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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Weekly Top X- 'Lo Goes Solo

You know, with Lauby on vacation, I could use this opportunity to get into all kinds of trouble. Instead of prepping three articles and chasing down errant writers, I could be out boozing it up and getting wet and wild.

I guess I'm some kind of masochist, because here I am, all alone, bringing you some awesome linkage from the blogsphere for your reading enjoyment.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: I got it on eBay

Hey party people.  It's dethtron back to bring you the finest in money saving advice for your gaming obsession.  This week's topic- eBay.

'No shit you can pick up stuff on eBay cheap, dethtron, is there a point to this?'  Well, you certainly don't have to be such a dick about it and yes, there is a point to all this.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

User Content Wednesday - The Two Skills of 40K

3++ is the New Black is a pretty amazing blog.  Good writers, a good vibe and a deep archive perfect for mining User Content Wednesadays from.  While Kirby is the front man and absolutely bends over backwards to make sure that the it's 2 in the pink and none in the stink, he also has a pretty good team of writers to help him out with that.  This post by AbusePuppy is a perfect example of the all pinkness, non-stinkness that hangs around 3++ in almost the same way as thinly veiled allusions to the shocker hang around hastily written intros.

There are a lot of big names in the 40K internet scene- I'm not going to even try go to into naming them all, because I will inevitably leave someone out and there will be hurt feelings and crying and internet rage and a great and bloody war will start and the streets will echo with the cries of lamenting women and dying men and quite frankly I don't want to have to worry about all that when I go out to do my laundry.

This brings up an interesting question, though: what does "being good at" 40K mean? I posit that it essentially breaks down into two very separate skills that tend to get clumped together, resulting in much of the internet arguments that abound.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Very SinSynn Battle Report

Resplendent in his jet black power armor, with his chapters' heraldry proudly displayed on his gleaming bone white pauldrons, the Black Templar Castellan stood at the edge of the battlefield. A fiercely scarred veteran of a thousand military engagements- much like the one rapidly approaching him now, the Castellon appeared unfazed by the impending carnage.

"SERGEANT!" he bellowed.
His sonorous voice carried the full weight of his authority, and the soldier addressed immediately stepped forward and snapped to attention.

"Sir! Yes, Sir!" the soldier returned.

"Now that our....transport... has landed, and we've...disembarked our forces....remind me what the frak it is we're doing here?"

"Uh....sir? If by 'transport' you mean 'armybag,' and by 'deploying our forces' you mean 'unpacked,' well, then.....I feel obligated to remind you that we're toys, sir. Plastic models, to be precise....and this is a game, NOT any kind of 'actual war.' We've, uh, discussed this, remember?"

"Sergeant...remove your helm, if you would please..." the Castellon growled.

"Uh, sir...I can't remove my helm. It's glued to my torso. Remember? We discussed this, too..." the sergeant's voice trailed off, and he lapsed into an awkward silence as the Castellon turned towards him.

Faster than an Imperial Thunderbolt, the Castellon lashed out, and struck the Sergeant once in the head.

No quote necessary

It's just a fucking game asshole.....

Apparently 40K is just a game,

There's no need to get all angry or annoyed or pissed off or depressed about it's just a game....

Because people who play games don't get angry do they?

I mean in an event where two people compete directly against one another in order to see who's the best nobody ever get's emotional now do they?

Of course they fucking do, lol.

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Member Monday- When the Lauby is Away, the dethtron Will Play

Hey there boys and girls, kids of all ages, unicorns, unicrons, chimerae, and sentient robots.  Lauby is out this week on vacation, which probably doesn't involve shady, back-alley sex change operations in South America.

dethtron prepared to take ass and kick names on his first ever new member monday

Sunday, July 24, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] The Boss Pays A Visit

All bosses like to check in on their employees- especially when they can do a surprise inspection. Lauby had us all lulled into complacency with his vacation and we got just a little naughty, thinking the worst he could do was be all “don’t do that again” later.



Lauby was on some epic road trip involving family (so he says), booze and 40K. On his way through the land of corn, he and SpecialLadyFriend decided to stop in my little shop and check in on my “creative process”. I was sort of slacking and arrived after he had taken a look around. I walked in the door to TheDude introducing me to my long distance blogging boss. I watched a little nervously as he conducted his examination, and tried to hide my shortcomings (which isn’t easy ‘cause I’m a shrimp).