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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Weekly Top X - The Lament of Dallas

Brent: So I’ve wandered back to the Top X this week.

For those who may not know, last week I took some personal time from my duties here at the House of Paincakes to travel to Dallas. On Friday I took a refresher course to prep for my licensing exam, which must have worked because now when I sign my name there are some strange initials which magically appear.

Larry Hagman played JR.  This is all I know about Dallas
 Not to be confused with the letters TL:DR which follows some of my articles on Bell. Good thing this is the HoP - nothing like that happens here!

So, moving, on, let’s check out our first offering - maybe my partner in crime will wander in just in time to comment on it!

Lauby:  I'm here.  I was just looking for my cryin' whiskey (which I am apparently out of) We missed the Top X last week.  Our streak stopped at 32.

But I wont let that stop us.  No sir!  Now that I'm forced into be sober, we're gonna power through this like a couple of bosses!!  Though i will be recycling the scraps from last week.  Brent's text is green for a reason (it's cheaper than black... uh... I mean recycling).

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gaming on a Budget - Spending Money to Save Money: The Air Brush

Dethron's been dealing with the kind finals load that can only come from a master's level degree.  While he deals with his paper based on what he would only describe as "shaky math", I'm here to save the day and keep the dream that is Gaming on a Budget alive.

[Note:]  I almost started this article with something along the lines of "today I'm talking about airbrushes".  Really, Laubs?  It's not like its in the post title or anything, asshole...

So here we are again, kicking false economies in the balls while getting things right the first time around!

I actually had some relevant pictures I took myself.  But things happen.  Enjoy this screen cap from Idiocracy
An airbrush has always been an integral tool to the scale modeling crowd that only just now seems to be osmosing to the table top wargaming crowd.  I think this has something to do with the hobby kind of 'growing up' in general.  Anyway, with this trend towards expensive tools comes a large number of people with a ton of questions and a ton of misconceptions.  An airbrush can speed up painting and opens up a wide range of techniques for the hobbyisit.  Though for all the power and versatility an airbursh can offer, its still in the "wildly misunderstood" category of hobby tools.  Luckily for us as hobbyists, there are scads of information out there on selection, proper use and even techniques.   Sadly, a key component is often missing from much of the discussion: cost. Often, even if cost is mentioned it's only in passing.

Let's get this started right:   

An airbrush setup is the single most expensive purchase you can expect to make in your painting and modeling career.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

User Content Wednesday - The Battle for the Bridge: Part 2

Having kids is a big, life changing deal... so I'm told.  I don't have kids myself.  Most of you out there don't either.  If anyone asked, we'd probably deny wanting to reproduce - being content as we are simply practicing with the mechanics of the procreation.  But the Man Cave would like yo remind you to dream the impossible!  As much work as parenthood is (probably - again, I'm not an expert), there's always the chance at the whole totally boss and cool situation that the Man Cave is rocking.  Gentelemen and Unicorns, I present to you:  the reason to have kids.

The Lad calls his viking warriors to battle with his War Horn!
As the game commenced, Lord Uhtred's Saxon warband had taken up a blocking position on the bridge, and the vikings were in the centre of the table with their giant wooden rabbit. (If you missed the scenario setup and table layout, look here)  Click pics for bigger versions.

Saxons on the Bridge: Lord Uhtred carries the Dragon Banner!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What does our choice of army say about us?

Loquacious's series of articles on starting in the hobby started to make me think about some of my own early choices about what army I used...

Some of my own choices may have had something to do with the time I started in the hobby. The current Chaos Space Marine Codex had just been released and that was what the Games Workshop stores were pushing. Obviously they were also pushing the newer kits that went along with it as well.

As time passed by I jumped from one Marine codex and back again with what was basically the same army. It just happened to be getting bigger and bigger....However in my head the army theme always stayed the same. Marines who did whatever they damn well pleased ;-)

I have since then done Daemon, Tyranid and even Infantry Guard armies but I always come back to those dirty renegade bastards...

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Member Monday - Zwei Vier Zwei

We hit 242 members last week!  Another important industrial strength milestone for the Haus of Paincakes!  Here's a video in honor of the occasion!  Jawohl!