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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Adepticoverage

Lauby? Laubersheimer, are you there, my man?


Mmm... well folks, since I’ve been gone a week it seems I’ve missed an important memo. Here I am, ready to throw down on this week’s Top X, and there’s no Lauby to be found.

(I suspect he’ll show up by the time I finish this introduction!)

I think most of you know where I was, but if you don’t then let me spell it out for you: A D E P T I C O N ! What’s that spell?

Lauby: *loud yawn* woah... fell asleep there... been working too hard.  I hope that whatever the hell those letters are, they spell waffles. I’m hungry!

Brent: Ah, there you are! I love what you’ve done with the place this week - I see we’re starting out with ‘Labels’ instead of articles. I guess we’re giving you Top X’ers more than your money’s worth today!

Lauby:  Hells yeah!

News Flash!

Oh happy day everybody- the HoP just hit 242 follower in Google Friend Connect.  Thanks to everyone who's helped to make this possible.  Now for your enjoyment....

Thursday, April 7, 2011


All right, folks - we're finally here. The voting is over and the dust has settled. The HoP blog rolls have new names:

- Rooty, Tooty, Big and Shooty
- Belgian Waaaagh!-fles
- Krootberry Paincakes
- Two eggs and Chaos

Congrats go to rkik for winning it all!

Allright, buddy, here's where it gets fun:

You should have already been contacted by Red about the MWC portion of the prize pool. So there's that.

Now all you need to do is email us at to let us know which fantabulous prize from our own prize pool you want.

Digital Waaagh! - One of the 36 Chambers

Just a quick reminder on behalf of Auberon over at Digital Waaagh!

Apparently he's worried that people might have though his Feature Friday Premier was some kind of elaborate April Fools' joke...  that Alessio Cavatore was in on.

Not so!  Not only is it legitimate, it's legitimately awesome.

This Friday, Auberon returns for a second installment of Feature Friday with none other than Andy Chambers!

Or Andy "Fucking" Chambers if you prefer.  Ladies?  Am I right?

Anywho, while your expectantly but calmly waiting for the interview, be sure to check out the first interview with Alessio!

Gaming on a Budget- The Joy of Wallpapering

behold- the clutter!
Hey folks, I'm back for my regularly scheduled slot on showing you how to stretch your gaming dollars.  Big thanks to Lauby for putting out a great article last week in my stead.  You should go check it out- it rules.  In spite of a busy couple of weeks*, I've got a great tutorial for you that should blow a few minds with its simplicity, savings, and some other word beginning with S to keep this alliteration alive (snark?).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

User Content Wednesday - But I Can't Paint Like That

While poking around a new member's blog last week, I came across an amazing post (if you disagree, it automatically means you have space herpes) by NockerGeek.  And goddammit, this is the exact kind of thing I wish I had written.  It's educational, its about painting and it's just the right kind of reassurance a new hobbyist needs. 

But I can't paint like that!

While at this weekend's tournament, I tweeted a picture of my army all set up on the display tray (you can see a cleaned-up version on my tournament post). A friend of mine (who also plays Tau) promptly responded:

see this is why my army isn't painted. I cant make it look like that...

I have one thing to say to that: Nonsense. There's nothing that I'm doing that anyone else can't do. I'm not a professional-level painter by any means, or even likely to win any competitions. I'd be lucky to score a 6.0 on CoolMiniOrNot. All I'm doing is going for a decent tabletop-quality army, something that looks good at arm's length. Believe it or not, it's no hard to do. While the actual painting takes time, it's what comes before that - the mental preparation - that's the most important part. It's a combination of inspiration, planning, study, and focus.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are Death Stars.....Dead?

We now live in a world of 40K where mechanization is king, MSU armies are everywhere and 'Torrent of Fire' is the new 'punch it in the face'.

So where does that leave every-bodies oldest friend the 'Death Star' unit?

Of course the phrase 'Death Star' covers a wide variety of evils.....Lets look at a few different types and see if they're all they're cracked up to be.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pay It Forward Future Info

And good morrow to you all ye Churls, Knaves and wifmen!  Verily!  

Just a quick note here from MWC who wanted to make sure people knew how the prizes were gonna work for the April Pay it Forward drawing.  This is important stuff since it also affects the winner of the Blog Role Naming Contest (Voting is still open for almost two days!)

I'll let Red take it from here:

So, as most of you know, the next give away winners will be drawn on April the 7th at 12 noon, Central US Daylight time. After trying a few different ways to see whats best, its most logical to post the winners on the blog at noon. I will then wait for the winners to email me the priority list of items they each want by the following morning. I will then take each winner and draw thier names out and the order I draw them out will be the order that priority choices are taken from.

So for example say John, Jeff and Jake are winners. They each mail me in a list of the 3 items and the order of "most wanted down to least wanted" . I then draw there names the following morning after I've gotten the lists from each of them. The order now is Jeff, Jake and then John. If all 3 had the same list of wants, Jeff would get his #1, Jake his #2 and John would get his #3. Sounds complicated but its really not. But if anyone has questions feel free to let me know. (

After the April 7th Drawing there will be one more large drawing of prizes on the 1st of May. After the May drawing, Pay it Forward will be scaling down. But don't fear! Pay it Forward isn't dead. For 1, it will stay active on the MWC blog but will consist of mainly smaller prizes and things I personally can donate, or my own local group can. Secondly, and I already hear you guys and gals asking, "What about the big stuff??" Well, its got a new home. That's right, after the May 1st Drawing, Gifts of Mork, run by Jason/Arch and using the as a platform will be handling the main things as well as expanding into even more ways of helping out other gamers.

Gifts of Mork, info can be found here along with where you start following to get in on the action, is a great new idea that has spawned from the brainchild of Pay it Forward. It will be a much more group run event with people from all over the world helping. Not only will there be free swag but other non profit charity style events. Not only will the idea of people being able to donate and have the chance to win things but it will consist of painters, modelers and hobbyists from around the world working for the greater good. Full info can be found here:

That should cover the big stuff. I hope everyone has a great day and I do apologize for sending out an email Just seemed the best way to pass on important info. Any other normal news will be posted on the blog as usual.

New Member Monday - Adepticon Aftermath

Hello eveyone and welcome to the week after Adepticon!

Its the time of year when all the lucky people who just got back from Chicago will have loads to say but no energy to do so.  We should see lots of battle reports, tournament pics and maybe even a few rants.  Good times to be sure.  I'm sure the HoP might even have something to say on the event seeing as our very own Dethtron was there with Crusader to meet people face to face and then melt those faces off.

While we're all gearing up to read about an event we all wish we had been able to go to, here a Monday tradition to start things off right.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I've started putting new members in the as of yet unnamed blog rolls this week.  I figure its less work for me later when I move things around.  Plus, we'll have names for them in three days anyway. Also, stay tuned for an important announcement later this week concerning which roll your blog appears in.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

[New Kid In Town] Making a List

As a new player in 40K, once you decide on an army, usually the next thing to do is make an army list. Most folks find this pretty straightforward, but for me, it was a headache.

I just honestly didn't understand how to approach the idea whatsoever. I looked at the codex and all I saw was a lot of confusing choices, without any real sense of why I needed something (or didn't) and no true concept of how to pick forces that would make an army instead of just a jumble of people on the board.