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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Plus V

And a happy Adepticon to you guys!  That's right, its the weekend of the big con and ye old blogosphere is all atwitter and abuzz about it.  Which is great!  I love all the battle reports, list discussion and stories of camaraderie that the event generates.

Though there is one downside - the Weekly Top X is missing the Hooch to its Turner, Brent.  He's off at Adepticon - playing games, learning all about my favorite state and even getting to see Crusader in action!  What's more, he only ever gave me some cryptic hints that he'd be too busy to write. So the today's Top X is gonna be super sized but super brief. That son of a...

Aw.  Who am I kidding!  Go BRENT! 

1) Sons of Thunder - Color Choices
Sgt. Brisbane notes that choosing just the right shade of gray can be a real bitch. I totally agree.

2)  The Man Cave - Dark Age Hovel 
This dude's huts are freaking amazing.  Ignore the gaming on a budget tutorial - build these instead!

3) Subject to Stupidity - Interesting discussion - painter or gamer? 
The age old question. 

4) Mid-life Gaming Crisis - On Spam - The Case for a Flexible Force 
An alternate take on making flexible armies.  A must read for this week.

5) The 19th Legion - Happy Retirement - Tau 
Raven Guard puts his Tau out to pasture.  Sad times.  But at least they're in one of those swanky rest homes that doesn't smell like despair.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crusader Adepticon Metal Show

Generally, I try and avoid self-promotion on this blog, but due to a series of uncontrollable events, I need to let everyone at Adepticon know that my band, Crusader will be playing a FREE! show Saturday Night a mere 10 minutes from Adepticon, in spite of rumors started by me that said show would not happen.  I promise not to use this blog as a shouting post for my non-gaming interests in the future, but I needed to let as many people know about this as quickly as possible, so I'm blanketing the blogosphere with metal.  Just in case you were worried about a lack of gaming content, though, fear not- everything from the band's name to many song titles and lyrics may be rooted in a few of the games that you love.

More info after the break.

Gaming on a Budget - Spending Money to Save Money: The Paint Brush

Dethtron's taking a week off this time around and has graciously entrusted me with another entry into the storied tradition that is Gaming on a Budget.

The other day, Dethtron and I were were having a chat about the direction of Gaming on a Budget series.  It seems to be a huge hit with the fans and something we hope we can keep going as long as possible.  As good as it's going though, there's a bit of frustration.  We can't seem to get past terrain making and hobby supplies!

I think the reason for that is that once you get past buying a kit or a figure, EVERYTHING else is an expendable.  All that paint, glue, plasticard and sand goes away in the process of making the things you need to play.  Hell, even your tools will eventually deteriorate and fail - they too become expendable.

And then you have the fact that all of these materials expenditures and so forth are very much a hidden cost.  A new player buys that $35 box of space marines and finds out that in order to do things up right he needs another $35 (probably a lot more) worth of stuff he didn't even know existed.  Hell, I get caught out on supply costs and I've got 17 years worth of experience and an established hobby room behind me.

That's where we pick up with today's topic:  spending money to save money.  Its part getting the right tools the first time around and part preventative maintenance - but all long term and all about saving money.

Paint Brushes
The paint brush is perhaps the single most important tool you're going to be using when you get a miniature ready for the table.  It's also becomes a very personal choice if you start getting serious about them.  You're gonna be using your brushes constantly and it behooves you to make some good choices.

I'm a Windsor and Newton man, myself.  I have a lot of them and I would recommend them over almost anything else to anyone who wants a really, really good brush.

But I'm not gonna sit here and say that spending $10-$20 on a single paint brush is for everyone.  Some people just aren't all that serious about painting. And as much as a great tool will help improve your work, its not magic. You don't need a great brush, you just need a good one.  You'll get better results and, importantly, you'll spend less money in the long run as better tools generally last longer.

So, you need to spend money to save money.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

User Content Wednesday - Adding a bit of value to your models.

Last Friday, Seb seemed kinda bummed (to put it mildly) that his own tutorial on using nearly worthless coins was passed over in favor of another.  Unfortunately, his post was just a bit too old to be considered for the Weekly Top X (and had more grots than propa Orks!), but is the perfect age for a User Content Friday.  The HoP is nothing if not committed to gluing money to things.  So enjoy this bit from Warpaint Studio

Plastic models are the way forward and GW is bringing out more and more plastics. This way they can keep the costs of producing lower then with metal models and for us it makes it easier to convert models. The amount of detail is getting better and better with plastics but it has one drawback, plastic models are very lightweight. They have the tendency of boouncing to the other end of the room when you drop them.
But there's an easy sollution for that. I stick a 5cents euro coin in the bases to weigh them down a bit and it works really well. Models don't get knocked over on the table and stay in their place nice and sturdy. I imagine that every currency has a coin with the size of a base so if you're not in the euro zone you might have to have a look wich coin fits. This way you also add a little value to the models. A unit of 10 models costs me €0,50 so that's not much .

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fluff, 'Counts-As' and other 'Grey' areas.....

I amongst a few others like *mentally insert your name here if you think it's appropriate* believe that it's possible to have a competitive army and use conversion and a little imagination to make it 'fit' the necessary fluff.

Of course there are those people who design there armies completely around the most optimal units and those that select only the truly 'fluffy' choices. Though both of these methods are entirely valid parts of the hobby in their own ways the fluffy gamer might not necessarily be on as solid ground as he might like.

I hate to break this to those amongst you who fit the 'Fluff Nazi' mould but there isn't a 'Holy Grail of Truth' out there for what's right and wrong. The primary reason for this is that Games Workshop aren't very consistent about their own background and more importantly they change their bloody minds a lot.

How GW's design team make decisions.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

MWC's Monday HoP Modeling Top 10 - #2 Youtube Edition

MWC here with another installment of the Monday HoP Modeling Top 10! This week with the Youtube Edition! Ive gathered up some of the most helpful modeling videos that I could find. Each one has helped me greatly so I hope that they can be of help to some of you out there as well!

So enough of my rambles! Lets get on with the list!

10) Factory Building - A pretty cool and easy enough building for 40k or any other sci fi 28mm game. I actually cant wait to get a chance to make something like this!

9) Sewer Terrain - Ever wanted to play in the sewers of an Imperial city? If your like me you sure have ever since City fight came out with the sewer fighter rules. Well, now you can!

8) Terrain and Gaming Tables - Not really a tutorial but more of a, look at the pretty stuff that we would all like to build, this is a pretty nice video. Ive gotten some great ideas from watching it and I'm sure you guys and gals will too!

7) Urban Basing Tutorial - A pretty solid way to make Urban Bases for any sci fi miniature game.

6) Dipping your models - I personally have never tried to dip anything but after watching this video, I may just have to give it a shot!

5) How to Make and Paint a Rocky Base - Right to the point! If you are looking for a tutorial video that gets right to the point in making bases for your fantasy army, then this is the one for you!

4) Painting Eyes - Or better know as the windows to the soul, this video is one of the best when it comes to painting the thing which most of us fear so much. Eyes!

These top 3 happen to all be from the same person. A very talented guy that has done some amazing work. His tutorial videos are some of the best and these 3 have been my personal favs by far. If you want your models to have that realistic touch, these are the videos for you!

3) How to Build and Paint a Space Marine Vinidcator

2) How to Paint Rust

1) How to Make Chipped Paint Effects

So that's it for this week folks, see you all next week!

New Member Monday - Remember to VOTE!

Hello ladies, gentlemen and planet eating super robots!  If you can't tell from the fucked up weather we're having, its spring!  Which means that the three months that most remind you of your wasted youth are right around the corner.  That's right.  Summer!

Contest Reminder
This is just a quick reminder to go and vote in the HoP Blog Role Naming Contest.  You can choose any one of six (6!) fine entries of which only 5 are breakfast food related. Voting ends on the 5th of April, so you've still got plenty of time to help someone win some swag.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Digital Waaagh! Interview Series Coming April 1st

Auberon of Digital Waaagh! has just let us know that he's got a whopper of a new series starting this coming Friday.  Here's part of the e-mail we received from him describing his plans:
  Every Friday begining on the first of April, we will be interviewing various persons within the Gaming industry! Whether it is a games developer, novelist for the Black Library, head of Games Workshop retail, or just one of you, our followers, you never know who we will “Feature”!  (Unless of course we send you the interview requests/questions, then you would know…)  
Yeah, how friggin' awesome does that sound?  I have it on good authority that the April 1st installment is going to be a pretty big interview with someone very high up the ladder at GW.  I won't spoil the surprise, but barring an April fool's hoax ala the Terrence and Phillip episode, I think we'll all have a little something to look forward to.

Everybody enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't forget to head over to the Digital Waaagh! this Friday to see who their first mystery guest is.

[New Kid In Town] Getting An Army

As a new player, after choosing an army, one of the toughest things to do can be acquiring little space doodz. It might seem pretty simple: just plop down a pile of money on a battle force and maybe a small squad box or two. But that's expensive; and most of the new players I know are at least a little frugal.

For the frugal-minded, there's Ebay; or buying used from friends. My problem was knowing what to look for, or knowing what I was getting. I was (and honestly AM) still new enough that I didn't know what units were good, and which were crap. I could have easily bought any number of Ebay auctions and still wound up with nothing but terrible choice simply because I didn't know better.

I definitely think going from a horde/Xenos army (Orks) to a Marine army made a difference- the names, composition, style and rules were completely different. Absolutely nothing "carried over" and I had my work cut out for me when it came to knowing which guys were worth buying. Time did not help any, either. Having last seen models in 2nd edition, I honestly didn't know what anything LOOKED like, and certainly had some frustration in trying to assemble a force I liked when I didn't have a clue what to look for.

So my solution was to do things slowly- maybe get a single, identifiable piece and slowly build from there. I planned to get an Emperor's Champion; as he is so iconic and outright gorgeous it's a shame not to have a dedicated model. I figured after that, I'd get a battle box of Marines and build the figures I wanted.

As the wife of an overly-indulgent and very loving enabler, I should have known better than to make plans; but I did. TheDude (my wonderful husband) likes to help people enjoy their games, and he REALLY likes to spoil me. When he got a chance to do both at the same time by buying a guy's army because he was getting out of the game, he took it. My Christmas present was literally thousands of points (and dollars) worth of Space Marines, all from a good home (and for a VERY good price).

Not all new players will be so lucky as to have The Great Enabler as their spouse. For them, I definitely suggest asking around: what units in my army are good, which stink, etc. Make a list, and then hit Ebay, Craigslist, friends, forums and even the blogsphere. I've seen some great armies come up for sale via blogging friends; so take advantage if you can. Or, support your FLGS and go ahead and buy the battle box, AoBR, and a couple squad boxes- whatever works best for you; but get guys in your hands so you can field them and play.

Actually playing means building a list, and for me, that was a headache I still can't get over. Check out next week, when I talk about the struggles of list-making as a newer player.