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Friday, April 22, 2011

Legendary Generic HQ's!

Back in February, an interested reader sent us an idea for post he wanted us to create.  I collected stories from almost all the HoP authors and then promptly forgot about until GMort reminded me about a few weeks ago.  I then forgot about it again.  So when Friday rolled around with a Weekly Top X much further from completion than I wanted, I finally remembered about the HQ info I had collected.

This one goes out to Skarvald the Troll-faced and all the nameless leaders who have suffered horrible and ignoble deaths never to be remembered.

Loquacious: I have Brother Darius, The Emperor's Chosen. He came to me at great peril to his person, crossing the wind tossed and tumultuous seas of the Warp in but the barest of protections. Never fear, Darius, slayer of Warbosses, Farseers and Chaos Lords, braved the trip to join my Brethren solely at the mention of my Crusades' lack of a Command. He brought his sword forth to do battle against the Xenos, Heretics and Witches nearest the Outpost. He has roused the troops' muster, causing them to bear the sincerest form of flattery (trading guns for swords) and has savagely taken on the venerable foes in this region.

[A kind reader sent me that gorgeous guy with a really big sword when he heard I didn't have one yet. He mailed it without any prompting or repayment whatsoever- just wanted to know that Darius was going to a good home. THAT, my friends, is a great community!]

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: See Deez Craterz

Alright, so here's last week's project, finally dried and ready for photos.  But first, a story (and yes, this actually did happen at band camp).  While practicing for marching band one summer, I exclaimed to one of the other quad players:  'hey I just got this awesome new CD.'  'Oh yeah,' he replies.  'Yeah, CDs nuts!'  Needless to say it was amazingly hilarious and after the 7th or 8th time I told him about my new CD and he still kept falling for it, it didn't get any less hilarious.

Ah, like all great comedic stories, I suppose this one just ends in 'well I guess you had to be there.'  Ah comedy gold, I tell ya.

Shit anyway, here's that tutorial I promised.  If you haven't figured it out yet, we're going to be re-purposing some CDs.  You remember what those were right?  How we used to get our music and multimedia content?  The things that came after records and tape?  Bah, you young whipper snappers.

Anyhow, if you , like me, happen to have scads of CD-Rs laying around, I've got some great uses for them.  Obviously, anything discussed here could just as easily apply to DVDs or on a larger scale laser discs (it's like a record but there's a movie on there).

Kompressor does not build terrrain

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

User Content Wednesday - For the Love of the Game

Today's article I found by way of Good Buddy Brent.  He was being a Good Buddy (what he does best) in the comments section of his latest underappreciated article over on BoLS and was gave mad props (deservedly) to the guys over at Capture and Control.  When it came time to rustle up this week's User Content, I headed straight over there.  I was immediately struck by two three things:
  1. There is a ton of good stuff over there
  2. It's one of the few multi-author blogs that manages to pull it off
  3. There is a ton of hate in the comments section - much of it by anonymous jack-asses.
Seriously, what the fuck is up with #3?  Where does the hate come from?  Why is the FAAC crowd drawn to a blog with an obvious tournament bent and why do they keep coming back?  Also:  screw those guys.  Capture and Control is a good blog.

Anyway, while I was digging around and marveling at the stupidity of some of the comments, I found this gem on  that fits right into the whole "competitive hobbyist" thing we think is about the best idea since garter belts. 

I am aware that this article being written by me is a bit ironic. I am known as a super competitive player who prefers tournaments and play off situations to just playing for fun.  This is a bit of a misconception since I love playing in story driven campaigns/leagues and Apocalypse games, but I know where you are coming from with your perceptions of me.  I spam, a lot, and I play in a lot of tournaments and often finish high on the list of competitors.  Also, a quick list of my armies will show you I lean towards playing what is "good."  Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Blood Angels, Salamanders, Chaos Space Marines (double lash, but of course), I also play Khador (Vlad ftw!) and I used to own a meta-busting Ork army that is now in the hands of Disdainful.  So why am I writing an article about playing "for the love of the game"?  Simple, I do love the game, and often times I will play sub par lists or super fluff driven lists in order to just have a good time.  I don't write much about it, in fact most of the blogosphere doesn't; so I wanted to take some time and talk about how playing just for the love of the game can be awesome.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's Wrong With 5th Edition Anyway?

There's been some talk on various of the forums and blogs about the potential arrival of the 6th Edition of 40K.

The general consensus seems to be that the time-scale between rules edition updates is fairly consistent so were due a change.

The thing we actually need a change?

Personally, I like 5th a lot better than I like 4th. Of course that may have something to do with an incident involving a Vindicator, an 11" scatter, a Rhino's rear armour and an improbable number of sixes that resulted in the destruction of a Chaos Space Marine Rhino and the 250 point squad that was in it.....

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Member Monday - Hey! It's Monday!!

Hallo and welcome to you who has come to visit the House of Paincakes!  We have very many exciting blogs to be with you sharing!  They are of very much quality and are full of excellence to be enjoyed.  Thank you to you who are our readers.  As we say often, the infinite is unknown at House of Paincakes

Please to be enjoying the following excellent items:

Keywords: Warhammer fantasy, skaven, painting, rants etc. boxes, etc.

The Dark end of the street
Keywords: Dust tactics, warmachine, 40k, fan fiction (but not the gross kind)

The Golden D6
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That Guy James
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And you Monday moment in literary greatness - the winning essay from That Guy James:

As god's gift to the internet, I don't feel it necessary to explain myself under any circumstances. However, I am feeling generous today, and will grace you with my attention for a millisecond longer. You see, my powers extend so far into the net of inters that they have actually come out the other side. That's right mortal, I have so plumbed the depths of the internet that I have emerged on the other side, covered in ectoplasm and erupting in steam. I have no idea why this was so, but it definitely made for a much more dramatic moment; that and the lighting. You just can't overestimate good lighting when you're shooting a scene.

What? Oh yes. As I was saying, my interweb super power is that I really don't use the internet all that much in a given day. I keep myself to a strict '22 hours or less' policy in any 24 hour period you may choose to observe. In this way, I am able to keep myself 'unplugged', which allows me sufficient time to dedicate to keeping the omnipresent 'it' anchored in the realm of reality. You are welcome for this service. I ask no form of compensation, save for admission to your cakes of pain, which I understand go very well with blueberry maple syrup.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

[New Kid In Town] The First Games

As a newer player to 40K, I spent a lot of time researching. I asked a lot of questions. I looked for answers all over the web and couldn’t find what I needed, so I STARTED a 40K for Beginners compendium. (That is still a work in progress.) I watched a lot of games and thought I understood the basics.

Then I went to play an actual game. I wrote at length about the game and the results here . This report was pretty accurate in describing the action and the results of the game. What it didn’t cover was the mental aspect of the game.

I was completely and utterly nervous. I was really concerned about playing fairly and asked before I did EVERYTHING if it was appropriate and/or allowed. I felt like an idiot a lot, too. When my opponent asked me questions about Black Templar, my answer was invariably, “I don’t know”. For example- BS. I didn’t know. Does the EC have Eternal Warrior? I didn’t know. What was the armor save on specific models? I didn’t know. I had to look things up over and over and honestly spent more time flipping through pages than actually playing.