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Friday, February 11, 2011

User Content Friday - Painting Motivation

Today's re-blog is actually two posts from the same blog on the same topic: painting motivation.  These posts came up in the traditional 'witty banter' portion of the HoP membership acceptance dance.  I was asking about some thing or another and I was quickly and dutifully linked to both of this posts on Rathstar's Ramblings They really struck a chord with me. Motivation is something I always wrestle with and I know I'm not alone out there.  I think what follows is some pretty useful advice - much of which I've already been doing.  Bear with me as I did some moderate editing to keep things flowing and on topic.  Be sure to check out the links to the original posts to get the full awesomeness.

From One Year Old :) & Painting Motivation

...having a blog means is that everything is caught in black and white, and it clearly shows up that I haven't done anywhere near as much painting as a wanted this year.

It's always hard when you look at all the grey plastic and metal and think how long it's going to take to get the army fully painted.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Bulking Up

Today I'll be bringing you a useful money saving tip that you can easily apply to any part of your life, not just gaming- buying in bulk.  Provided you keep a few simple rules in mind, buying in bulk will almost certainly save you precious gaming dollars in the long run.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Weekly Top X: Will - Buy One, Get One Free

Brent and I decided to change up the focus of this week's Top X and touch on some different areas.  Normalyl we jump feet first into a sea of wargaming, painting and the sweet, sweet strategy posts of the large and talented pool of bloggers who proudly display the HoP badge.  But that's not the be all and end all of what we're about/  There's a whole bunch of other stuff we can all enjoy.  This week we're going to hit RPG's, game design and a whole bunch of stuff that surrounds the games we love.  

Plus, Brent promised not to try and type this weeks post with his boner.  Always a bonus.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Minature Wargame Conversion Contest Update

Looks like the prize support on the follower contest over at Miniature Wargames Conversion has just gotten infinitely more awesome, as a FW Malcador tank kit has been added to the mix.  Make sure you go follow the blog to be eligible to win that or a myriad of other fantastic prizes in what may become a long running fixture of that site. 

Details can be found here.

Everybody's Entitled To My Opinion.....

A long time ago I decided that the best way of relaying my opinion to others without relying on tedious formalities like actually meeting them was to start a blog.....

My first post was about a Daemon army I was quite proud of. This was it.

I even took a picture.

Both my followers seemed really impressed by it....admittedly, One was me and the other was my girlfriend and we'd both seen the army before but it was a start.

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Member Monday -

Judging from the dearth of comments last week, either a lot of you died from exposure due to the storm or the House of Paincakes just wasn't that noteworthy.  I'm gonna go with the weather thing.  Though maybe you guys didn't suffer agonizing, freezing deaths, but what I call the "Sunday Effect" may have played a role since you all got snow days. 

Fun fact: Brent, Dethtron and myself all got a snow day on the same day from the same storm - despite that fact that we all live at least 1000 miles apart.

Hopefully this week will be a bit more.. conversant.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

[Weekly Whimsy] Beer

[Welcome to Weekly Whimsy! Bust out the beer, bro! ]

I like a good beer buzz early in the morning
And Billy likes to peel the labels
From his bottles of Bud -
Sheryl Crow, All I Wanna Do 

It's Super Bowl Sunday here in the US- a big day for true sports fans, for businesses that depend on the events for their livelihood (pizza/sub joints, catering companies, grocery stores, electronics stores), for the consummate entertainer/host, as well as the casual game water/social viewer.

It's something of a tradition to batten down, gather round and pig out at the Super Bowl Buffet table, enjoying a wide variety of food & beverages. It begs the question: if the food's so good, why is the beer so bad?