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Monday, July 25, 2011

New Member Monday- When the Lauby is Away, the dethtron Will Play

Hey there boys and girls, kids of all ages, unicorns, unicrons, chimerae, and sentient robots.  Lauby is out this week on vacation, which probably doesn't involve shady, back-alley sex change operations in South America.

dethtron prepared to take ass and kick names on his first ever new member monday


Sunday, July 24, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] The Boss Pays A Visit

All bosses like to check in on their employees- especially when they can do a surprise inspection. Lauby had us all lulled into complacency with his vacation and we got just a little naughty, thinking the worst he could do was be all “don’t do that again” later.



Lauby was on some epic road trip involving family (so he says), booze and 40K. On his way through the land of corn, he and SpecialLadyFriend decided to stop in my little shop and check in on my “creative process”. I was sort of slacking and arrived after he had taken a look around. I walked in the door to TheDude introducing me to my long distance blogging boss. I watched a little nervously as he conducted his examination, and tried to hide my shortcomings (which isn’t easy ‘cause I’m a shrimp).


Friday, July 22, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Defining the 3-Way 3 Ways

Brent:  It always scares Lauby when he leaves the Top X in my care... not sure why. Anyway, he shot me this email:
Brent, thanks for helping me cover, but for God’s sake don’t pull out your selection of genitalia shaped terrain. It’s not funny. We don’t want the House of Paincakes readers to dream of a Herpes and Hep C explosion crawling down a leg. It’s just not cool.
And for God's sake, don't lose control of SinSynn!

Drats. Still, his week I’m determined to do him proud! I will bring zero - and I repeat ZERO - fun and frivolity to the post... I’ve invited SinSynn and Loquacious; the former to bring the juvenile humor and the latter to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

Don’t worry, Lauby! Nothing can go wrong, I assure you. So, first up Synn, we’ll put Loq in the middle, and I’ll finish it all up.



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last Chance to Enter HoP Idol- Two Idols Enter, One Idol Leaves

As the title of this post implies, today is the last chance for you to enter the HoP Idol contest that will be beginning shortly.  So, head down to the convention center for your audition send us your short micro blog post audition tape today.

You've just a scant few hours left until the deadline (the end of today 7/21 in whatever time zone you're in), so don't procrastinate.

Lauby will be on vacation for the next few weeks, but is dropping in to Chicago to get some games in and decide on the contest finalists with me, so stay tuned for more announcements about this in the next two weeks.

Full contest details can be found by following this link up in here.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Dethtron's Gaming Table Revealed

A couple of month's ago I set off to make a gaming surface and more than enough terrain to fill it up in as short a time as possible and as cheaply as possible.  To make it even harder, I decided to base the whole project around the Vilers-Bocage area of France during WWII.  This has been the subject of my last several Gaming on a Budget posts and has been a shitload of fun for me.  For those that have missed this series so far, I'll have an index of the tutorials involved in making this gaming table at the end of the article. 

All said and done, I came in slightly under both my time budget of 2 weeks and my budget of $250, so I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, proving that you can make good looking terrain for cheap.  My complete cost breakdown (minus tools, as those are a sunk cost paid for long long ago) is after the jump, so click away.


Friends, Rivals...Knuckleheads

Hey folks, SinSynn here. This post is dedicated to Purgatus at Best Overall....cuz he's my dogz, and a big ol' knucklehead, too.

So not too long ago I decided to pull my Tau outta the closet, dust those bad boys (and one very special lady) off and take 'em out for a spin.

"I'm tired of getting beat up with my Tyranids," I thought, "I feel like getting beat up with an entirely different army for a while."
Genius plan, right?

Glutton for punishment that I am, instead of taking a ride to the (not-so-local) LGS, and playing a wonderfully pleasant pick-up game with any one of the many friendly 'regulars,' I immediately called my Ultimate Rival......

-Yeah...that's him-


User Content Wednesday - Learning to Love Losing

The King Elessar was one of the first bloggers I started following on a regular basis once I figured out that forumitis was a communicable disease.  He probably also had a psychic hand in my subconscious when it came time to pick an army that would take me two years to paint.  As useful as his Eldar specific advice was to me, I was always a bigger fan of his general gaming philosophy.  This little bit on losing is one of the treasured and rare rants on the internet with a focus and actually makes a point. 

TKE is currently in posting hibernation, but hopefully some renewed interest in Mindwar FTW will get him to at least forage for berries more often.  

Notes:  I've added pictures to liven things up. Oh, and because he'll mention it, Kirby posted this once as well.

In order to be a Competitive Player of this game, this is a skill you require.
In order to be a non-Competitive player of this game, this is a skill you require.
In order, basically, to not be a dickhead - this is a skill you require.

No-one LIKES losing, in of itself, of course.  It's ingrained in our genes - feeling like a failure isn't something any of us set out with the ambition to do, and it hurts.

However, losing is simply the best way to learn.  If you steamroll all your opponents with your list, then find better opponents, or tweak your list slightly.  Maybe they are intimidated by your army/reputation? Swap armies.  Mix it up.  Hell, buy a new army, whatever.

If you never find yourself taxed in games then you will not only never improve, you will probably stagnate and get worse.  When a player eventually DOES come along who is better than you (and it will happen eventually, unless you quit first) you will be the one getting rolled...and you will almost certainly be a bad loser from your lack of familiarity with it.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Do I Still Bother With This Blogging Stuff.....

I recently had a brief break from blogging.

My excuse was that I was too busy with a number of personal issues to spare the time to come up with posts that would be worth reading so it was better if I just took a break.

Of course that wasn't strictly true.....

I could probably have found time if I'd tried but the truth is I really couldn't be bothered...

Terrible, huh?

Most people reading this presumably have blogs of their own based on the fact that this is an article on a blog network, lol. So I'm sure there's a lot of different levels of experience in the world of the blogging ranging from 'just started' to 'been doing it for fucking ever!!!' reading this right now.


Monday, July 18, 2011

New Member Monday - Samson Minis

Shockingly, we only had one new addition to the House of Paincakes.  A temporary and fleeting occurrence, I'm sure.  In the meantime,  rather than pretend I have enough content to make a traditional New Member Monday, I'm going to do something a little special for our one and only add.  A little something called:  "We Only Had One New Member This Week so Here's an In Depth Look at His Blog" (WOHONMTWHILHB).

I was initially going to call it something else that was much cooler, but I was having an overly hard time trying to communicate reverb effects via text.

Now for a quick aside:  If you see a blog in your e-travels that isn't flying the HoP colors, you should probably point them our way.  Not only would Dethtron and I appreciate it, but you'd be doing a great service for your fellow gamers.  Call us an awesome-based initiative that tacitly supports civil and rational discourse. So get out there and spread the Good News.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Dressing The Part

When I first proposed this series, there were some articles that the bosses wanted to see. They're pretty cool guys and let me write on their blog once a week, so I figured I should at least humor them and see what I can come up with out of their suggested material.

As a rule, I've tried to keep my articles about things that stores across the country (and maybe even the world) can identify with. It just makes sense to keep things relevant to more readers than fewer, and maybe I'll hit on something a lot of people find interesting.

However, I was asked about a topic that's very specific to my store, and it's given me a lot to think about.


Friday, July 15, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Happy Endings

Pssst! Hey you - yea, you! I can hear you breathing. I can see you typing...

...what, you weren’t using your webcam anyway! Forget all that right now, we gotta do this quick before Lauby sees us!

You know what’s never happened on Top X? Me nominating me.

C’mon! It’s a genius idea! Granted, since Top X is really meant to focus on the little guy (he says, whilst picking a ‘not little’ blog this week in Musings of a Metal Mind...), I imagine Lauby will yet again put a stop to my sinister machinations.

Not sure why he does that, but this may be a one-time deal. Given that, I’m going to do a Best and Worst of the Average... and much like the Official Strictly Average Criticizer Da Warboss Stalin... it’ll be on the bottom!

Hey everyone!  And welcome to the Weekly Top X!  Little does Brent know that I can read green text at almost the same level as I can all other colors.  I'm well aware of his plan.  However, in the name of "seeing where it all goes", I've decided to allow his micro-rebellion.  Unfortunately, this kindness is not without a price.  Little does Brent know that the nosebleed and headache he just suffered was caused by my psychic theft of one of his memories.

Dastardly mind powers aside, this Top X is in the same style as last week'sI pick 3, Brent picks 3 and then we try and figure out why.  I know, I know...  trying to codify Brent's thoughts may seem risky.  But that's just the kind of thing I do to keep the HoP running.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Using your Scraps or Pet Cemetary

Almost forgot to make a dated music reference in the title, oh no.

Anyhow, due to the recent demolition of my game room and scramble to find gainful employment, I haven't gotten a chance to take final pictures of the gaming table I've been building- they'll be done by next week; I promise.  This does, however give me pause to talk about something semi-related, however.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

User Content Wednesday - 40k Theory: It's All About The Numbers

Nikephoros has absolutely been blowing people's faces clean off with math over on Bringer of Victory lately.  Many of you have probably already seen some of this, but clearly not enough of you.  The dude deserves more than the 93 followers he has at the moment.  So check the inaugural post of the 40k Metrics series out, then go to Bringer of Victory and see some actual science.

Actually, between this and Monday's calendar essay, I think I could have done another theme week... 

Note to GMort:  Create time machine and then go back in time to tell yourself to write a post on some math related topic. 

What is ballistic skill?

I mean, what does it really mean in terms of winning and losing on the table top?

Absolutely nothing. Quantity of fire in Warhammer 40k is usually far superior to quality. At very least it's equal. So what am I getting at? There is no correlation between winning and ballistic skill. The army with the superior average ballistic skill shouldn’t (assuming the game is properly balanced) have any advantage over one with a lower average ballistic skill.

This is the inherent problem I've been wrestling with mentally. When players compare units/armies/lists they are, generally speaking, comparing irrelevant metrics. So what that Khorne Berserkers have 3 attacks each? So do Orks, and you can get 4 Orks for the same price as one Berserker.

Not a single stat on the units' stat lines give you the faintest hint of if it will make your army win or lose more games by using it. Even when you factor in points, it's mostly irrelevant. As I said in the moneyball article, none of the "stats" in a unit's stat line are correlated with wins on the tabletop. So we really can't use those stats as a metric for measuring a unit's effectiveness.

Warning: numbers ahead



Hey folks, SinSynn here, and this post is dedicated to Brent, from Strictly Average....just because.

By way of an 'introduction piece,' which I probably should have written prior to my first post (heh), I thought I'd share the story of how I ended up playing this silly game we all love so much, and why it's such an important part of my life.

In truth, not many people know what I'm about to share, and some people may find it a drag.....but it's the truth, and in a way I feel like I kinda NEED to write it out, for some reason.
Some kinda weird catharsis, I suppose.

Bear with me a sec, if you don't mind- it takes a minute to get there, maybe, but there's a point....
You cool with that?
Ok, here we go.....


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Money Saving Guide to 6th edition 40K.

There's been much talk across the internet lately about the imminent (or not) arrival of 6th Edition 40K with the usual varying opinions on the accuracy of the rumours and whether it will be a good thing (or not) based on those self same bunch of rumours.

Instead of 5th edition Ver 5.01 that people were expecting it seems were instead going to get a major overhaul.....because obviously that worked so well with Fantasy......

Rather than give my opinion on those rumours I'm going to instead show you how with a few simple steps 6th edition 40K can save you a fortune...


Monday, July 11, 2011

New Member Monday - HoP Idol and SinSynn

Hello and welcome to another week on the internet.  Wargames Con finished up on Sunday so we should be getting some good content spawning from that in the near future.  I expect to start seeing some posts as soon as the hangovers wear off and as soon as people catch up on their sleep.  In the meantime, there are some moderate to big things happening at the House of Paincakes.

HoP Idol
We kicked off a contest last week for a coveted spot in the HoP author pool.  We've gotten a few entries so far, but we'd really like to see more.  Be sure to check out the details here:  HoP Idol

Just a bit of clarification - if you end up as the lucky winner of this fantabulous test of skill (which may or may not involve traveling back in time to have a dream date with the star of your choice at the time of your choice), you'll be producing an original series for us - not reposting something you already do.  Just wanted to make that clear.

Oh, and I've watched enough youtube clips to be fully up to speed on the whole Randy "dawg" thing now.  So... dawg.. I guess.

Speaking of new authors...


Apply to HoP Idol Today!

The first applications for Season 1 of HoP Idol have started trickling in and man is there some good stuff to be read.  There is going to be some stiff competition in this contest, I can tell you that.  Don't forget to submit your application today so you don't miss out on the action.

Remember, the deadline for getting in on this life-changing contest and to chance to land a record deal become a HoP weekly author is 7/21/11

If you were too busy checking out all the Wargamescon coverage this weekend or working on your lawn or hanging out at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and have no idea what Hop Idol is, you may wish to refer to this previous post for all the juicy details.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Lament of a Xenos Player

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

I'm a lil' emotional right now. A lil' choked up.
The reason?

I'm gonna say it straight up, since this is HoP, and that's what we do here, right?

I was chatting with someone the other day, and this person said "Xenos suck in 40k right now, GW really gave them the shaft this edition."
Despite my arguments to the contrary (bear in mind I'm a strictly Xenos player), I....couldn't win this debate.

Not even close.
Hell, I barely dented his defenses, and in the end I sorta the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail conceded.



The Weekly Top X - The One From Last Week

This was the Top X that was supposed to run last week.  No idea why it didn't get posted, but it might have something to do with me being somewhere in the Pennsylvania wilderness and not being around to schedule it.  Then again, the original title was "Brent and Lo Get Nasty" so maybe Dethtron felt like he'd give the two of them a chance to reconsider.  So sit back and enjoy the hot pics from two weeks ago while Brent gets ready to go to Wargames con.

Hello and welcome to the House of Paincakes!

Right this way; we'll sit you in a booth and serve you up some nice, fresh Top X... which I sort of imagine is like reconstituted roadkill or something.

Anyway, this week the Lauby is away so the mice - me and Loq - will play!  I picked three, she picked three, and we're commenting on why the other chose how they did.

Easy right?  Let's get started with my picks.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: We Interrupt Flames of War to Bring You Some Papercraft

Dethron forgot to take pictures of his finished Bocage before he moved on to demolishing his basement under the admittedly thin pretense of building a better gaming room Or he smashed off his own penis in a freak sledgehammer incident.  I can't remember which it was.  In either case, we'll all have to wait a little while longer for the final unveiling of his FoW board.  In the meantime, I bring you some Gaming on a Budget goodness of my own as Dethtron finishes up his basement and/or waits for his penis to regrow like one of those little lizards you find all over the place in Florida

One day on the internet, just like any other (at the time, I think I was doing a risk/reward analysis concerning looking at Blake Lively's leaked nude photos at work), as I was poking around looking for some new information on naked Blake Lively Infinity, I found something truly wondrous - papercraft terrain.

So cool.  This picture courtesy of Fire Broadside.
It's a great way to get some terrain up and running for almost no money and in almost no time.  Perfect for supplementing your collection of book hills and Mountain Dew Storage silos.  Hell, some of the stuff I've found looks good next to 'actual' terrain.


Become the first HoP Idol

As the HoP continues to grow- we've got over 300 Google followers, almost as many blogs on the network and a pretty damn active comments section- we've decided that the time is right to get some more authors on board.  We've got one or two people in the pipeline ready to make their debut any day now, but we've got a special opportunity for the community at large to get some names out there and find another author or two chosen by you, dear readers.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

User Content Wednesday - Are You In an Abusive Relationship?

The House of Paincakes is coming dangerously close to having 300 blogs on the rolls.  As you can well imagine, finding posts to promote and figuring out how to give everyone a chance at some fame is an increasingly hard task.  Thankfully, our long standing policy of "the squeaky anus wheel gets the grease" has served us well once again.  Frontline Gamer recently joined us and recently squeaked a bit.  I think the article we're posting is one of my new favorites.  It's a poke at GW, but the exact kind of poke that we like at the HoP - intelligent and funny. 

Over the last 5 or so years I've slowly watched all of my fellow gaming buddies become steadily disenfranchised or disillusioned with the hobby... no sorry lets clarify, the Games Workshop. I watched Chris 'the cursed' Tapper go away time and time again to Warhammer Fantasy Tournaments and come back saying he had a good time, only then for him to tell me what happened and him realize he was only enjoying the beers on the nights out after the gaming. I've watched others grow tired of the price gouging and the annual price hike. I've watched as people realize that the tactics in 40k pretty much stop at army building, I've seen gamers grimace while reading the Dark Elves or Space Wolves army books. I've watched as the Games Workshop have systematically trashed their two core systems and pissed gamers off...

Willow Road, off of Lenton Lane Nottingham


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MWC Conversion Contest

It looks like those zany funsters over at Miniature Wargame Conversions are at it again.  The Pay it Forward may have ridden off to different lands, but Red is back with the first of many conversion contests.

I strongly advise heading over there RIGHT NOW to check out the details.  And here's a link to the rules since I know you all love things that are easy and convenient.

Look. Clearly you're still reading this post - you just took the time to read these words and process them.  Why haven't you clicked on the links we gave you?  Seriously.  Go over to MWC.  STOP READING THIS POST!


Forums - The Spawning Place of all Evil.....

I used to spend a lot of time on forums, dispensing advice as I felt the need, helping people with rules queries, giving opinions on army lists and any number of other things that I thought might be considered helpful*.

* I may also have occasionally mentioned that I had a know...just in passing ;-)

Unfortunately I have grown weary of them over time for a wide variety of reasons.....

Imagine for a moment that your in a pub (or a bar as I believe you Americans call them) and your listening to a fairly lively conversation about some subject you have an interest in. Would you feel the need to interrupt the conversation, call half the people involved a bunch of twats, automatically agree with the person who had been doing the most talking up to that point and then act like a badass when you got told to fuck off?


Monday, July 4, 2011

New Member Monday - America Day

Hello Everyone! The 4th of July is kind of a big deal around the parts of the world where most of the HoP staff is from.  Luckily for you this isn't a real business or we'd have to give everyone the day off and then you would get to know about our new members.

New Member Monday

Sons of Twilight
Keywords: Specialist Games, Blood Bowl, Epic, Warhammer 40K, General Gaming

Keywords: Warhammer Fantasy and Infinity blog, gaming, painting and terrain

Frontline Gamer
Keywords: Infinity, Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars, Warmachine, Anima Tactics, Hell Dorado, Malifaux, reviews, rants and random crap concerning toy soldiers

Defenders of the Cadian Gate
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Flames of War, Starship Troopers, rants, long winded speaches, battle reports

Pro Imperator
Keywords: Painting, 40K, Warhammer Fantasy

And now, this weeks winning essay from our field of five (which I'm reasonably sure is complete - email me if I forgot you) come by way of Frontline Gamer:

Firstly lets get this out of the way now, there is no God. There might be dice faeries granted, but there is certainly no God, I know this because I am awesome yet my life sucks and if there was a God my life would be super cool and my Ben & Jerry’s Phish food wouldn’t have dripped out the bottom of its container all over the keyboard… hang on, got to clean this crap up. Right I’m back again, why am I non-existent Gods gift to the internet? I’m not, however I have only received 3 death threats thus far for my blog due to a wonky Gandalf, I feel with extra exposure I could get at least 5, please expose me, because other networks are too chicken shit to add me too their sycophantic lists. Plus I don’t think my blog is too bad. Not quite the full 500 words but hey I’m lazy.


HoP Hits 300 Followers

WOOHOO!!!  The HoP has just hit the 300 follower mark.  I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you that have made this possible.  Without you dear readers, this blog and blog network would not be possible, so this victory is yours, not ours.

Oh also, it's the 4th of July here in the states, so happy independence day to all.  Remember that without fingers, this hobby is a lot more difficult, so pay attention to your fireworks safety.  Until next time, I leave you with this:


Sunday, July 3, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Costs

Over the past few weeks, I have had several inquiries about what it costs to start a game store. I’d like to try to address that with you today. I’ll also be addressing some of the considerations outside of monetary cost one should take on prior to entering this business, and offering some been-there, done-that commentary.

When someone asks about the cost of running a game store, they invariably are asking about a dollar amount. Those kinds of costs come down to three factors: location, stock and staff. These factors are equally important, and each one has other “sub-factors” that need to be examined just as much as anything else. All of these factors need to work together to create the best possible mix for your situation.


We’ve all heard the real estate mantra of “location, location, location”. I can tell you that it’s pretty true. Finding the right mix of all the required elements in a location is a headache inducing endeavor. Something that a lot of people overlook when considering location is the dynamics of the town or city they’re in. If your locale already has a game store, the physical place YOUR store will go is a critical and business altering decision. Too close to the “competition” and you can and will lose business to the other guy. Too far away, and the same thing will happen for different reasons.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Very SinSynn Batrep

Resplendent in his jet black power armor, with his chapters' heraldry proudly displayed on his gleaming bone white pauldrons, the Black Templar Castellan stood at the edge of the battlefield. A fiercely scarred veteran of a thousand military engagements- much like the one rapidly approaching him now, the Castellon appeared unfazed by the impending carnage.

"SERGEANT!" he bellowed.
His sonorous voice carried the full weight of his authority, and the soldier addressed immediately stepped forward and snapped to attention.

"Sir! Yes, Sir!" the soldier returned.

"Now that our....transport... has landed, and we've...disembarked our forces....remind me what the frak it is we're doing here?"

"Uh....sir? If by 'transport' you mean 'armybag,' and by 'deploying our forces' you mean 'unpacked,' well, then.....I feel obligated to remind you that we're toys, sir. Plastic models, to be precise....and this is a game, NOT any kind of 'actual war.' We've, uh, discussed this, remember?"

"Sergeant...remove your helm, if you would please..." the Castellon growled.

"Uh, sir...I can't remove my helm. It's glued to my torso. Remember? We discussed this, too..." the sergeant's voice trailed off, and he lapsed into an awkward silence as the Castellon turned towards him.

Faster than an Imperial Thunderbolt, the Castellon lashed out, and struck the Sergeant once in the head.

No quote necessary


Gaming on a Budget: The Silent Hedges Part 3

Welcome back everybody.  Here begins the final chapter in my creation of dirt cheap hedgerows for my new gaming table setup.  When last we spoke the hedges looked something like this, having just had sand added to their bases:


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: The Silent Hedges Part 2

Greetings fellow mortals.  It's dethtron here, back to move the gaming table project forward.  As you'll recall from my last installment, I was hard at work on a nice set of hedgerows, rounding out the last of the major terrain features on my budget gaming table- where I set out to make an entire modular table and full complement of terrain for under $250 in under 2 weeks.  Today I'll be taking more major steps towards finishing those hedgerows.  To refresh your memory, after last week we were left with these hedge components which Hoagy was kind enough to describe as looking like 'those dried dog turds:"


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

User Content Wednesday - 40k for Dummies: Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in today's User Content Wednesday.  It's been a busy week at work and all the time I set aside for 'professional development' has been eaten up by a massive project.  With the excuses out of the way, we'll move on to the good stuff.  Today's post comes from a series that's been running over at Gone to GroundDave has been creating some pretty nice little primers for the new guys.  Be sure to check out the whole series after you enjoy this one:

I know it's been awhile since I've written a 40k for dummies post, but I read a post over on GDNMW's blog that got me to thinking.   I think one of the biggest new player mistakes might come in the false understanding that a solid or powerful army list will win games.  This is purely a falacy.  While creating a solid army with no apparent weaknesses helps out a whole lot, an inexperienced player or an inept player will still lose.  Like the title insinuates, your list doesn't win the game for you, you do.

Because real life responsibilities and demands cut into my gaming time, I do a lot of my 40k playing on Vassal.  I have found that Vassal is a hot bed for new players wanting to learn the rules and try out wacky lists without the consequences of throwing down large quantities of cash only to not have their investments pay off.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That long Winding Path Through Geekdom.

The path to geekdom begins in different ways for different people.

Mine began with this,

It was as far as I'm aware the first of it's kind. A book that worked like a role-playing game. Create a character, choose your equipment, head off to kill the 'Evil Wizard' who for some reason will end up fighting you in hand to hand combat rather than blowing your head off with a bolt of lightning, get the treasure but not the girl because as far as I remember there wasn't one and become the hero you always secretly wanted to be ;-)


Monday, June 27, 2011

New Member Monday - Important Reminder: Always Give New Member Monday Posts a Subtitle

Hello everyone!  Aside from a late Top X and even a mis-titled New Member Monday, last week went pretty smoothly.   Musings of a Game Store Owner has hit a fantastic stride and GMort is still the page view leader despite his constant worry over his comment count.  Heck, both of the User Content Days were so good they had me clapping my hands and running in a circle until I passed out.  All of this rounded out nicely by Dethtron's continuing awesomeness with his 15mm terrain.  Now if I could just get SinSynn to respond to my emails...

Now if you really appreciate this fine content brought to you week after week, you should consider calling in and donating 5, 10 or even 25 dollars.  Now, if you want to get your hands on a tote-bag...

Woah, sorry about that.  It was a pledge day on NPR.  Forgot where I was.

Well... here's even more good news: MORE MEMBERS!  YAY!!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] A Lot to Juggle

I asked for your comments, and you all responded. Thank you! I have definitely learned a lot about the desires and motivations of the tabletop crowd. I appreciate the generosity and time you’ve shared with me.

A lot of your comments are very intuitive- they’re things that TheDude and I have agreed are essential components to our success. It’s nice to know that we’re not completely on the wrong track in our assessment of key issues. We’ve certainly felt some relief in hearing from our own customer base that we’ve done –some- things right. But we can’t rest on our laurels, we have to keep working to improve- it’s a vicious cycle.
Just as soon as we have something locked down, we have to add a new thing to the mix, and it gets to be a heady trip juggling all the factors that make any retail establishment go from good to great.