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Monday, December 6, 2010

New Member Monday - Let's Have a Threesome

After having done a large number of these Monday Updates, I've come to two important realizations.

1)  I just plain don't like squash
2)  There are only so many ways Dethtron and I can humorously describe that we have no news to report.

So, unless there's actual HoP related news to share, we're just going to call it New Member Monday and give the new guys a bit more attention.

New Member Monday

Dice Rolla -
Keywords:   Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes, de bellis antiquitatis, The Simpsons, Book Reviews, Travel, Terrain Building, AAAC

Chaos Kingdoms
Keywords:   Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40, Battletech, D20, miniatures, mods, painting, gaming, etc....

From the Fang
Keywords:   40k Space Wolves

Now, since Monday's will be short, it's time to make those essays count.  From now on, the best application essay from the bunch gets posted.  Papa JJ from Dice Rolla is this weeks funniest author:

Congratulations on the burgeoning success of your blog community. I am happy to report today it reaches the pinnacle of accomplishment as I, God’s gift to the internet, seek admission to your network’s blogrolls. I believe the inclusion of my blog, diceRolla, will prove to be a great coup for the House of Paincakes, the reasons for which I am prepared to detail for you in a manner completely devoid of pomp or hyperbole.

My innovative painting style puts Golden Daemon winners to shame and has even inspired a series of articles at Laubersheimer Industries. My tactical and list building advice provides a foundation for imitators the world over, including YTTH and 3++ is the new black, prompting their authors to send me daily emails asking for help. My battle reports are more epic than The Iliad. Dethtron even had to coin a new phrase in order to adequately describe my gaming prowess, AAAC, which means, “Awesome At All Costs.” In short, I have had more impact on our hobby in a year and a half of blogging than the other JJ has had after decades of designing games.

But diceRolla is so much more than just the most valuable gaming resource on the...

YUCK! Even joking around that’s more internet bluster than I can muster. I admit there is nothing groundbreaking about my painting and I’ve not yet written a single battle report for my website. Further only someone truly desperate would seek my advice on tactics or army lists, and a sense of propriety precludes me from offering any out of consideration for my dismal win-loss records. Even Jervis Johnson has accused me of peddling meritless articles, and that’s really something coming from him.

I like writing for my blog and other people seem to be enjoying it as well, but I certainly do not consider myself God’s gift to the internet. I nonetheless think I would be a good member for your online community and would strive to my utmost ability to contribute in a positive way. On most days I’ve got a cheerful disposition which I think is reflected in my approach to blogging and I try to offer support and encouragement to those who share my passion for the hobby. While that may not be a terribly exciting prospect for many in your network, I do very much look forward to engaging with your associate members and having some fun.

A much more fun Monday, I think.  I look forward to getting some feedback - mad props or otherwise.  - Lauby


Sunday, December 5, 2010

[Weekly Whimsy] Lexicon

[Welcome to Weekly Whimsy! Loquacious' love of language laid low.]

Do You Even Understand The Words Coming Out of My Mouth? - Chris Tucker, Rush Hour 


I am very purposeful and pay close attention to intent when I chose my words. Some days, I am a lot more casual and off the cuff, and others I'm much more deliberate. I'm always aware of what the words I am using mean, even if it's a simple complement, or a quick one-liner. I'm especially careful when talking about myself in regards to gender.

I was given a challenge a while ago to find a single word that one could use to describe "women" without the word having reference to or connection with "men".

As a student of words, meaning, history and how they fit together, this was a pretty interesting challenge. I started a collection of words commonly (and sometimes not so commonly) used to describe the female kind and started taking notes. By using Webster's, Roget's, Bartlet's and a few other (more obscure) resources, I have a pretty comprehensive list here.

[An important comment on sexism here: I'm specifically and deliberately talking in a fairly "binary"sort of way on this post merely because it's expedient. I have no grudge or disdain for the trans community, and I am not trying to leave them out of any future conversations; just this one.]

Also, this post is intended mostly as a tool for discussion from all comers, and really has less relevance to the gaming community than my past entries- but it's a subject I find truly fascinating. I thrive on the intellectual considerations behind the words we choose, and hope that by considering this, I can bring some illumination and introspection to the way we interact with each other.


Friday, December 3, 2010

User Content Friday - Playing to (Almost) Win

When Dethtron and I started this thing called HoP, a major part of our conceptual framework was the idea of inclusiveness.  Be it different game systems, languages, play styles or even level of abilities we wanted HoP to be a place for EVERYONE.  Above all though, we wanted to make sure the entire spectrum between WAAC and FAAC is represented.  Because in truth, we believe that most gamers are somewhere in the middle and, at their core, just want to have a good game.  Enter Gmort and his secret recipe Chaotica: 

I have a reasonably well-deserved reputation for being good at 40K. I’m pretty good at optimising lists and can get the best out of most armies. I also enjoy winning (Don't we all?), as I am a very competitive person by nature.

There is one thing I enjoy almost as much as winning though…and that’s almost winning.

However the most fun of all comes from...almost losing.

That last statement probably requires some explanation.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where in the World is Lantz? - Strangers From Foreign Lantz

So, it turns out that creating a Lantz post is extremely hard after we missed last week and after my own six-day internet drought.

I think I've managed to piece things together.

First up - Lantz:

Lantz sez:  "This is what happens when I lose a game. Every. Time. I don't have a lot of friends..."

Second - Lauby (since there seems to be some confusion):
Please note that I am a completely separate person.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Weekly Top X - Most of Your Base are Belong to Lauby

America's wang...  hahaha.  How does Dethtron come up with that stuff?  Amirite, Brent?  Brent?


Looks like I'm riding solo.  Well, that's what happens when you fail to ask for an extra day off from work so you can get settled down from your six day vacation and then forget to make Top X selections until the last possible minute, all the while relying on a talented but increasingly busy pool of people.  This sentence brought to you by Auretious Taak.  Oh well, its good for the soul and a great way to get back in the grove of running the best breakfast- food joke-titled blog in ze verld.

Harrison Ford is not impressed with my visual pun


Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Update

With Lauby still out traveling around America's wang (aka Florida) for the Thanksgiving holiday, it has fallen on me to tell you that there are no major updates and goings on at the moment here at Paincakes central.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekly Whimsy- Show Some Skin

[Welcome to Weekly Whimsy! Making a minor change this week. Going to paint pictures with pictures today, rather than words.]

Show Your Scars- Metallica, Broken, Beaten & Scarred

Tattoos have become more and more commonplace in society lately. With shows like Miami and LA Ink, we've been expose to the business of the trade and seen the many varied stripes of folks that pursue  modification of their bodies. With Kat Von D and Jesse James appearing as top gossip fodder in tabloids, and style magazines devoting sections to celebrity skin, American culture has begun to see ink as common place.

It used to be that ink was reserved for felons and fighters (ie, soldiers of some type). Now markings and color have crossed into safe territory, and we're seeing things like this regularly:

I don't really mind a well done tramp stamp- it's kind of refreshing in comparison to the many ill-considered permanent additions to a person I've seen.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dethtron's Imperial Armour 8 Elysian Codex Review- Fast Attack

Sweet, another section of the army where you're going to want to fill ever slot in the list. This is honestly my favorite part of the army and has several great units to choose from. Deciding what to take is going to be difficult.


Friday, November 26, 2010

User Content Friday - Advanced Blocking Tatics

If you don't know who Kirby and if you don't know what 3++ is the New Black is, then you've really been missing out.  The short of it is this:  Kirby knows his shit and wants you to know yours.  He and his crack team of authors produce scads of good stuff everyday aimed at helping EVERYONE.  Its like a pie factory for whales.. or something.  This article on blocking is full of solid advice on advanced play and just tickles us pink.

Blocking is a quintessential skill in 40k (and Fantasy but we'll focus on 40k here) and we've discussed it's most basic of uses before. By using vehicle hulls and infantry models (i.e. bubble-wrap) combined with the 1" rule in 40k, you can impact significantly on your opponent's ability to control the battlefield through movement. The most direct forms of this tactic are delaying opponent's reaching your lines (especially assault based armies or units like Blood Angels and Terminators) and forcing an assault on a particular unit, etc. Whilst it can basically be summed up as "throw unit forward to block other unit's forward movement as much as possible to defend against scenario x" there is a lot more thought required to go into that. This article doesn't look at that :P (Ha! I had you all fooled) as it was covered to an extent in the previously linked article. I also assume you can extrapolate when it's a good idea to blindly rush forward and block a Land Raider and when it's not a good idea to blindly rush forward and block a Rhino...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Top X

Hello all, Brent here. It’s a Thanksgiving Top X... and the bosses are out of town! They’ve had the poor judgment to leave me and Loquacious in charge around these parts.

Brent: And then I turned around and the article was practically done! Loq is a newbie at the ol’ Top X, but frankly she put Lauby and me to shame!

In true Brent tradition, I’m claiming credit and riding her coattails. She did the original comments and I’m playing follow-up. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time a guy has taken credit for a woman’s work.

What, too much? Or too true?

Loq: No comment...

Loq: Here Dave G takes on some of the standard thinking regarding painting and gives us all a good wake-up call by kicking convention square in the junk. Not only that, but he generates some fantastic commentary and gets the community involved in considering why we paint and how we approach our art. It’s killer and you should completely give it a whirl.
Brent: I occasionally make the comment that this post or that should be on the All-Time Top X List. Lauby pointed out we don’t actually have one... but this post is the reason we should.
Loq: I could not possibly agree more seriously. I’ve got this bookmarked as I want to read it over and over.
Brent: Yup. Seriously, this is among the best I’ve ever seen.

Loq: Yes, it’s in response to something over on my blog- but it’s something so awesome it needs its very own hat-tip. The amount of information put together here is outstanding and a must for any newbie IG player. Again, Max does something seriously rockin’; he gets the other IG players involved and adds as he goes by way of community discussion.
Brent: (Where did you find these? Were people saving the top content for this week? I think you’re making us look bad.)
Loq: And how hard is that?

Loq: BSMoove’s outstanding work is the stuff of my dreamland- beautiful, colorful, well designed and conceived and done with stellar execution. The dude’s not satisfied with being great- he wants to be balls out EXCELLENT, and so he’s examining all of his standard techniques to see if they can be improved or otherwise tweaked to make his work even better. [Inconceivable, I tell ya! But he’s trying.] With this post he shares a great technique and asks for feedback - and gets it in spades. Whether it’s his cheerful manner or his great work, folks love talking to B and he gives as good as he gets.
Brent: Technically, BSMoove isn’t a part of the House of Paincakes community, but I don’t have the heart to remove him. First, he should be, and second, he’s one of the very best out there. I take credit for him, since I interviewed him in the very first On Blogging Interview... you see, it’s like Amway...
Loq: Pyramid schemes? Really? That’s never gonna happen. Even NotBrent’s better than that.
Brent: Well, that how it should work. *sigh* Lauby didn’t let me get away with that either.

Loq: Here’s yet another example of doing something freaking fun for the community. Silar’s Badab War project is picking up steam and he’s got people joining and adding faster than popping corn. the response he’s getting to this small side project is pretty awesome, and then he up and finds something really cool as a resource and just has to share it. I’ll admit to not knowing enough about the fluff/back story here to say anything wise, but I love the idea and I’m thrilled to see the response in the 40K community. Can’t wait to see what else this group does!
Brent: I’ll admit, this post hit me on the nostalgia button. I remember that little booklet - the one pictured in the post - from when I was a kid. (Well, in high school, anyway... but that’s pretty young.) I used to pour over it and imagine I could paint. Well, it’s years later and my friends would probably tell you I still can’t paint, but those pictures bring back mad memories!

Brent: Ah, the Back 40K, another personal favorite blog! Here’s a post I did read and enjoy before Loq picked it up for this week’s Top X. Like many fans of the FNIF, I enjoy a good snowmobiling. (Heh.) I’m glad Sandwyrm didn’t steal ‘Not Brent Green’ like someone out there... you know who you are... in the Great Multi-Mobile Massacre of 2010. No link: some things just shouldn’t come to light again! *shudder*
Loq: I’m leaving that one alone. But take a gander at the awesome kicking out of Sandwyrm’s blog and join in the fun! You won’t regret it.

That’s all from us- thanks for giving it a whirl and hope you enjoy. - Loquacious [Brent’s MIA so I guess he says “hugs & gropings” or something.]


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Army Spotlight- An Evening with Nyhil Pt. 2

Today we're closing the book on my interview with Nyhil about his renegade guard, and getting a chance to talk about what I'm sure you all wanted to hear from him about- the hobby stuff.  It was great getting to chat with him via Google docs over the last few weeks, so I'd like to thank him for talking to me.  Make sure you check out his blog, 10"Template after you're done reading the interview.  If you've go an army that you'd like to share with the world and think you're worthy of inclusion in this series let us know at


Monday, November 22, 2010

The Monday Update - The Road to Turkey Day

Another problem free HoP week has come and gone.  Nothing out of the ordinary to report other than the House of Paincakes is one step closer to obtaining our own Continuum Transfunctioner - a mysterious and powerful device whose mystery is only exceeded by its power.  We're currently in talks with some Norwegian dudes.  More on that as the situation develops.

We're also firmly in Thanksgiving week. So for those of you who don't live on the most awesome continent in the world, an explanation is due.  You see, thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for numerous and sundry things and eating birds in large feast like setting.  Its pretty good deal as long as you don't have to cook.  Its also the time of year where school kids the nation over are taught that our awful, bandy-legged puritan forefathers would have starved to death if it weren't for some Native Americans and their magic corn growing techniques.  Relations with the white man deteriorated after that, but nobody mentions it.  Oh, and pumkin pie.

What this means, specifically, for the HoP is that our posting schedule will still be the same even with me going to Florida for a week to eat my bird flesh (PS: in your faces).  Just be on the look out for Brent's temporary wingman come this week's Top X.  Its should be a good time.

I'm as stoked as this guy. Actually, he's probably a bit more excited than I am.

With that out of the way, its time for New Member Monday.

 A Plague Spreads

Reds Corps - Red Scorps - Red Scorpions 

The Dice Abide

Outsyder Gaming

Plenty of good stuff for you to look at over the break.  After you stuff yourself full of yams, cranberries and what have you, loosen that belt buckle and read some blogs.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Whimsy- "Let The Boys Do It"

[Welcome to Weekly Whimsy! Loquacious lets loose, laying low long-lived lamentations on living as a lady.]

[Absolutely not at all in response to Dethtron, but it's pretty fitting.]

"When a man asks a woman, "Would you like help with that?", what he's really saying is:
"Would you like some d**k?" "- Chris Rock, Bigger & Blacker


I honestly and truly don't see myself as a feminist. I have too many old fashioned values for that; but I am a highly modern woman, trying to get by in a (mostly) modern world.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dethtron's Imperial Armour 8 Elysian Codex Reivew- Dedicated Transport

This is where the Elysians really come into their own as an army. You only get one dedicated transport option and it's the Valkyrie.


Friday, November 19, 2010

User Content Friday - Treating Your Army Like A Business Part 3: Project Management

Kennedy from 40k for the New Professional has slowly but surely been writing a top-notch series on a unique and very cool approach to army building.  Essentially, he's directly porting best business practices to virtually every aspect of building and playing an army.  While his focus is on 40k, the tennants of the 4 parts he's written so far apply to everything.  Today we're posting part 3 since it's my favorite as it totally saved my life or some shit.  Well, that's quite a bit of hyperbole, but it did give me a lot of help in dealing with my own mass of unpainted space doodz.  Be sure to check out Kennedy's other stuff as well as parts one, two and four of the series.

So, Project Management... What the hell is that? Well, I know that it can mean a lot of different thing in different contexts, but for me and for the purposes of this article, I'm talking about juggling the different tasks that are involved in moving towards a larger goal. Vague enough?

Ok, let's go to an example. Let's say you've split your army building into several stages of 500 points each so that you can get stuff assembled and painted for an escalation league or something. You've got some stuff done, some stuff is on the painting table, some stuff is still being assembled and some stuff is stiff on the sprue in a sealed box. Another example would be if you're building a Warmachine army, a 40k army and a Warhammer Fantasy army at the same time. The question, of course, becomes how do you manage a couple of different tasks at once?


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dethtron's Imperial Armour 8 Elysian Codex Review- Troops

Now we're off to the meat of the list, the troops section. This list trims a lot of the fat- yes, I'm looking in your direction Conscrubs and Penile Legionnaires.


Where in the World is Lantz - Lantzcaping

Lantz is not the zany funster we all thought he was.  Not by a long shot.  He has just a bit more Professor Moriarty in him than our rigorous and exhaustive background checks were able to uncover.

It turns out that all his showboating, self portraits and wacky antics had a purpose.  His mad plan was to infiltrate our blog network and then sneak in a plug about one of his own projects.

Lantz, you are one insidious beast. Why you felt the need to lay two-months of groundwork to sneak your plug onto a blog devoted to plugging its members is beyond me.

Fortunately, that's the kind of thing we like around here.  That and scatological humor.  Poop fart shit. Hehe.

Lantz sez: A Shameless Self-Plug. And My Nose.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Weekly Top X - Quality Over Quantity

This week we’ve only got an x that equals 3, but this allows Brent and I to go a bit more in depth in our commentary. Instead of blasting your faces clean off with the sheer number of posts we’ve selected, we’ve squeezed the blogosphere’s finest mind-grapes to bring you a mere three glasses of juice. But its damn fine juice.

You like-a de juice, eh?
1) Double 0 Sven - Secret Agent: How to create atmospheric photos of your wargames table
John: This one was suggested for the Top X by Dethtron. And by ‘suggested’, I mean ‘forcibly included’. Which is all good and well, because with 110+ blogs on the rolls these days, it’s really easy for quality stuff to fall through the cracks. So, with this weeks theme of quality over quantity in mind, Dethtron made a fantastic catch (he also did some of the work for us too. HIYO!).
Brent: I’m not sure what Dethtron thinks he’s doing giving us ‘suggestions.’ Well, I ain’t gonna do it.
John: Dood. You gotta! This is the only time I think the Double O Sven guy has given us anything close to context.
Brent: What? Well, that’s different then. The blog and the post are both originals and well worth taking a look at.
John: Exactly. A great alternate take on properly displaying your miniatures from one of the single most unique miniature blogs I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking to add a little zazz into showing off your work, you can’t go wrong with this advice.

2) 3++ is the New BlackPoint & Click - The Myth
Brent: Kirby’s blog is (and don’t tell him I said this) one of the best things going. He’s put together a quality team and they crank out quality work. That said, sometimes he tackles a subject or hits a point that goes above and beyond even Kirby’s high standards, and this article is certainly one of those.
John: Hell yes, Brent. Hell yes.  There’s a lot going on here beyond the much needed debunking of some common bullshit. One of 3++’s biggest draws is how even handed and accessible the information is. This piece is no exception. This is the exact kind of thing that has something to offer players of every skill level. Food for thought.
Brent: Now you’ve gone and made me hungry... just read the article, people!
John:  Read all of the articles!

3) Hidden in the Warp - Being Gamist: I'm WAAC and Proud of it!
Brent: Here’s something a bit different, wouldn’t you say, Lauby?
John: To the extent that he embraces the insult as a way to diffuse its power. However, I think this is really a continuation of a much bigger trend that’s been a going on for a while now. There’s always been this kind of latent collection of what are now being termed ‘competitive 40k gamers’ that have always felt that a game that requires a $500+ investment to play is a damn sight more than a ‘beer and pretzels’ affair. Its really the idea that WAAC gamers are a red herring in the big scheme of things and that tough lists can be played against tough opponents while still maintaining that ‘night out with the lads’ feel.
Brent: I agree with the sentiment; what’s interesting is how other folks look at it. It’s not really fashionable to admit you want to win a game, that you want to do well... I’m not sure why though.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dethtron's Imperial Armour 8 Elysian Codex Review- Elites

Next up in my review we have the L33T units to deal with. Veteran guard players all know that traditionally, you need to take the word "elite" with a grain of salt here, as this slot has been a place to stick all your bullshit that has no home elsewhere- Ogryn, Ratlings, Techpriests, 4th ed bad Vets, and Storm Troopers (to some degree). The 5th ed IG codex has made some steps to improve this somewhat, giving us the amazing Psyker Battle Squad and improved, if slightly over-costed, Storm Troopers.  The FW Elysian Codex, though, trims out most of the fat and gives us some great choices, with a new spin on an old Fast Attack stand-by.


Monday, November 15, 2010

The Mondy Update: Ocho Con Carne

For those of you who don't habla the Español, the title is Spanish for Eight Con Carne.  True story.

Nothing too exciting this week - no new technology tweaks, no fancy-schmancy milestones.  The HoP dynamo is humming along nicely as we enter the Holiday season.  Though, I will say that the new comment system seems like it's here to stay.  Lots of you are using it even if it was only to complain at first.

We have this many new members.
With that out of the way, its a whopper of a New Member Monday

Hidden in the Warp

D6 Gaming


Death Korps of Krieg

Without Which Not

Can't Paint Won't Paint

Meandering the Dune Sea

Sons of Sanguinius

Another meaty bunch of bloggy goodness.  Um...  that's all for now.  But be sure to check out last week's Lantz/contest while you fritter away another perfectly good Monday reading blogs.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

[Weekly Whimsy] Brutal Beauty

[Welcome to Weekly Whimsy! You know, I had an alliterative intro, a serious article and all kinds of cool shenanigans up my sleeve until earlier today when a real-life situation alerted me to the necessity of some levity. I'll possibly throw down some crazy words you've never heard of in the midst of all my silly hijinx, so get a thesaurus just in case.Also, just to cover my self... the opinions herein are expressly mine, and HOP does not endorse them in any way.]

" Just like flying a cab" - Corbin Dallas, The Fifth Element

So all of the webbernetz is in a roar over the Stormraven. You know, this thing:

The general consensus of the masses is that the thing's a glorified garbage hauler- only uglier.

I say: Yer all crazy. It's flippin perfect.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dethtron's Elysian Imperial Armour 8 Codex Review: HQ

Continuing in the reprint of my series from this past summer we'll be reviewing the Elysian HQ choices and exploring way more ways to swear than you would find in most reviews.

Time to move on with the review to the HQ section of the list. There are many changes here versus Codex: IG. The main theme is that you have less choice and different weapons options with no special characters*.


Friday, November 12, 2010

User Content Friday Special: Out Shouts

In addition to this week's normal Friday reblogging, we've got a bunch of HoP members who have special projects in the work.  Special Projects that are deserving of extra attention.  As its our sacred duty, sworn before Unholy Krondor, to promote out members, we bring you some links:

The Badab ProjectWell, not THE project... everyone's gone a little apeshit over how awesome IA9 is.  But this one is 'ours' in the sense that a HoP member is getting things organized and blogging it out.  I think this particular project will be pretty rad since it's blog based rather than forum based.  Anywho, head on over to The Fallen Princes and sign up to help Silar with his Lufgty goals or just to check out some pics.

Back to Basics:  Dave G over at N++ has teamed up with Ron "From the Warp" Saikowski to create a whole series of quality tutorials specifically aimed at beginning painters.  As a educator and someone who can remember how hard it is to get started in this hobby, I can't support this endeavor enough.  I highly recommend both sets of tutorials for anyone looking to step up their skills or get a refresher.

A Skaven Review:  But not just ANY Skaven review.  This one is in audio format and produced by a HoP member!  Archnomad asked us to drum up publicity and, just as importantly, feedback for the format.  I think there's a lot to love here - more of Archnomad's solid advice and a conversational style.  So check this out and maybe upload it into your iThings and listen to it on your way to get your fancy coffee.

[Note:] We're in the process of getting an article for today's reblog, so be on the lookout for it later in the day 
[EDIT:]  Huh.  Looks like that never happened.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Army Spotlight: Nyhil Part 1 of 2

I recently got a chance to talk to somebody who has made quite a splash in the blogosphere: Nyhil, winner of best appearance at the recent Battle of Salvation and Warstore Weekend GTs in 2010.  While certainly not a newcomer to the hobby (he's got over 18 years experience so far), his recent tournament showings have helped goad him into creating a blog of his own, that has quickly rocketed to the top of many people's reading lists.  After the interview go check out some of his work over on Ten Inch Template; it's pretty spectacular.

Today we'll be talking about the gaming side of things.  We're going to discuss how Nyhil chose his Traitor Guard list and what he does on the table.  Next week, we'll get the chance to delve into the hobby side of things.  I'm excited, aren't you?


Where in the World is Lantz?- Lantz End Outlet

It looks like Lantz is feeling better after last week's mystery illness that we're reasonably sure had nothing to do with syphilis.  It also looks like he's been fitted for a brand new suit of power armor as you can clearly see in the picture below.  Reliable sources have informed me that this photo has not been altered in any way.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Weekly Top X - Warning: Brent Heavy

This week we have another theme for the Top X - and an experimental way of doing the top-notch witty banter you've come to expect.  Its "picture Heavy Post" week with Brent's commentary represented by.. pictures.  Its a little avant-garde, so some of you may just not 'get' it.  It's okay, really.  Just know that while Brent and I may drink PBR with you ironically we'll still look down our noses (and past our ridiculous facial hair) at you.  Poseurs.

1) Dzer0 - Blood Angels: Blood Drinkers Sanguinary Priest c/w
John: You're absolutely right, Brent.  He did a great job with a tricky halved color scheme.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dethtron's Imperial Armour Volume 8 Elysian Codex Review Introduction

Being the fan of the IG that I am, I decided to revisit a series of reviews based on the Imperial Armour Volume 8 codex review that I had previously hashed out on Dick Move.  I'll be updating a few things here and there based on my original thoughts as well as correcting some niggling grammar issues that result when you do things like not proofread- aka my normal style.  I hope you guys enjoy this.


Monday, November 8, 2010

The Monday Update -

In an effort to let you all down gently from last week's whirlwind of weekly words I need to leave the alliteration to Loquacious super sweet news, we up and made some technological changes to the site.  But as cool as new blog tools can be, they're just there to support our mission.  Which, among other things, is to promote our members.

New Members
A good sized crop of stuff this week as we continue our general trend of mild and evenly paced success.

Dzer0: 40k Elves and Angels 

Jungle Revenge

4 Up Cover

I Roll Boxcars

Shaken Not Stunned

Contest Reminder
Don't forget to enter last Thursday's not at all shameful grab for filler content contest.  I think its a good one.  But more importantly, participation makes us feel better about ourselves.  Even more important than our self esteem is the fact the winners and runners up get some publicity.  So impress your peers with your ability to name actors and throw you hat into the ring. 

New Comment System
After some urging from the community and based on our own research, we've decided to implement IntenseDebate on the House of Paincakes.  Starting.... NOW.  This is the same comment tool that 3++ Is The New Black uses and we think its pretty rad and tubular.  The downside is that it will require you to create an account in some fashion.  The upside is that it allows for comment threading, embedded pictures/video and a peer rating system.

At this point, we're not 100% committed to the service so we're just giving it a go around to see how it works out for us and how it works out for you.  We'll be making minor tweaks here and there as well as, potentially, scrapping it should it prove troublesome, burdensome or hated.  In any case, the tool has a lot of potential, so sign up and get commenting.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly Whimsy- The Girlfriend

Welcome to Weekly Whimsy! Meandering into more mature material, mumblings and missives maintenant. Guys, I'm gabbing on the glamorous, gorgeous, garrulous, gamine, gracious, and gratifying gender; germane to gaming and giving guys a gamble.

[One of these days I'll find a tougher letter. On to the subject at hand! As hinted to above, this is a little more serious. I still plan to be lighthearted and fun, but this is a slightly more adult topic today.]

Hey little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend

Ramones, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

over heard at the game store:

Gamer 1- “So, after 9 months of dating, I finally told my girlfriend I played [insert game title here]”

Gamer 2- “What was her response?"

Gamer 1- “ I still have a girlfriend.”

[remainder of conversation irrelevant]

Seen at the game store:

Gamer C brought his girlfriend to a MtG event. By all accounts, she wanted to play and was hanging out with C's friends A & K. C generously and willingly paid for her entry. A & K teased C mercilessly for paying and being a gentleman, but in a gentle, chiding sort of way.

Girlfriends. While as a rule, gamers seem to want them (a few notable exceptions come to mind); they seem to be a strange and compelling quandary for the men I know.