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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Weekly Top X - [Placeholder Title]

Ah life. It’s bigger, you know? Bigger than you. And me. But you’re not me. The... something something something - distance in your eyes.

What were we doing again? Ah, Top X! Let’s take a look at more blogs that aren’t Strictly Average and are probably much better for it.

1) Miniature Wargaming Conversions - Asst. Knight Paladin Stuff
Lauby: I know MWC writes for us and Kirby and probably has enough fame,  But Jesus Christ that is cool.
Brent: I agree with you; I wish I had the mad talent to look at a Sentinel and think, “That’ll make a good face!” Then do it!
Lauby: I know, right?  Dude's gotta be part mechboy.  Probably on his mom's side.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Huts Part 1

Hey there boys, girls, kiddies, unicorns, furries, hoplites, and children of all ages (wow, not sure if that was a Brent intro [a Brentro] or the start of the scariest circus of all time).... dethtron is back from his super busy vacation, speaking in the 3rd person, and quite ready to show you, loyal reader, how to build a hut for next to nothing.  This is going to be a bit of a big project and as such I'll be breaking it into two parts to make it more readable- I promise you that decision had nothing to do with me being really behind on life, sick, jet lagged, and procrastinating.  Anyway, in honor of the recent Orcs release for WFB, I'm going to be making 4 huts for pretty much free using mostly crap found in my kitchen.

This pic should give you lots to.... digest (ughhh!)
Some of the more astute among you may recognize the following project from the halcyon days of White Dwarf circa 1994 or the fantastic GW publication How to Build Wargames Terrain from around the same time.  Well, you'd be correct, but I will be updating the project for these modern times and adding a few twists of my own- besides, most of you are probably too young to have seen, let alone own, a copy of any of those things.  There will probably be a few more articles adapted from those books down the road, because that period of GW represented a time where they were great at being creative in helping you build quality scenery as cheaply as possible.  It was a glorious time to be alive!  Rather than pimping $35 building kits, they showed you what could be done with some Spackle, a few pieces of cardboard, Popsicle sticks, and some imagination.

This will also represent the first of many times I find inspiration in the kitchen.  As an avid home cook, I have access to lots of materials and waste related to preparing food.  I'm always looking for ways to use all this crap in gaming.  Seriously, check out the fullness of that pantry (if you think all those hot sauces are ridiculous, you should see my mustard collection in the fridge).  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

User Content Wednesday - 40K Basics: How to be a good pick up game opponent

Today's re-blog is of particular interest to me since I'll soon be in the process of trying not to be a jackass around strangers.  This little gem from Sons of Taurus has all the basic stuff you'll need to keep in mind to avoid all the pitfalls of the stereotypical gamer social awkwardness.  Plus, I'm sure a ton of you out there have info to add as well.  Don't be shy!

When I manage to get down to the local store to try for some pick up games, I try to be prepared. For most folks, the time they have to actually go down to the store and devote to the game is much more limited than the potential time they have to prep for it, but I still see a lot of people that just aren't prepared. It's not that hard, and it really helps give both you and your opponents the most bang for your available game-time buck.

First of all, there's the really basic things, like don't be a jerk. You don't want this pick up game to be your last!

Aside from the human side of things, there are some simple, strictly organizational things that can make things run more smoothly.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.....

Apparently Games Workshop are working on a new codex featuring a race called the Iwinfucku's.....All their units have 10 wounds, have all the special rules of every other army, cost 1 point each and if you lose against them your girlfriend is required to perform sexual acts on your opponent......and you don't even want to know what happens if you don't have a girlfriend.....

Just kidding.....They only actually have 9 wounds.....

I swear if half the people on the internet forums were around in prehistoric times we'd all still be living in a bloody cave, worshiping rocks and sacrificing people from other caves to make sure the fucking Sun came up each morning.....

Let's talk about Grey Knights for a moment. I'm in a state of shock you see. Apparently somebody on the internet was wrong......

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Member Monday + Contest Reminder

Hello everyone and welcome to a wonderful new week of HoPpy goodness.  Before I launch into enumerating the newest batch of blogs to join us, I have some other things to deal with.

First, we've broken 200 blogs AND 200 followers.  So a big and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has joined us on out little adeventure.

Second, our ongoing Blog Roll Naming Contest!  We've gotten some solid entries and many have broken the 'lol barrier'.  But we need more!  So go to the contest rules and then submit you ideas.  There are actual prizes involved, people.  MWC has even added yet another cool thing to the April give away (which the lucky winner gets a winning slot in).  You don't even have to have a blog on our rolls to enter!
We'll be nagging you all week, so expect to harped upon.

New Member Monday

War Gamer Hub
Keywords: WHFB, 40k, Painting, Modeling, Blood Angels, Vampire Counts, Warriors of Chaos

Brian Carlson's Miniatures Workbench
Keywords: 40k, painting tutorials, modeling tutorials, blood angels, orks, space wolves, imperial suns

The Shadow Fleet
keywords: Warhammer 40k, Tyranid, Hive Mind, Shadow Fleet, Epic Win

Keywords: 40K, painting, unnecessary nerd rants, local swedish tournament scene

The Emperor’s Codex
Keywords: 40k, 40k 101, saving the world one pouty sister of battle at a time, keywords are for sissies

Collegia Titanica
Keywords: 40k, RPGs, Painting, Background, Fiction, Art, Sci-Fi, LotR, Scenery, Titans, Apocalypse, Space Hulk, Reviews, Longwindedness, Overthinking

Unite All Action
Keywords: warhammer, 40k, orks, hobby, ACTION!, FIGHT!

And a winning essay this week from Drkmorals of The Emperor's Codex:

This site was recommended to me to try to request a link and join by a BOLS article I read. Normally I don’t believe anything I read on BOLS and discount everything written by Brent (advice from several other blogs one of them actually Brent’s) However I don’t give a damn what other people say I can or can’t do I am American after all. (Wait he told you not to trust his own advice? PARADOX! ) So I am requesting membership, however I might cancel right away if you let me in since I don’t know that I want to be a member of any circle that would have me as a member. Disclaimer offer not valid in all states, I may not actually discount all advice from Brent just all advice in general, no purchase required, BOLS, Brent and anything else you could possibly sue me over in this paragraph is actually property of its original owner, copyright and other such nonsense.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

[New Kid In Town] Picking An Army

After hanging out at the FLGS and deciding that I'd like to play 40K, the next item on the agenda was picking an army.

About 2 years ago, I was under the impression that I'd never play 40K again. I had absolutely no interest at the time, and so I gave away a HUGE!!!!!!!!! Ork army to a guy that plays at our store. I knew TheDude would probably have a fit if I wanted to pick up Orks again, despite absolutely loving them. (I have a little bit of a reputation for getting out of a hobby only to get back into it 6 months- a year later.) So what to do?

I started by watching a lot of games, and finding which armies looked most interesting (either visually or thematically). I found myself watching my buddy FunDave playing his Eldar pretty much every game. I was really entranced with the smooth lines and sleek look of the Space Elves, so I asked to borrow the codex and took it home for a week or so.