hobby dollar. In this economy, that means more money for your toys. This dude wants to give you money... what are you waiting for!? Check out this site’s Bartertown posts so you can understand The Secret. I mean, it’s got to be better than that Oprah book, right Lauby? That had nothing whatsoever to do with man-dolls!
John: I wouldn’t know, Brent. I just wouldn’t know. I’ll quiz you about it later so I can keep up at book club. Speaking of people who do interviews... I’m actually a big fan of stuff like this. There are a lot of cool people out there doing some really great things for our hobbies and getting a peek inside there head is always fascinating for me. From my own experiences with barter town, I can say that if you’re patient, its a pretty great way to save a buck.

There you go, guys! Another Top X has come and gone.  I have to say that we really hope you enjoy this series as much as we do.  Its fast becoming the highlight of my blogging week.  See you next time!  - Lauby

Monday, September 13, 2010

Notice: New URL and Associated Errors

Just a quick notice for everyone - Dethtron and I are startin' to get all super slick with the HOP site and we went and bought a custom URL.

You can go ahead and use this much less complicated address to hit up your favorite blog network landing page of all time.  Or... you can use the old blogspot address.  Both will work as we've set up a redirect.  Or at least it will once a niggling blogger error goes away.

We're under construction you see.  Accidents happen.
Unfortunately, the custom domain stuff on blogger keeps wrecking our blog lists while the custom url is active.  Once I switch back to the blogspot address things go back to normal.  So if you're the kind of obsessive fan we hope to one day have, you may notice some broken things off and on. Not to worry, though - we're on it.

Please bear with us as we deal with the mystery that is blogger.  Watch this post for updates.

[UPDATE:] Screw figuring out web problems.  I went ahead and set up the redirect and then reentered all the blogs back on the rolls.  Please check the roles to make sure your blog is there!

And now, because Chaosgerbil raises a valid point:

I bring you a lolcat

and boobies

The new address is live and we're one step closer to world domination. With that out of the way, things should be pretty stable for now.   Let us know if we broke anything and thanks for bearing with us for the last few hours. - Lauby