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Friday, January 21, 2011

User Content Friday - Meat for Meta: The Imperial Guard Player

We've got an oldie but a goody from Señor TastyTaste today for your enjoyment.  This was published on Blood of Kittens before it was a network (BoK is soooo mainstream now) waaay back in the halcyon days of spring, 2009.  You know, when the Imperial Guard kinda sucked?  So sit back and enjoy some classic Tasty satire with a touch of dead on prophesying.  Old school IG players - this buds for you.  

You know him, the guy that recorded the History Channel when it was all just WWII documentaries. The guy that, for whatever reason, just could not get into the military. He is the type of guy that knows every line to Hogan’s Heroes. I know you have met this guy. He will forever be a Imperial Guard player.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Blister Packs Part 3

Welcome to the final chapter in this epic trilogy on using all of the parts of your blister packs, thereby getting the most bang out of your gaming purchases.  This week we'll be going over the myriad of uses for the cardboard backing that comes with your blister packs.  Sorry in advance to all of you Warmahordes players out there, but this won't really apply to you since PP uses an all plastic blister.  Fear not though, pretty much anything in this article can be adapted for all of your worthless common CCG cards, those baseball cards that were supposed to pay for your college tuition, but have turned out to be devoid of value, or any other thin card stock like the packaging from boxes of cereal and cous cous.  Now that that whole intro business is out of the way let's dive in, cheap out, and get all eco friendly and use us some cardboard.

Where in the World Is Lantz: Jack Palantz and the Legend of Lantz's Gold

Hey there boys and girls, wanna check in on what Lantz, everyone's favorite magnet pro, is up to this week on his western ranch vacation retreat for yuppies?  I know I do.  

Quoth the Lantz: "To protect my head against that nasty hair thing that's going around."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Brent Hates Pants

Welcome to the Weekly Top X - the intertubes have been abuzz with the recent resurgence of the Black Templars and the Dark Angels.  We've done our best to hold our own feelings in check, but even then... I still had to advise Brent to keep a stock of silver bullets on hand.  Due to communications mix-up, I spent more time hiding from brent and less time drunk than I would have liked. 

Brent: Hey Lauby, have I thanked you for the nifty photo of me in my leathers?
Lauby: I don’t believe you have. You’re very welcome, though. (note to self: punish Brent harder next time).
Brent: Yea, the dudes in the local store were like, “Brent! Some dude Photoshop’d your head onto a weird Sci-Fi dude - does he hate you or what?”
Lauby: Your game store buddies wound me. Even if Hayden Christensen was cast to play you in the soft core porn that will inevitably be written about the HoP, there’s no way I could hate you.
Brent: I know you don’t, my man. My response was, “Photoshop? Where did he use that?” Jeez. It’s like a guy can’t dress in red leather underwear anymore.
Lauby: I know right. I can totally relate. But hey - blog posts!
Brent: (Moving on already?)

Some day, Brent. Some day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tournament Preperations

Many of my friends are going to the 'Throne of Skulls' tournament at Warhammer World in Nottingham next weekend so I thought an informal guide to tournament preparation might be in order.

If you already have a fully painted army that you always take to tournaments then you can ignore most of this first bit ;-)


Monday, January 17, 2011

New Member Monday - Orks, why did it have to be Orks?

Ah... Martin Luther King Jr. day.  A sweet, sweet, national holiday.  We celebrate one of the most important (and interesting) figures of recent American history and a bunch of us don't have to go to work.  Its win/win.  But lets add some more win to that.  The secret fun of this day is that all those horrible bigots out there pretty much have to celebrate the day since something like a third of all employers are closed today. Ha! But wait, there's even more awesomeness in this day.  Did you know that the NFL is actually responsible for forcing Arizona to finally recognize the day?  It's true - the NFL is a force for positive change in addition to violence.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

[Weekly Whimsy] Breakthrough

[Welcome to World of Wonder's Weekly Whimsy! This week's topic is deeply personal to me, so I hope you'll forgive it for being a little different than previous weeks.] 

Catch a fallin' star an' put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away- Catch A Falling Star (as sung by Perry Como)

It's cold and dark outside, and I'm tired. I have a long way to go, and I don't want to do the work. I just want to curl up and sleep, but you won't let me. You're insistent, pushing me forward to an unseen frontier. 

The world outside is changing, folding in on itself as nature slashes away at the sleepy landscape with razors of ice. I'm tucked away from it all, in a cocoon of warmth and quiet. There is no reality outside of my own.  

Records are broken and everything changes, in the span of 56 hours.

My haze breaks into clarity after days of effort, after my goal has been achieved, after the breakthough. It's only in the dim morning glow that I notice the ice and snow outside- but the record breaking cold can't touch the warmth in my heart.