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Monday, May 23, 2011

New Member Monday - Macho Nacho Man

So the whole rapture thing was a bust.  For me at least.  Which was kind of a bummer.  I was really looking forward to not having to wade through another week of anti-GW rants from a collection of people who seem to genuinely believe that the combined knowledge from their intro to economics textbook and a handful of sprues qualifies them to run an international corporation.

On a serious note, there are a ton of Harald Camping's followers out there who I genuinely feel sorry for now that they've learned an important (and expensive) lesson about human nature.  Kinda puts this whole pricing thing into perspective, huh?

At least Macho Man Randy Savage will be sparred the ignominy of it all seeing as how it looks like he may indeed have been called to a better place.  The further I get into his Wikipedia entry, the more I'm convinced that we should strive to become like unto him.

New Member Monday

WarFrog's Hobby Blog
Keywords: 40k, Tyranids, Eldar, Bloodbowl, Necromunda, BFG.

The Army Collector
Keywords: Warhammer 40K, miniature painting, Dungeons & Dragons, Victorian Science Fiction

First Blood
Keywords: Pyschic Mermaids, Warhammer 40k, Badminton, Conversions, Firm Handshakes, Orks, Things Crafted from Endangered Species, Red Scorpions, Snorkels & Flippers, World Eaters, Vigorous Fornication, Death Guard, Punching On, Gorkamorka, Watersports (The sexy kind), Necrons, Sunglasses on Animals.

Warflake's 40k Blog
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Imperial Fistsing, Newness, Suckin' on toes (ooh, sexy time)

Cupboard of Nurgle
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NaughtyBadFun 40K
Keywords: Warhammer 40,000, Dark Eldar, A Man Who Uses Jump Breaks, A new Pinkness (A Challenger Appears!)

The winning essay today is a bit unorthodox.  First Blood picks up the win - not for the actual essay, but for the keywords.  All those jokes are theirs!  We're on the same wave length guys - we should totally meet up somewhere and have hijinks the likes of which are rarely found outside of blockbuster summer comedies.  Also thanks for not making me have to make up a bunch of my own joke keywords to fill space.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] GW and "the Bubble"

I own a game store. It’s doing pretty well, but I can always improve in some way.

Something I work hard to do is to give my customers a sense of community. My husband and I make serious efforts to build strong relationships. We give our customers as many opportunities to be invested in the store as we can- because we know that if they don’t like what they are getting with us, they can go somewhere else. We want our customers to feel welcome, like they belong to something bigger than just my paycheck. I like to think it’s working, but I know I can’t just “coast”- I have to work hard to keep the store at its best.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: The Gaming Table Announced!

Now that it looks like some of us may be needing to tighten our belts just a little bit more, I think it's time to drop the top secret project I've been hinting at for the past two weeks. 

I will be making a brand new gaming table and accompanying scenery as cost effectively as possible, and with a shitload of tutorials for us all to enjoy. 

Having recently begun collecting a Late War German Panzerdivision for FoW, I have found myself in a spot where I need a new set of terrain in the proper scale.  Neither of the two tables, a desert and a city/ash waste, were really going to fit the bill for what I wanted to do, so I decided to start from the ground up.  Then, I figured this would make a great exercise for this series to boot. 


Friday, May 20, 2011

The Weekly Top X - The Brent Identity

It's a tough call for today's opener.  Was I going to make a joke about my arms being tired from the flying I was doing last week? Or was going to latch onto a few lines from a CCR song and post a video?

Then I found this video:

Welcome to 1970, everyone! Man, the close ups are so intense you can almost taste John Fogerty.

1) Yes the Truth Hurts - Rhino Tactica
Brent: I haven’t stopped by YTTH lately, primarily because my blog time is limited - but I’ll be honest, these rapid site changes are disconcerting. Strangely enough, the blue everyone hated so much in the beginning became the site’s signature color. It’s part of the reason I coined the term, The Big Blue Shark Tank.
Lauby:  This just in:  Brent claims to have invented another catchphrase.  Voters remain unconvinced.  Details at 11. 
Brent:  I suspect you’re messing with me. For those who don’t know, when I started writing for Bell of Lost Souls I wanted to refer to Yes the Truth Hurts without referring to it, so I used some indicators. Another was the ZombYe Master, though that’s certainly a more direct reference.
Lauby:  I can only imagine the back catalog you have for your long suffering wife.  You do love your pet names for things. 
Brent: Yes, and because branding means something. (rawhide!) I want to see Goat’s signature art, I want to see a main page of topics - I don’t know, right now, while I’m sure it’s all there, I’m seeing another bland Wordpress blog.
Lauby:  But isn't it the actual content that makes the branding worth something?  Like the fine advice featured in the post we've managed to avoid talking about...
Brent: (I suppose someone had to talk about the article.)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Saving Time, Mondy, and Convenience

Hey everybody, this is Dethtron here, stepping away from this series for a few days to get prepped for a secret project of enormous magnitude.  Dave G of N++ Wargaming Tradecraft has been kind enough to step in and fill the void for you guys this week with an awesome and comprehensive guest post.  Stay tuned, because this coming Saturday (5/21 or 21/5 if you live in not-America) where I will begin to unveil bits and pieces of project top secret.  Until then, Dave, play me out....

For some of us, the time investment into a hobby like tabletop wargaming can be just as costly as actual out of pocket expenses. Rather than talk about saving you money in this article, I'm going to talk about saving time and other things. Younger gamers may not fully grasp this, but people with significant others, children, jobs and other responsibilities will probably agree - and younger gamers, maybe this will help free up time to do homework, get a job (and afford more minis / supplies) enjoy other things like video games, movies, friends and RL.

In the end, your sanity may thank you the most.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

User Content Wednesday - Slutman, Slitman and Beardflakes

A good rant is the kind of thing that's well written and though provoking or just plain funny as hell.  Not too complicated - just pick a path and vomit forth the great ball of vitriol that's been pooling in your spleen. However, a GREAT rant is well written, though provoking AND funny as hell.  This is the part where

The recent Highlander Games tournament has given me a lot to think about, especially in terms of the metagame and the variety of players we have in our hobby. Here in Glasgow we have a competitive WM set, living happily alongside gamers that a mate ably described as "game tourists because they suck at games". Dundee seemed to be entirely normal , rounded gamers. There do exist the others though. The slitmen, the slutmen, and the beardflake.

Normal Gamers(us):
Here we have a gamer like myself (and you, probably): normal, well adjusted ( fuck I am), and interested in gaming as a whole, whilst actually playing only 2 or 3 games. We tend to invest more heavily in one game than others, although we may dabble occasionally in the murky waters of different scales, or periods. Or one off games like Incursion(which is awesome). We are the average, everyday, silent majority.
We would shop in GW, but not consider it a social venue. We are open minded, and open to new things.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Contest Time! Wolves for the Wolf God

Skarvald the Troll-faced of Wolves for the Wolf God has just written in to HoP headquarters, located in the HoP dome smack dab in the middle of Hoplandia...  Crap, I should probably try and stay on topic. 

If you've ever fancied getting your hands on some sweet Forgeworld Resin crack, this is your opportunity.  Click here for details on how to enter to win a free Chaos Renegades conversion pack.  Being the owner of a handful myself, I can say definitively that this is a sweet ass prize, so HoP to it and register to win it now.


Not every-body changes with the times.....

There's no doubt in most peoples minds that the game of 40K evolves over time.

New codices sometimes require tweaks here and there to your existing build, certain tactics become more widespread or conversely more widely countered, New model releases make certain army builds more common due to the fact that you suddenly don't need a degree in conversion to make the required units any-more, edition changes make vehicles awesome or infantry awesome or skimmers awesome or..., FAQ's destroy builds or create new possibilities, etc, etc, etc.

As these new ideas filter through the internet forums and blogs vague ideas and personal opinions suddenly become facts whether they actually are or not....Meanwhile the competitive players adapt their armies to cope with the new ways of thinking as nobody uses builds X, Y or Z any-more.

Except when they still do.....


Monday, May 16, 2011

New Member Monday - The Awful Week When Blogger Stopped Working for 20 Hours and Everyone Lost Their Mind

Myself included.  Thankfully the long nightmare that humanity had to endure was closed up rather nicely. Now we can all get back to the REAL worry that is the rapture happening on the 21st.

So, in the interests of me getting back to a nice cup of tea and quietly worrying about where I'm going to store all my stuff once the world is destroyed, lets get on with it.  Oh, and a special 'sorry' to Maximum Heresy for leaving you out last week.

New Member Monday

Maximum Heresy
Keywords: Reviews, Community Spot Light, Jazz Hands, Spirit Fingers, All kinds of hobby stuff

Jack's Painting
Keywords: Painting, 40k, Fantasy, Tutorial, The Dark Depths of the Human Soul

Grey Knights of Titan
Keywords: 40k, Grey Knights, Ordo Malleus, Painting, tactics, list building, battle reports

Tabletop Hell
Keywords: Warhammer, 40k, Malifaux, Blood Bowl, Boardgames review and Gamer talks

The Painting Frog
Keywords: Warhaming in genreal, infinity, 40K, fantasy, Hordes, Warmachine, Confrontation, RPGs

Sadly, 20 fewer hours of blogger was just too much for people it seems.  No winning essay from our new members.  In place of that, enjoy this nonsensical video:


Sunday, May 15, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Cloak & Dagger

Earlier this week, James at Warp Signal wrote a very interesting and compelling article about Games Workshop’s business practices. This particular post, “Corporate Opacity”, was so good and so in line with the kinds of conversations I have had with Dethtron that I wanted to address it.

As a GW consumer, James has serious and thought provoking concerns about why things happen the way they do, and has written a passionate and honest post. His ideas are expressed eloquently and coherently, rather than the typical fanboi or troll “I R better than u” quotes you see abundant on forums and so forth.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Top X: Dodging Jason on Friday the 13th

So Lauby writes and is like, “Yo,” and I’m like, “Yo, too,” and all, ‘cause that’s how we talk when nobody else is around. We’re street like that. He’s like, “I won’t be around on Friday the 13th so you’ll have to die without me.”

...what? But I knew I must have misunderstood him, so I was like, “Dude, can you repeat that?” and then added, just to show I wasn’t rattled, “Yo.”

“You’ll have to try without me,” he said, but I knew that’s not what I heard.

So I did some research. Turns out, on Friday the 13th at the International House of Paincakes, there’s a 50/50 chance of just dropping dead after you post. From natural causes - because death by Jason is as real as it gets.

Lauby was dodging me! Leaving me to my own devices against a semi-mystical Hollywood killer. This sucks on a lot of levels.

I was fairly sure I could fool fate though. I’m street like that. I’m inviting Loquacious to join me - her name begins with an ‘L’ as well, so no doubt that keen bit of misdirection will fool Jason.

(And then I made her do all the work while I ducked out! Jason will no doubt find her instead of me. I’m clever I am...)


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: The Department of City Planning

Greetings all, dethtron is here for a quick update in the Gaming on a Budget Series.  Today's topic is going to be planning. 

This is leading up to a rather large project that I hinted at in last week's article.  I'm still keeping the specifics under wraps, but next week Dave G from N++ will be writing a great guest article for the series while I crunch some numbers, gather materials, and prepare for an epic 2 week adventure.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tiers - Fact or Fiction?

I was recently accused of only using 'Top Tier' armies which was a refreshing change from being called a 'WAAC gamer'.....Actually that may have been 'a Wanker', as I wasn't really paying attention.....


Apparently if you use certain armies then you automatically win.

I wish somebody had told me that years ago so I could have just bought the one army and became the 40K champion of the entire universe with only a minimal initial expenditure. Of course games against other people with that ultimate top tier army may have been a bit tedious as I'm not sure what happens when you both automatically win....

Where was I?

Okay, now I remember. Lets start at the bottom and work up then*,

* This is an entirely arbitrary division so don't get all uppity if you happen to think Orks are awesome.


Monday, May 9, 2011

New Member Monday 5/3-5/9

Hey there HoPers and HoPettes, It's dethtron here bringing you the finest of new members from the last week.  Lauby is many hours away from his home today interviewing to further his career.  I understand he's going to be subjected to a grueling 6+ hour interview and presentation today, so wish him luck.

Given that I've never done the Monday Update before, there's a pretty good chance that my organizational skills will be found lacking and I left somebody off.  If you're not on the list and should be, drop an angry comment here to chew me out for being inept.  But hey, a lot has happened over this past week (Like Star Wars Day!!!!), so cut me some slack.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Deciding Factors

Over at Dick Move, Dethtron’s been talking about the economics of game stores, whether the GW resin switch is happening in his area, GW as an overall business model, and a few other things relating to gaming and money.

I’ve been paying attention, and I have made a couple of comments with my experience as a game store owner. I thought it might be cool for me to share some of that experience here, and let you guys gain some insights along the way.

I hope to shed some light on the mysterious ways of a FLGS owner’s mind. I’m sure that there are a myriad of things that completely baffle you. While I can’t speak for all of the other stores out there, I might have some information or a perspective that will help you understand what’s going on.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Industrial Milestone #3: Post Count

Dethtron and I have a thing about the number 242.  And Belgian Industrial music.

We've already done Google followers.  We've already done blog roll members.

We've finally got the hat trick we wanted:  post count.

Happy 242nd everybody!

If anyone thinks of anything else that we could have 242 of, let us know at


Friday, May 6, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Over Budget and Behind Schedule

A lot of you out there are probably still recovering from whatever finals you had. I know I am, and I don't even take classes!  So here comes another Weekly Top X to reward you for all that studying and reading with MORE reading.  In your face!

1) Tordeck's Workshop - Another stop on the OHM bus - Part Three
Lauby: I like this - not a lot of talking, straight to the action and plenty of extreme close ups on the important parts.  It's like porn, really.
Brent: Good choice, Lauby! Isn’t this the type of post we want to turn everyone on to? A cool conversion done by a member of the community? Very nice, Tordeck - now where’s the finished model?
Lauby: Yeah!  You've had eight days to finish that ork.  And why you were using a brass scorpion for scale, I'll never know.

I guess they wanted to destroy something beautiful
2) Galaxy in FlamesGames Workshop in Ruins!
Brent: This is proof positive Games Workshop stores are militant brainwashing centers in disguise. Almost like Scientology.
Lauby: Amen to that, my man.  And like Scientologists, the GW staff eradicated something that didn;t conveniently fit in with their wacky world view.
Brent: I’m with you - they stomped on the store? What gives them the right?
Lauby:  Apparently, the same mythological sense of fair play that guides the game design has plenty of room in it for destroying people's hard work.  You mad, Brent? I know I am.
Brent: Of course I’m steamed! It didn’t belong to them - it was a shitty thing to do.
Lauby: You know, I've been thinking...  when life you gives you lemons, don't make lemonade.  Make life take the lemons back! Get mad!!  I don't want your damn lemons!  What am I supposed to do with these!?
Brent: At least we have pictures. Jim, I would have shopped at your store; you guys obviously had a sense of humor!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Using Paint Pots

This paint came free with a magazine.  Can't get cheaper than that
Originally, I was going to title this Paint Pots: The art of making a homemade bong or something like that, but as I neither smoke nor endorse the smoking of the chronic, I've decided against it. 

My own neurosis aside, I'm here to write to you about a few money saving, waste minimizing strategies for reusing your old paint pots for fun and profit. 

As gaming hobbyists, we've probably all used up a few paint pots in our day.  Unfortunately, we've probably all let a couple dry up as well.  Don't throw those empty pots away though.  We're going to do a number of low/no-cost projects using other materials you've got lying around, and here's how:


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

User Content Wednesday: Ogryn - Not Terrible

Sorry for the late post today, but its finals.  And even though I'm not a student, it still effects me.  Stupid higher education.  With your dumb smart crap.  Moving on...

Today's reblogging comes by way of Sons of Taurus who points out that Ogryns can be pretty fun. Really, who doesn't secretly want those goofy bastards to be better?  Hell, even Stelek has got a soft spot for 'em.  This post may not address the rules issues, but at least it gives you some uses for those $22 lumps of metal you've never used.  My sincere hope is that someone out there will get those goofy bastards out and on the table.  Especially you, Dethtron! 

Hardly a ringing endorsement, I know.

Ogryn aren't the most competitive option in the Imperial Guard codex. If you're going to a tournament, you're probably better off with VAVOOM - Vendettas and Veterans with Ouchie Ouchie Meltaguns.  They're not "optimal" in the mech&melta world, but they sure are fun.

Who are the Ogryn? 
Ogryn are abhumans; an offshoot of normal humanity.  The Imperial Guard uses them for their brute strength and durability, and you can too!

Modeling GW makes official Ogryn models, and IMO they're fine.  The only issue is that being large metal GW models, they're pretty expensive.  If the cost doesn't scare you off or you can find a deal, go for it.  With a little work, these can be converted too, like those at Heresy Workshop that were converted to fit in with the wonderful Forge World Renegade Ogryn.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Important is the Army List?

The competitive part of our little community uses the phrase 'optimization' a lot. On a most basic level this means that the army has the most cost effective units available in each Force Organization Chart slot and has no unnecessary upgrades on units.

On the other hand the more Fluffy members of the self same community claim this makes boring spammy armies.

The truth for the rest of us lies somewhere in between those two extremes.


Monday, May 2, 2011

New Member Monday - They See Me Blog Rollin'

Oh yeah, I dusted that old chestnut off.

Alternatively:  They See Me Rollins.  (yes, I know how awful a joke that is)
Just a quick update before I run screaming into another New Member Monday:

The hallowed House of Paincakes blog rolls have been re-organized per this post.  So if you looked around a few weeks ago and noticed that you had been moved - now you know what happened.

Other than that, I did a little bit of trimming and pulled out some dead links.  If you're the owner of either one of these blogs:

Torment of Soul
Ragnar’s Fist

...and you feel like your blog still exists, hit us with an email and we'll get you back on the lists.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

[New Kid In Town] Moving Forward

As a newer player, I've had a really good time learning the game. I have found a lot of things that work well for me, and discovered that some stuff just doesn't matter in the long run. The guys I play with have been great and have really helped me out along the way, and I know I have made improvements since I first started.

Things that I know I still need to work on really haven't changed much. One of the things I really need to pay attention to is the future of the board.


Friday, April 29, 2011

The Weekly Top X - The Lament of Dallas

Brent: So I’ve wandered back to the Top X this week.

For those who may not know, last week I took some personal time from my duties here at the House of Paincakes to travel to Dallas. On Friday I took a refresher course to prep for my licensing exam, which must have worked because now when I sign my name there are some strange initials which magically appear.

Larry Hagman played JR.  This is all I know about Dallas
 Not to be confused with the letters TL:DR which follows some of my articles on Bell. Good thing this is the HoP - nothing like that happens here!

So, moving, on, let’s check out our first offering - maybe my partner in crime will wander in just in time to comment on it!

Lauby:  I'm here.  I was just looking for my cryin' whiskey (which I am apparently out of) We missed the Top X last week.  Our streak stopped at 32.

But I wont let that stop us.  No sir!  Now that I'm forced into be sober, we're gonna power through this like a couple of bosses!!  Though i will be recycling the scraps from last week.  Brent's text is green for a reason (it's cheaper than black... uh... I mean recycling).


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gaming on a Budget - Spending Money to Save Money: The Air Brush

Dethron's been dealing with the kind finals load that can only come from a master's level degree.  While he deals with his paper based on what he would only describe as "shaky math", I'm here to save the day and keep the dream that is Gaming on a Budget alive.

[Note:]  I almost started this article with something along the lines of "today I'm talking about airbrushes".  Really, Laubs?  It's not like its in the post title or anything, asshole...

So here we are again, kicking false economies in the balls while getting things right the first time around!

I actually had some relevant pictures I took myself.  But things happen.  Enjoy this screen cap from Idiocracy
An airbrush has always been an integral tool to the scale modeling crowd that only just now seems to be osmosing to the table top wargaming crowd.  I think this has something to do with the hobby kind of 'growing up' in general.  Anyway, with this trend towards expensive tools comes a large number of people with a ton of questions and a ton of misconceptions.  An airbrush can speed up painting and opens up a wide range of techniques for the hobbyisit.  Though for all the power and versatility an airbursh can offer, its still in the "wildly misunderstood" category of hobby tools.  Luckily for us as hobbyists, there are scads of information out there on selection, proper use and even techniques.   Sadly, a key component is often missing from much of the discussion: cost. Often, even if cost is mentioned it's only in passing.

Let's get this started right:   

An airbrush setup is the single most expensive purchase you can expect to make in your painting and modeling career.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

User Content Wednesday - The Battle for the Bridge: Part 2

Having kids is a big, life changing deal... so I'm told.  I don't have kids myself.  Most of you out there don't either.  If anyone asked, we'd probably deny wanting to reproduce - being content as we are simply practicing with the mechanics of the procreation.  But the Man Cave would like yo remind you to dream the impossible!  As much work as parenthood is (probably - again, I'm not an expert), there's always the chance at the whole totally boss and cool situation that the Man Cave is rocking.  Gentelemen and Unicorns, I present to you:  the reason to have kids.

The Lad calls his viking warriors to battle with his War Horn!
As the game commenced, Lord Uhtred's Saxon warband had taken up a blocking position on the bridge, and the vikings were in the centre of the table with their giant wooden rabbit. (If you missed the scenario setup and table layout, look here)  Click pics for bigger versions.

Saxons on the Bridge: Lord Uhtred carries the Dragon Banner!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What does our choice of army say about us?

Loquacious's series of articles on starting in the hobby started to make me think about some of my own early choices about what army I used...

Some of my own choices may have had something to do with the time I started in the hobby. The current Chaos Space Marine Codex had just been released and that was what the Games Workshop stores were pushing. Obviously they were also pushing the newer kits that went along with it as well.

As time passed by I jumped from one Marine codex and back again with what was basically the same army. It just happened to be getting bigger and bigger....However in my head the army theme always stayed the same. Marines who did whatever they damn well pleased ;-)

I have since then done Daemon, Tyranid and even Infantry Guard armies but I always come back to those dirty renegade bastards...


Monday, April 25, 2011

New Member Monday - Zwei Vier Zwei

We hit 242 members last week!  Another important industrial strength milestone for the Haus of Paincakes!  Here's a video in honor of the occasion!  Jawohl!