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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dethtron's Imperial Armour 8 Elysian Codex Review- Fast Attack

Sweet, another section of the army where you're going to want to fill ever slot in the list. This is honestly my favorite part of the army and has several great units to choose from. Deciding what to take is going to be difficult.

Friday, November 26, 2010

User Content Friday - Advanced Blocking Tatics

If you don't know who Kirby and if you don't know what 3++ is the New Black is, then you've really been missing out.  The short of it is this:  Kirby knows his shit and wants you to know yours.  He and his crack team of authors produce scads of good stuff everyday aimed at helping EVERYONE.  Its like a pie factory for whales.. or something.  This article on blocking is full of solid advice on advanced play and just tickles us pink.

Blocking is a quintessential skill in 40k (and Fantasy but we'll focus on 40k here) and we've discussed it's most basic of uses before. By using vehicle hulls and infantry models (i.e. bubble-wrap) combined with the 1" rule in 40k, you can impact significantly on your opponent's ability to control the battlefield through movement. The most direct forms of this tactic are delaying opponent's reaching your lines (especially assault based armies or units like Blood Angels and Terminators) and forcing an assault on a particular unit, etc. Whilst it can basically be summed up as "throw unit forward to block other unit's forward movement as much as possible to defend against scenario x" there is a lot more thought required to go into that. This article doesn't look at that :P (Ha! I had you all fooled) as it was covered to an extent in the previously linked article. I also assume you can extrapolate when it's a good idea to blindly rush forward and block a Land Raider and when it's not a good idea to blindly rush forward and block a Rhino...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Top X

Hello all, Brent here. It’s a Thanksgiving Top X... and the bosses are out of town! They’ve had the poor judgment to leave me and Loquacious in charge around these parts.

Brent: And then I turned around and the article was practically done! Loq is a newbie at the ol’ Top X, but frankly she put Lauby and me to shame!

In true Brent tradition, I’m claiming credit and riding her coattails. She did the original comments and I’m playing follow-up. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time a guy has taken credit for a woman’s work.

What, too much? Or too true?

Loq: No comment...

Loq: Here Dave G takes on some of the standard thinking regarding painting and gives us all a good wake-up call by kicking convention square in the junk. Not only that, but he generates some fantastic commentary and gets the community involved in considering why we paint and how we approach our art. It’s killer and you should completely give it a whirl.
Brent: I occasionally make the comment that this post or that should be on the All-Time Top X List. Lauby pointed out we don’t actually have one... but this post is the reason we should.
Loq: I could not possibly agree more seriously. I’ve got this bookmarked as I want to read it over and over.
Brent: Yup. Seriously, this is among the best I’ve ever seen.

Loq: Yes, it’s in response to something over on my blog- but it’s something so awesome it needs its very own hat-tip. The amount of information put together here is outstanding and a must for any newbie IG player. Again, Max does something seriously rockin’; he gets the other IG players involved and adds as he goes by way of community discussion.
Brent: (Where did you find these? Were people saving the top content for this week? I think you’re making us look bad.)
Loq: And how hard is that?

Loq: BSMoove’s outstanding work is the stuff of my dreamland- beautiful, colorful, well designed and conceived and done with stellar execution. The dude’s not satisfied with being great- he wants to be balls out EXCELLENT, and so he’s examining all of his standard techniques to see if they can be improved or otherwise tweaked to make his work even better. [Inconceivable, I tell ya! But he’s trying.] With this post he shares a great technique and asks for feedback - and gets it in spades. Whether it’s his cheerful manner or his great work, folks love talking to B and he gives as good as he gets.
Brent: Technically, BSMoove isn’t a part of the House of Paincakes community, but I don’t have the heart to remove him. First, he should be, and second, he’s one of the very best out there. I take credit for him, since I interviewed him in the very first On Blogging Interview... you see, it’s like Amway...
Loq: Pyramid schemes? Really? That’s never gonna happen. Even NotBrent’s better than that.
Brent: Well, that how it should work. *sigh* Lauby didn’t let me get away with that either.

Loq: Here’s yet another example of doing something freaking fun for the community. Silar’s Badab War project is picking up steam and he’s got people joining and adding faster than popping corn. the response he’s getting to this small side project is pretty awesome, and then he up and finds something really cool as a resource and just has to share it. I’ll admit to not knowing enough about the fluff/back story here to say anything wise, but I love the idea and I’m thrilled to see the response in the 40K community. Can’t wait to see what else this group does!
Brent: I’ll admit, this post hit me on the nostalgia button. I remember that little booklet - the one pictured in the post - from when I was a kid. (Well, in high school, anyway... but that’s pretty young.) I used to pour over it and imagine I could paint. Well, it’s years later and my friends would probably tell you I still can’t paint, but those pictures bring back mad memories!

Brent: Ah, the Back 40K, another personal favorite blog! Here’s a post I did read and enjoy before Loq picked it up for this week’s Top X. Like many fans of the FNIF, I enjoy a good snowmobiling. (Heh.) I’m glad Sandwyrm didn’t steal ‘Not Brent Green’ like someone out there... you know who you are... in the Great Multi-Mobile Massacre of 2010. No link: some things just shouldn’t come to light again! *shudder*
Loq: I’m leaving that one alone. But take a gander at the awesome kicking out of Sandwyrm’s blog and join in the fun! You won’t regret it.

That’s all from us- thanks for giving it a whirl and hope you enjoy. - Loquacious [Brent’s MIA so I guess he says “hugs & gropings” or something.]

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Army Spotlight- An Evening with Nyhil Pt. 2

Today we're closing the book on my interview with Nyhil about his renegade guard, and getting a chance to talk about what I'm sure you all wanted to hear from him about- the hobby stuff.  It was great getting to chat with him via Google docs over the last few weeks, so I'd like to thank him for talking to me.  Make sure you check out his blog, 10"Template after you're done reading the interview.  If you've go an army that you'd like to share with the world and think you're worthy of inclusion in this series let us know at

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Monday Update - The Road to Turkey Day

Another problem free HoP week has come and gone.  Nothing out of the ordinary to report other than the House of Paincakes is one step closer to obtaining our own Continuum Transfunctioner - a mysterious and powerful device whose mystery is only exceeded by its power.  We're currently in talks with some Norwegian dudes.  More on that as the situation develops.

We're also firmly in Thanksgiving week. So for those of you who don't live on the most awesome continent in the world, an explanation is due.  You see, thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for numerous and sundry things and eating birds in large feast like setting.  Its pretty good deal as long as you don't have to cook.  Its also the time of year where school kids the nation over are taught that our awful, bandy-legged puritan forefathers would have starved to death if it weren't for some Native Americans and their magic corn growing techniques.  Relations with the white man deteriorated after that, but nobody mentions it.  Oh, and pumkin pie.

What this means, specifically, for the HoP is that our posting schedule will still be the same even with me going to Florida for a week to eat my bird flesh (PS: in your faces).  Just be on the look out for Brent's temporary wingman come this week's Top X.  Its should be a good time.

I'm as stoked as this guy. Actually, he's probably a bit more excited than I am.

With that out of the way, its time for New Member Monday.

 A Plague Spreads

Reds Corps - Red Scorps - Red Scorpions 

The Dice Abide

Outsyder Gaming

Plenty of good stuff for you to look at over the break.  After you stuff yourself full of yams, cranberries and what have you, loosen that belt buckle and read some blogs.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Whimsy- "Let The Boys Do It"

[Welcome to Weekly Whimsy! Loquacious lets loose, laying low long-lived lamentations on living as a lady.]

[Absolutely not at all in response to Dethtron, but it's pretty fitting.]

"When a man asks a woman, "Would you like help with that?", what he's really saying is:
"Would you like some d**k?" "- Chris Rock, Bigger & Blacker


I honestly and truly don't see myself as a feminist. I have too many old fashioned values for that; but I am a highly modern woman, trying to get by in a (mostly) modern world.