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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HoP Idol: Display Boards 101

Now here is a tutorial that all of you tournament goers will love.  Inquisitor_Dunn is about to drop some science on you and show you how he made his most recent display board for the 40K tourney scene.

Display Boards 101
My first display board.

I don't consider myself the greatest modeler or the best painter out there. Heck, my armies are all pretty much average. So when it came time for me to build a display board, I was pretty intimidated.


HoP Idol: Unlocking the Chaos Gene

Since HOT Panda came in last this past week, we're putting his article up first.  Some of our readers have claimed that earlier posts were favored over the later posts last week.  We'll see if that comes true as HOT Panda defends his beloved Codex:Chaos Space Marines.
Unlocking the Chaos Gene (Codex)

"There is no gene for faith.
When for one reason or another we attempted to change these hard times,
Our own genetic identity became our only true ally...
To finally survive." 

Telepopmusik  - Genetic World


HoP Idol Week 2

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's Quickfire Challenge entries.  I know I had a lot of fun reading them and I think the author's had a lot of fun putting them together.

Since everybody was really antsy about the Internet Famous guest judge for yesterday's challenge, I think I'll go ahead and announce that it is none other than Blackjack and Hookers' Chumbalaya.  He'll be dropping by Thursdayish with the Quickfire results, granting immunity to one of our contestants.

Now until then, we'll be dropping 2 of our regularly scheduled HoP Idol articles on you daily, ending in voting at the end of the day Thursday through Sunday night. 


Monday, August 29, 2011

HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Bonus from Rob

Just before declaring his intentions to leave the competition due to his schedule, Rob sent in his Deathwatch list for the Quickfire Challenge.  While he isn't eligible for the competition any longer, we thought it'd be a shame if he went to the trouble to write this and didn't get it out there. 

Ok, so recently I’ve been looking at the Fantasy Flight Games roleplay books. Nobody in my (40k based) gaming group is interested in doing an RPG which is a bit of a shame, as I’m quite taken with the Deathwatch system. Based on that idea, the idea of running a deathwatch army on the table is amazing! Below is a quick 1750 list that I think would work well and would actually be quite fun to play with and against in a fairly competitive environment.


New Member Monday - Lauby Survived Hurricane Irene

Sorry for the late post today.  I wish I could blame Irene for it, but my Hurricane experience was much different than most people's.   Apparently the hills I live next to are just shy of being actual mountains and are excellent for protecting my apartment from the ill effects of severe weather.

HA!  You missed me!! But Seriously, hurricanes are bad news.
While other people lost power or got flooded (which totes sucks BTW), my biggest inconveniences were that nothing was open on Sunday and the War Store is having a shipping delay.  Which is great for me in the grand scheme of things, but unsuitable for use as an excuse for lateness.  In any case, the Quickfire challenge was all up ins today so an early morning NEw Member Monday would have gotten lost in the shuffle anyway.

Your welcome, New Blogs.


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Building an Infinity Army

Lastly today, we've got a real treat for you.  Last week's winner will not only building a list for, but will also be introducing you all to Infinity.  He went well over the space limit that was set for him, but he did such a good job describing the system that many of you might not know, so we decided to allow it.  And hell, he did win last week after all, so he should get something for it, right?

Building an Infinity army


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Boys and their Toys

Ready to see somebody finally take a crack at the new Sisters of Battle "Codex" for 40k?  Well Inquisitor_Dunn has the ....erm.... balls to do just that in his entry for the quickfire challenge. 

2000pt WD Sisters of Battle: "Boys and Toys" List
It has been finally completed. The master piece work of art that my fellow Sisters of Battle get stuck with for the foreseeable future. That's right, the White Dwarf codex is complete. After reading it, I can see it was not the fully operational death star we all hoped for. Heck it wasn't even better than the old codex in my opinion.


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Wizard War

Newcomer to the blogging scene, "the other guy," brings us a WFB Empire list with a name that will not only rock the table the next time you're busting out storm of magic, but may soon be topping the melodic power metal charts.

“Wizard War” Army from WFB Empire

Wizard Lord LV4 – Master of FIRE


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Kaptain Von's Kadaverous Kavalkade

Von is taking a risk today and deviating from the paradigm of 40k, WFB, and Warmahordes that we see so often on the net and dropping a Mordheim list on all of us.  Will his risk pay off or will our mystery celebrity judge be of a more risk averse breed?

Undead Warband
500 crowns spent
Warband rating 78


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Twin-linked Awesome

Next up, Lantz does some branding by naming a nice little Vulkan Salamanders list for 40K after his own blog.  Nice move Lantz.

Submitted by: Lantz of
List Name: Twin-Linked Awesome

x1 Forgefather Vulkan He’stan (190 pts)


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Patient Hunter

First up today we've got HOT Panda's variation on some classic 40K Tau shenanigans.  

2000pts Ninja Tau List - Kauyon "Patient Hunter"

112 - Shas'el Xv8 - Plasma Rifle, Missile Pods, Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Drone Controller, Shield Drone x 1 & Gun Drone x 1.
107 - Shas'vre Xv8 - Plasma Rifle, Missile Pods, Target Array, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Drone Controller, Gun Drone x1 & Shield Drone x 1;
102 - Shas'vre Xv8 - Plasma Rifle, Missile Pods, Target Array, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Drone Controller & Gun Drone x2
*The three Crisis Suits are one HQ unit with body guard. They are kitted out uniquely to take advantage of wound allocation.  Guns Drones for extra wounds/fire power and shield drones for invulnerable saves


HoP Idol: Quickfire Challenge Week 2

This week we're trying something a little different, and certainly not stolen wholesale from ToP Chef.

The 6 remaining HoP Idol contestants have been given a prompt for a very brief article and were only given 2 days in which to complete it.  After all of the articles have been shown here, a special celebrity guest judge of Internet Fame will decide which article captured the spirit of the challenge best. 

Now here's the sexy part:  the winner of the challenge gains immunity for the week!  That's right, the winner can't be eliminated at all this week.  Pretty damn sexy indeed. 

For this first ever Quickfire Challenge, the contestants have been asked to write an army list, give it a clever name, and briefly explain anything they want to about it (the fluff, how it works on the table, etc).  They weren't given any directions about what points level or gaming system to work at.  They weren't even given a specific purpose like a tournament or friendly historical re-fight to build the list for.  This should allow each entrant to write to his strengths and create a pretty good variety for you readers. 

Stay tuned throughout today, we'll be posting one of the finalists lists every hour until they're all done.


HoP Idol Week 1 Results

If we were on TV this is where you would be hearing all sorts of dramatic, tension-building music while I meticulously alternate between praising and chewing out our contestants, but alas, we are on the internets and don't even have any sort of video feed,  I guess we'll just have to make due.

So, Frontline Gamer and HOT Panda, I'll need you to stay on the judges platform.  The rest of you are safe.

While you both made a good effort this week, it seems that the people have spoken and one of you will not continue on to week 2 of the HoP Idol competition.  And that person is.....

===Commercial Break to Heighten Suspense and Piss you off===


Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Community Relationships

I'm talking about community relations and what it means to our store today. I'm only talking about our store, because that's what I have experience with. I know other stores have other levels of involvement or activity, and different experiences due to that level of involvement.

When discussing community relations, it helps to address the question, "what is community?". 

This drawing is pretty close to how we feel about community. Replace "challenge" with "hobby" and you've pretty much got our outlook. Once we start interacting with these people, what we learn and share from and with them is pretty deep. We work hard to get past the surface and build deeper relationships.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Top-X : Lo' and SinSynn Create an Editing Nightmare for Lauby

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

This week, I'll be presenting the Weekly Top-X with House of Paincakes own First Lady of Gaming, I hafta behave myself (cuz she'll cut me).

Her comments are in a Purple-ish color, as Terran Females are preferential to such things....

[Disclaimer:] There is some small chance that Lo' might recommend stuff that is not
Xenos related...despite the fact that I threatened her with my ACME Disintegrator Ray Gun.

*Available at Walmart for $17.99...Does not scare Terran Females*
Lo': No, it really doesn't. I'm not afraid of Martians. Or their puny weapons.

1) 40K Hobby Blog - Earthquake + Metal Models 
Lo: It's gotta be the Xenos that made that other explanation for ruining perfectly good Imperial models.
SinSynn: Oh, sure...blame the Xenos for typical Imperial failings. For the record, the fact that I was shifting Tectonic Plates while expanding my secret lair at the Earth's core around the time the quake hit is PURE COINCIDENCE. Besides, since the Blog's author mentions a Thunderhawk 'catching air.' Clearly an plan was a success! Oh, wait...did I type that out loud? Uh....nothing to see here...move along...
Lo: What? I did promise, didn't I? Ok, let me try that again. (But I don't like it...)
SinSynn: You mock me with your Imperial favoritism, Terran Female! I would threaten you with my Disintegrator, but your laughter has shamed me once already.
Lo: The Xenos plan to overthrow the East Coast is in full effect. Check the Terran reports for more details on the success of their plot.
SinSynn: Ha! We already control your Media, foolish Human! It's already too late....


HoP Idol: Week 1 Recap

Thanks to all of the participants and readers for making this the most successful Hop Idol yet!  Yeah, never mind that it's the first.  It's still kicking ass.

If you're reading this, voting is already open.  There is one important instruction for this and I will make it huge and bold so that everybody will see it:



Thursday, August 25, 2011

HoP Idol: The Kool-Aid Man vs Games Workshop

There must be something special going on here for HOT Panda's article about models to have made me thirsty.  So true story, the various cafeterias at the University of Illinois (where I did my undergrad) used to have theme nights.  One of them did a soul food night at which huge amounts of Kool-aid were served.  While it was delicious, I still haven't been able to decide today whether it was condescending and kind of racist or condescending and really racist....  Oh shit, I'm rambling.  Keep reading, it's worth it, I promise.


Gaming on a Budget: Cleaning with, but not Sniffing, Glue

Greetings HoP followers.  I'm back again.  Sorry for missing last week, but the HoP Idol duties I had as well as wrapping up a bow on my MBA* last week took me out of commission. 

Today, I've got a bizarre tip for cleaning non-porous surfaces that I've developed over the years in this hobby.  Frequent readers of this column will already know of my love for buying Elmer's white glue in bulk.  In addition to saving me money on glue, this also gives me enough of a surplus to get weird with it and find other uses for it such as this hot cleaning tip.

apparently the cow's name is Elmer.  His female counterpart is Elsie.  The more you know....


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hop Idol: Price Hikes

Next up today, we've got an article from America's (yeah, he lives in the UK, but so what?) favorite freelance writer who is currently looking for a blog to write for, "the other guy." I'm not going to lie to you, I'm very excited that he'll be arguing in favor of price rises as well- one of my favorite topics.

Hi House of Paincakes!

I’m “The Other Guy” and I’m hoping to be YOUR HoP Idol . My real name is Rob and I’m based in a small town in England. If I make it through to next week, I promise to tell the story of how I ended up as “The Other Guy”. 

However, today I’m going to talk about a man called Dan, a boy with a bad haircut, Games Workshop price rises and what you should do with your bitz.


HoP Idol: 6th Edition

Who's in the mood for some Lantz?  Join him as he ponders the potential horror (or not horror) of 6th edition 40k. 

 6th Edition: Horrifying Horizon, Brighter Tomorrow or Something to Just Quit Whining About?

Hello and welcome to what Lantz has to offer this frightening place. Seriously, Lauby’s giving me long, uncomfortable stares and purring noises; it’s a little much. Today I’m going to write about something that’s on everyone’s mind in some fashion, the inevitable change to our little game of dolls. I’m talking about 6th Edition and the rumors that have been piling up as of late. For those who haven’t read anything about it, it’s time to discover Google and stop living under a rock. For those who’ve kept up to date on the matter, you’re right at home.


Xenos Players Drink Themselves To Sleep

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

I suppose I should just admit right up front that I'm not like the world's greatest 40k player.

It was the Tyranids that convinced me of this....but that comes later...

Let's back it up a bit...

Gather 'round, kiddies...It's SinSynn Story Hour!

*So sit down and shut up*

There was a time, when I was a young buck that only played Tau, that I fancied myself a badass.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HoP Idol: GW Please Keep it Believeable

Are you ready for some Rob?  Well good, because next up is Rob's article on realism in gaming.

GW – please keep it believable!

Games Workshop make the best toy soldiers in the world. Its true, it even says so on their website. They have also spent a great deal of time creating the history of these toy soldiers so that we can play out continuations of the story each time we roll a die. Its fantastic! Its what makes the games for many of us. We’re not rolling dice to see what the tiny ‘hero’ (read: mutant) scale model representation of a futuristic human does, we’re finding out if Sergeant ‘Oddball’ Sutherland of the Cadian 321st can make this last stand against a heinous foe. The story is what makes the game so popular and conversely the game makes the stories more popular.

“Matt Ward has never been seen in the same room as David Brent”


HoP Idol: Pro Tour 40k?

Apparently I am a dumbass... totally forgot to e-mail Inquisitor_Dunn to give him this week's assignment, but he got it turned in regardless.  Now that's awesome.  Read on.

Pro Tour 40k?

I have been sitting on an idea for a couple years now. I'm going to put my idea on "paper" now since I think we are nearing a time someone else will implement it. It is also looking like I will not be  implementing it baring a nice run at the powerball lottery.


Fuck, Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck, Fuck...

With HoP idol now in full swing it's obvious that many people desire the fame and fortune that comes from being an internet celebrity...

So if your idea of success is to gain new followers at the speedy rate of nearly one a month and already have quite literally some followers then my guide is here to help...

Step 1)
Have a Blog.
Many people miss out this elementary step in their quest for stardom. Why risk having your genius comments moderated by those fascists who run forums when you can instead be the fascist who moderates comments? With quick yet careful editing you can easily give the impression that everybody agrees with you which by default means that everything you say must be completely correct. Once you have convinced everybody of this version of reality soon your own group of toadying sycophants will be ready to leap to your defence at a moments notice.....


Monday, August 22, 2011

HoP Idol: Lead Us Not Into Nerdrage,...

And here comes #2 from the day.  This gem comes from Von and even manages to take a quick jab at me in his intro- flattery will get you everywhere my man.

Lead Us Not Into Nerdrage, But Deliver Us From Opinion Pieces

So there I was at the old personal computermabob, enjoying a nice healthy salad and a nice unhealthy pint of the tar with frothy bits that British folk call 'beer', and up pops a message from Dethtron saying he wants a 1000 word opinion piece about a current issue of contention.


HoP Idol: Golden Age of Gaming

Hey folks, let's kick this pary off with the first opinion piece of the week from Frontline Gamer. 

Golden Age of Gaming


Let the HoP Idol Commence

Today begins the official competition for HoP Idol. 

We'll be posting 2 articles a day M-TH in the afternoon and evening (central time US) until all 8 of our finalists have had their first article posted.  Then on Thursday, we'll open up voting for the weekend, where you'll be able to choose who goes on to the next round and who will be crying themselves to sleep at night.  More details will be forthcoming on a "how to vote" type of article later in the week when voting actually goes live.

Assignments for this week's article challenge were passed out last week, and each of the finalists has been asked to pick ANY divisive, contentious subject in wargaming today and writing an opinion piece on it.  This should be a lot of fun, so stick with us for the first of these articles later today and throughout the week.


New Member Monday - Various and Sundry Blogs and We're 1 Years Old Now!

Welcome to the House of Paincakes' one year anniversary of existing as an actual thing!  I say actual thing because the HoP has existed in a number of other forms previously - drunken' suggestion, pipe dream and working model.  It's just good to be precise... I guess.

I'm not sure of we're going to celebrate or anything (we're humble like that), but feel free to drink one or more beers on Tuesday to celebrate the first post on the first day the HoP was open for bid'ness.

Which brings us to the real champions of the HoP - you guys!  All the bloggers and interested parties who've made all of this possible.  Thanks!

this is from pbf.  Yoyu should go there.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Marketing Mission

If you spend any time checking out advertising or marketing strategies, there are a lot of short term solutions out there. Most of them offer small bursts of improved visibility, without real sustainable options for keeping your name visible. As a business owner, it might not hurt to have a quick “pop” of recognition now and then, but what you really want is a long lasting presence so customers come back time and time again.

Building that lasting presence is an interesting proposition. In advertising, the preferred strategy is called “Top Of Mind Awareness” (TOMA). This strategy basically indicates that the only way to keep customers aware of you is to regularly expose them to your message. There are some pretty solid studies that indicate it takes a minimum of seven (7) “touches” or exposures before a customer becomes fully aware of your brand and will recognize it as a viable option. Those studies go into how many times a customer needs to see an ad or visit a business before a purchase is made, as well as how often a new customer will refer a friend to a business and what factors are involved in that referral cycle.


Friday, August 19, 2011

HoP Idol Audition Submissions: My First Tourney, The Lantz McDonald Story

Last, but certainly not least, we've got a blast from the HoP past making his writing debut on this blog with our final HoP Idol audition from Twin Linked Awesome's Lantz.  If you've been with us since the very way back when this site began, you may remember Lantz's frequent photo appearances here to help us pump up our post count.  I'm not sure if we ever really got to thank him for sending in those pics every week, so we're going to say thank you now as we allow him to audition to maybe write on this blog permanently. 


HoP Idol Audition Submissions: Armageddon IM

Ever wonder what an IM chat between Commander Dante and Ghazgul Thrakka might look like?  Well, neither have I, but after reading this HoP Idol audition micro blog article from A Murder of Ravens' Citizen Williams, I'm kind of curious about some other fictitious conversations that might be happening in my head right now.

Armageddon IM


The Weekly Top X - A Little Something for Everyone

Weekly Top X.  Today.  You know the drill.  With me as always is proof that more than two things (you know the ones) come from Texas, Brent!

Let's get right down to bid'ness.

1) Company of the Damned - First game of Storm of Magic!
Brent: You know the first thing that struck me when I looked over this blog was the page layout, the template. It was a refreshing change from seeing the ‘standard’ blogger templates over and over - it made it pop.
Lauby: Too true, Brent.  Far too many people underestimate the worth of the readability of a white background.  speaking of reading...
Brent: I enjoyed the content! I’ve been interested in Storm of Magic, and this was a great review.
Lauby:  Would you say his content was refreshing as well?  I know I would.
Brent: Well, he did start cursing at me in there...

How about a storm of this kind of magic?
 2) Rant in E Minor - Incubyebye’s Say Hello.
Lauby:  Just thought we'd hit y'all with some on topic eye candy.
Brent: Oh. My. God.
Lauby:  It's been a long time coming, but I am officially admitting that I am jealous of Sorrowshard's DE.
Brent: Wow. Simply... wow.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

HoP Idol Audition Submissions: What Sort of Gamer are You?

Not had enough quasi-academic analysis of gaming for the day yet?  Well great, because Frontline Gamer of a blog of the same name is unleashing his own fury with his very own punnet square style matrix of gamer types.  Business students around the world rejoice!

What sort of Gamer are you?

I've often thought of myself in a certain 'type' of gamer. We all think of ourselves in a certain way... probably far nicer than what our opponents think of us!!! This is going to be a personal blog about you; I'm not going to be chatting about what sort of gamer I am. I'm giving you a matrix and I want you to be honest about it... and then hand them out to your opponents and see what they think!!! That's right, get them to rank you - you might be surprised to see what people think of you as a hobbyist.


HoP Idol Audition Submissions: The Stupid Virus: False Binaries

Today We begin our journey through the "HoP Idol" auditions with Von's article on "False Binaries."  Don't worry, I'm not sure what the overly academic title is setting us up for either, but I can only hope that it will be an in-depth explorations of the deepest recesses of the human mind....  Anyway, for those of you who mightn't know, Von currently maintains the ever popular Game Over blog.

"The Stupid Virus: False Binaries"

If there's one thing we gamers love, it's gaming. Obviously. If there's one thing we love nearly as much as gaming, though, it's drawing lines in the sand and having huge pissing contests about the philosophy and attitudes of gaming. WAAC vs. FAAC. Casual vs. Competitive. Painted vs. Unpainted. PP vs. GW. RAW vs. RAI. This is just one symptom of a disease affecting all human beings, but gamers more than most. I call it the Stupid Virus.

As my first overt attack against the Stupid Virus, I want to introduce you to something: the fallacy of the excluded middle. The fallacy of the excluded middle arises from false dichotomies: misperceptions of events, situations, facts or other data that classify them as mutually exclusive. “If not X, then Y.” This is pretty damn foolish in its own right, but it escalates to the true heights of stupidity when it either ignores the existence of things not present in the dichotomy or simply assimilates them into one side or the other.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HoP Idol Audition Submissions: Maintaining your interes... ooo look a horse!

Next up from the land of "HoP Idol" audition micro blog articles, we've got Rob of Ave Dominus Nox's thoughts on sticking with your army despite the shiniest and newest new shinnies

Maintaining your interes... ooo look a horse!


HoP Idol Audition Submissions: In the End it's Just a Game of Toy Soldiers

Today's first "HoP Idol" audition comes to us from Inquisitor Dunn of  2 Cents on 40K (not to be confused with the site "2 Cens on 40K that I totally made up on purpose in yesterday's HoP Idol Finalists announcement).  It seems he's got a burning question that he needs to ask you and a picture of dinosaurs that made me laugh until I fell off my chair.

In the end, it's just a game of toy soldiers.



Women in 40k: SinSynn's Love Advice for Xenos

EDITOR'S NOTE- House of Paincakes is not responsible for the antics of this knucklehead, and a blanket apology is being issued for all of his nonsense.

In his somewhat...incoherent transmissions to us, he claims to be having 'crazy issues with Terran females' lately, and from what we understand, he saw a post somewhere recently that finally sent him off the deep end.

He refuses to specifically name or link the post, 'to prevent further infection,' he claims.

He complained about some other stuff, too, like his 'Monitoring Anklet,' but we couldn't be bothered to listen...he does go on, and generally it's gibberish anyway....

We are hoping he has a speedy return to...well, not sanity per say (this IS SinSynn we're talking about)...but whatever.
Cuz he's gonna be writing Top-X with Loquacious next week, and she's threatened violence if he misses it.

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

Today we're gonna be discussing not one, but TWO of my favorite subjects: 40k and women.

Yeah, notice the order I put them in. That's right. I did that. You saw it.

Don't get it twisted, SinSynn loves the ladies.
One, sometimes three at a time.... Sometimes they're even awake....

*It's all in good fun. Now just relax*


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HoP Idol Audition Submissions: Mad as a Hatter

Moving right along with the "HoP Idol" audition micro blog articles, we've got this gem from The Chaos Manifesto's Hot Panda. 

Sunday Best #2: Mad as a Hatter

The "Mad Hatter" is a colloquial phrase that is used to refer to a crazy person.  During the 18th and 19th century England mercury was used by Hatters to treat the furs and pelts used for their hats.  Exposed to the harmful effects of mercury their bodies slowly absorbed the toxic metal.  Over time they would begin to suffer from mercury poison which caused neurological damage that included confused speech and blurred vision.  As such Hatters often appeared disorientated, daze or mentally  insane.  Each of the blogs authors that I am show casing in this weeks Sunday' Best may not exhibit the effects mercury poisoning but they each display the traits of a diabolical mad man through their conversions.


HoP Idol Audition Submissions: White Dwarf Time Tunnel

Here goes nothing!  This is the first of our audition articles (in no particular order, of course) that were submitted for the "HoP Idol" contest that we're running.  It comes from "The Other Guy," who is currently a freelance writer, with no blog affiliations.  Enjoy!


'Net-Lists' as an 'Auto-Win' button...

I recently did an article on my own blog relating to the fact that I was intending to go back to the 'Vanilla' Marine Codex as I was getting bored of my Space Wolves list.

In the comments section it was pointed out that my Marine list was basically Steleks original 'Best of' list. This was no surprise to me as I'd only mentioned that I was a fan of that list in particular about a hundred fucking times, lol.

However, It made me think about the generally negative attitudes to 'net-lists' that I find both on forums and at tournaments*.

* I don't think that was the commenter's intent it just happened to be the thought train that the comment set off.

Many people take great pride in the fact that their own list or lists consists solely of stuff they like without any consideration been taken for it's tournament competitiveness. They are also usually the same people who will tell you the tale of the horde Ork army player that never loses a game or that guy with an army full of Vespids who does awesomely against the three ten year olds he plays at his FLGS.....

So I pick a net-list, automatically win every game and suddenly find my name in the number one spot at rankings HQ then?


Monday, August 15, 2011

HoP Idol Finalists!!!! Now with extra exclamation points!!!!!!

Well, the day is finally here- and now we can all breath easier.  The HoP Idol contest finalists are about to be revealed.

Before getting to the announcement we've all been waiting for, I'll remind you of what's at stake here.  Every week we'll be putting up a new, original article from all remaining finalists.  At the end of the week, a poll will be put up where you can vote for who your favorite amongst the competition is.  Once the poll expires, the lowest man/woman/hermaphrodite will be ingloriously kicked out of the competition, until there is just a single writer left who will be crowned HoP Idol, earning a weekly column here at the HoP.



Mighty Thor Presents: Command Center

In addition to doing about 92.924% of the work on Creative Twilight, Thor is also a programmer with a heart of gold.  Which is functionally way better than a prostitute with a heart of gold, but less interesting in terms of writing a story about the wild west.  Anywho, Thor's gone ahead and created an army building tool he calls Command Center and cordially invites you to check it out.  There are a ton of cool features in it - chief among them being how this tool is a free service.  Followed very closely by "being boss and cool."  I'll let Thor take it from here:

Are you tired of using a 40K list builder that relies on getting updates for it so you can create an accurate list? Do you hate having to pay an annual license fee? Does it piss you off to have created a list to only forget it at your house and have no way of getting it? Well, you're going to love Command Center! It slices, it dices it juliennes! Alright, maybe it doesn't do that but it does address the questions posed.

This is Thor from Creative Twilight. I created Command Center over two years ago because of the stuff mentioned above. I also created it because as a player I found the best way to really learn and understand your army is through the repetition of list creation. Command Center is not what you're used to and it's not for everyone. If you like to use a program that tells you how to build your lists, offers you (hopefully), the correct options with the correct values then you're not going to like Command Center. If you're the type of gamer who writes lists by hand, uses a spreadsheet or just wants clean looking lists they can access from anywhere then feel free to read on.

Tired of the sale pitch sounding shit? Me to. Moving on.


New Member Monday - Bitter Tears, Freshness and Drawings

Hello, hello, hello!  Lauby here with another New Member Monday for you.  Well... there's actually a bit of OLD member Monday but that'll be explained later...

... OK... NOW.  I think that's later enough.

Kennedy who many of you know and love from 40k for the New Professional had all of his hard work reduced to this:

He has no idea why and the fine people at Google seem to be pretty clueless as well.  In any case he had to start over.  Which I don't need to tell you, sucks total balls. 

Since this is the kind of thing that would kill a lesser man's interest in blogging, I thought I do Kennedy a solid and re-pimp his blog at its new URL and urge you all to head on over there and give him a hearty slap on the back.

Also, in case you missed it, we changed the function of our blog rolls a bit.  So look to your right and tell us what you think.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Strange Relationship

"What's This Strange Relationship?"

Yeah, that’s right- I broke him out. No one else had what I wanted and needed for this one…

A few months ago, a particular memo got sent to a particular company. That memo got released, and the blogging world went nuts. There was a lot of speculation, a lot of accusations, and a lot of anger.  It was like a bomb went off.

The problem with the particular memo was that it was aimed at one specific company. The one specific memo wasn’t relevant to any other company or distribution channel, but there was a blatant assumption that all the comments in the memo applied to everyone, worldwide.


Friday, August 12, 2011

The Weekly Top X - From the Mouth of Children

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to the Weekly Top X.  My people finally called Brent's people.  Deals were made, money changed hands,things were signed and now Brent and I back together for a long overdue Top X reunion.  We got some good stuff to share with you guys, so sit abck and get you're reading hats on.  Mine is a beret. 

1) Still Practicing - Deep Thoughts: The Road to Geekdom 
Brent: I told my nephew he was going to be a chess master and a UFC champion; he told me, “That’s silly! I’m going to be a paleontologist!” He’s four - where do kids get these things? We can influence them, but they’ll do their own things. I’m like Tallarn though, and I hope to introduce him to gaming one day. Heck, he’s already painting models!
Lauby:  Good stuff from all of the wee one in the post and Brent's video. You gotta get em young or the end up going all respectable and learning about one kind of football or another.  Bah, I say!  The nice thing about gaming is that as nerd culture continues to become mainstream, there's more and more nerd fair to be had.  It's a good time to be a kid in that regard.


Quick Blog Roll Announcement

I just finished making the initial changes to the blog rolls.

I added scroll bars and allowed thumbnails. 

Let us know what you think in the comments and we'll see about making any changes you suggest.

Pardon our dust... and this lol cat.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gaming on a Budget Paper or Plastic-Card? from Auberon

Greetings everyone.  Last week Auberon of the Digital Waaaaggghhh! e-mailed me a great list of ideas for "Gaming on a Budget articles."  Many of them were so good that I asked him if he'd want to write a guest spot on them (thus buying me some time to organize the HoP Idol contest).  So sit back, relax, and keep an eye out for the science that's about to be dropped.  And as a bonus, this is probably the first article in this series ever to feature zero senseless fucking profanity...oh wait....

Hey guys (and gals) –

Auberoun from Digital Waaagh here, if you’re anything like me, you absolutely love the Gaming on a Budget series that deth has been working so hard on. Last week, I wrote him and suggested some ideas. Imagine my surprise when he threatened to melt down my scratchbuilt Stompa politely asked me to do a guest article!

Plastic card - I could get into all the uses of plastic card, and how great of a tool it is in conversions, and scenery building, but I was told to write an article on saving money, not the joys of plastic card. So, if you like to convert, this is almost mandatory for Ork players. (Xenos love!) then you inevitably need some plastic card.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

User Content Wednesday - Importance of Terrain in Skirmish Games

This post tickles me to no end.  Not only because it's good as hell AND solved an information need of my own, but because of the way I found it.  I was Googling around the internet looking for Malifaux terrain examples and came across the post in the wilds of the internet rather than via our own rolls.  I was all like "fuck yeah!"  and such.  Imay have fist pumped as well.  Very few of you out there are running a blog network so the particular kind of joy I got from seeing our logo on something I had found by chance will be slightly lost to you.  So that's why this story is tacked on in front of a sweet-ass post on terrain from Tabletop HellEnjoy!


What usually makes skirmish games different from other miniature tabletop games is your ability to interact with the environment. By the environment I mean terrain pieces on your gaming board. Those that have some experience with skirmish games know that terrain is a big part of game itself. Different levels and places to hide are very important and they have that realistic feeling. Like in real life, you are likely to get behind something when they start to shoot at you.


40k vs the Internet

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

I don't really plan to have any sort of....plan in regards to the subject matter of my posts.
And since they feature eloquent prose such as the above, that's probably for the best....

I kinda just wanna riff on stuff, crack bad jokes, and continue my diabolical scheme for eventual Xenos domination, both on the Tabletops of gamers everywhere and in the Universe at large.

*this is step 62*

Since I seem to be stumped in my current quest (Step 4: Xenos domination of 40k), for now I'll hafta rely on riffing and cracking jokes.
What I'll be discussing this time, fortunately, allows me ample opportunity to do both


These are only....jokes....

*Please return to your Televisions. We have diversions prepared*


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Missing the Bloody Obvious.....

We don't live in a fair world. Not everybody has the same amount of stuff, the same level of skill, the same looks, athletic ability or any number of other variables.

Yet people expect every new codex to balance perfectly with the ones that came before it. There seems very little middle ground in the most recently released books. Either the complaints are that they're underpowered or the most cheesy thing ever but in my experience the reaction is never universally consistent.

Halle Berry discovers that Immolators are to be nerfed...
The Grey Knights codex caused a bit of an uproar with Daemon players due to the fact that you can make a Grey Knight army that virtually auto-wins against Daemons with little thought and the proliferation of Force weapons did little to cheer up Tyranid players either, lol. Whether you believe it to be an example of 'Codex Creep', indifferent design or the greatest thing in the world ever, few people would argue that it's 'balanced' without at least one person using the phrase "What the Fuck!!!".


Monday, August 8, 2011

New Member Monday - We Can Rebuild Him

What's up, e'erbody?!  I've returned to the hallowed halls of New Member Monday to ring you some choice cuts of USDA inspected blog but to also get you pumped about some site updates.

Actual News
Later this week, a major and much needed overhaul of the blog rolls will happen.  We're not going to be renaming or rearranging them - but we will hopefully be making them more accessible and more useful for getting you guys some traffic.  Looks like adding scroll bars and enabling thumbnails are the name of the game.  Special thanks go to Oink and his Overambitious Terrain Projects for the kick in the pants we needed to be regular ambitious.

PS:  go look at his blog.

Now, on to today's fun. 

New Member Monday

Bad Brushes
Keywords:  Warmachine, Mordheim, 40k, sunshine and unicorns

The Fang
Keywords: 40k, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, WIPS and chains.

Craftworld KaHoS
Keywords:  40k, painting, rpg, movies, music, rants, battletech, FunDave is fun,  FunBags


Sunday, August 7, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] - Musings of a Game Store Patron

Lo is either enjoying the extended version of her 20th anniversary of her marriage to The Dude, or sleeping it off.  Either way, she's taking a well deserved day off this fine Sunday.  So it's up someone to fill in for her.  That someone being me, Lauby.  

Last month I took a much needed and well earned vacation from the hustle and bustle of the grand and mysterious east coast that I live on to head back to the homelands of Illinois and Iowa.  On the way there, Special Lady Friend and I had the opportunity to visit Lo and the Dude on their turf: Armored Gopher Games.

As I sat down today to attempt to fill in for Lo, I got to thinking of the little mini-report of my surprise 'inspection' she put up.  This line in particular:  "I hope TheDude and I are living up to the hype."

Lo writes about owning and operating a game store and the steps she and The Dude take to make their store a successful bid'ness.  But what about a customer perspective?  We as an audience only get that via Lo's entertaining anecdotes.  This is where I'm gonna step in.


Friday, August 5, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Some Kind of Duet.. or Something

Ok, ok. I have no idea how I got wrangled into this, but apparently Lauby has some amazing super-persuasion powers because I volunteered and don’t even feel dirty. (Maybe it’s just that I have no shame? I don’t know.) However, this week was full of a lot of really touching and personal stuff, with some great opportunities to enjoy more than just fluffy nonsense. 

Hey Everyone!  I'm back from vacation and properly back in the groove that is non-vacation life.  I've got Lo backin' me up this fine Friday and it should be a pretty great Weekly Top X.  Now, If I know anything about the differences between Brent and Lo, it's that the banter should be on topic today and I'll be responsible for ALL of the crudity.  Let's get started!

1) The Realm of Dungeons & Dragons - The Killing Joke
Lauby: I think we can all relate to this.  And not just in games either.  The sad fact of the matter is that while change is often good, it is also profitable.  In any case this is a great post on the subject that brings up a number of sad similarities with the TTG that most of you/us play.  Oh!  And be sure you click on the link that Doctor Warlock had in the post.  Some very good stuff in that as well.  2 for 1, baby!

Lo: Starting off on a serious tone, a pretty cool thought on the environment of games and gaming, from the RPG side of things rather than miniatures. I’ve got a major soft spot for discussing the way the landscape of gaming has changed over the years, and this post has a great perspective.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Aerials and Antennae for Your Minis

There's something happenin' here...
Hey everybody.  I'm going to be making a triumphant return from the land of terrain building in this week's article to discuss a snazzy way to zazz up your minis by adding some swanky ass new antennae and aerials to them for the low low cost of nothing.

I discovered this trick years ago in my never ending quest to save money in my gaming budget to put towards more minis and to make sure I don't waste anything.  Armed only with an old paintbrush, glue, and paint you will soon be able to add antennae to your tanks, vox casters, radio operators, etc etc- the list is endless.  This is a great way to spruce up command tanks, radio controlled tanks, other vehicles, and infantry models that will look fantastic in any scale up to about 28mm heroic.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

40k Charity Auction - Painting With Purpose

Hey everyone, I'm back from vacation and in the process of catching up on pretty much everything.  While I wade through emails both professional and personal, I thought I'd ease back into the blogging routine with a nice little shout out.

That Guy James is got himself a charity fundraiser going on. I'll let him explain:

Hi there,

My name is James Arnold, and I am a miniature wargame painter with a mission.

I have just finished a new 2,000 point space marine army for Warhammer 40k, completed entirely for a charitable organization: Ohanamalu Tae Kwon Do. Operating out of Buffalo, New York, this amazing group is out making a difference in the community every week. They give disadvantaged youth a place where they can be respected and safe for a few hours during the day while keeping healthy and active with non-contact Tae Kwon Do.

I am writing to ask for your help to spread the word. Awareness is critical, and anything you can do to help would be fantastic.

The auction is live on Ebay right now:

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or requests.

Thank you so much for your time.

James Arnold
Best of luck to James and his mission.  You've got four days to get out there and help some kids via proxy!


SinSynn: Confused and Angry...sorta....

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

You guys have had, like...bad weeks, right?
Prolly bad months, and years as well (much like me), but let's not go there, huh?

So, yeah....this post is prolly gonna be bitchy, cuz I'm having a bad week.

*Refuses to spell 'Probably' correctly. Grrrr.....*

So I thought I'd vent a bit about some things in our collective hobby that piss me off, bug me out, and otherwise vex me.
Pretty sure this will become a series of posts...but I'll tell you what:

I will do my best to balance things, cuz there's actually MORE stuff in this hobby that I think is awesome, as opposed to things that suck.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Not Always Easy Being a Winner...

There have been a great deal of articles written on the benefits of losing. People quote the inherent learning opportunities gained, the character building it encourages and any number of other entirely reasonable conclusions.

I don't enjoy losing.

At all.

I do however understand that it's going to happen some of the time and so I tend to react to these occasionally losses as an 'occupational hazard' of playing a game involving dice. There also have been quite a few articles published over the years about tournament* and gaming etiquette* but these tend to be biased towards being a good loser, not being a twat while playing and various other highly laudable points of courtesy...

* The best ones were obviously the ones I wrote but some of the others had merit as well ;-)


Monday, August 1, 2011

New Member Monday: dethtron's Odyssey

Greetings folks! We've got two more great blog added to the network this week, and we'll get to those in a second.

Lauby was in town for a few short days and in addition to playing some 40K and FoW with the local crew, we were able to decide on the finalists for the HoP Idol competition, so we'll be making an announcement about that and begin running the contest in earnest shortly.  We're really excited about it, becase, again, we seem to have attracted some of the best writing talent out there for this.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Talking As An Owner

As an individual and as a player, I have no real qualms talking about games in an open and honest way. I’ve always been able to express what I enjoy about a game pretty effectively, and I’m not too bad at sharing what I don’t like, either. I just sit down with my buds and chat away (sometimes to their chagrin) giving them the straight dope, no holds barred.