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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Weekly Top X - From the Mouth of Children

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to the Weekly Top X.  My people finally called Brent's people.  Deals were made, money changed hands,things were signed and now Brent and I back together for a long overdue Top X reunion.  We got some good stuff to share with you guys, so sit abck and get you're reading hats on.  Mine is a beret. 

1) Still Practicing - Deep Thoughts: The Road to Geekdom 
Brent: I told my nephew he was going to be a chess master and a UFC champion; he told me, “That’s silly! I’m going to be a paleontologist!” He’s four - where do kids get these things? We can influence them, but they’ll do their own things. I’m like Tallarn though, and I hope to introduce him to gaming one day. Heck, he’s already painting models!
Lauby:  Good stuff from all of the wee one in the post and Brent's video. You gotta get em young or the end up going all respectable and learning about one kind of football or another.  Bah, I say!  The nice thing about gaming is that as nerd culture continues to become mainstream, there's more and more nerd fair to be had.  It's a good time to be a kid in that regard.

Quick Blog Roll Announcement

I just finished making the initial changes to the blog rolls.

I added scroll bars and allowed thumbnails. 

Let us know what you think in the comments and we'll see about making any changes you suggest.

Pardon our dust... and this lol cat.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gaming on a Budget Paper or Plastic-Card? from Auberon

Greetings everyone.  Last week Auberon of the Digital Waaaaggghhh! e-mailed me a great list of ideas for "Gaming on a Budget articles."  Many of them were so good that I asked him if he'd want to write a guest spot on them (thus buying me some time to organize the HoP Idol contest).  So sit back, relax, and keep an eye out for the science that's about to be dropped.  And as a bonus, this is probably the first article in this series ever to feature zero senseless fucking profanity...oh wait....

Hey guys (and gals) –

Auberoun from Digital Waaagh here, if you’re anything like me, you absolutely love the Gaming on a Budget series that deth has been working so hard on. Last week, I wrote him and suggested some ideas. Imagine my surprise when he threatened to melt down my scratchbuilt Stompa politely asked me to do a guest article!

Plastic card - I could get into all the uses of plastic card, and how great of a tool it is in conversions, and scenery building, but I was told to write an article on saving money, not the joys of plastic card. So, if you like to convert, this is almost mandatory for Ork players. (Xenos love!) then you inevitably need some plastic card.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

User Content Wednesday - Importance of Terrain in Skirmish Games

This post tickles me to no end.  Not only because it's good as hell AND solved an information need of my own, but because of the way I found it.  I was Googling around the internet looking for Malifaux terrain examples and came across the post in the wilds of the internet rather than via our own rolls.  I was all like "fuck yeah!"  and such.  Imay have fist pumped as well.  Very few of you out there are running a blog network so the particular kind of joy I got from seeing our logo on something I had found by chance will be slightly lost to you.  So that's why this story is tacked on in front of a sweet-ass post on terrain from Tabletop HellEnjoy!


What usually makes skirmish games different from other miniature tabletop games is your ability to interact with the environment. By the environment I mean terrain pieces on your gaming board. Those that have some experience with skirmish games know that terrain is a big part of game itself. Different levels and places to hide are very important and they have that realistic feeling. Like in real life, you are likely to get behind something when they start to shoot at you.

40k vs the Internet

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

I don't really plan to have any sort of....plan in regards to the subject matter of my posts.
And since they feature eloquent prose such as the above, that's probably for the best....

I kinda just wanna riff on stuff, crack bad jokes, and continue my diabolical scheme for eventual Xenos domination, both on the Tabletops of gamers everywhere and in the Universe at large.

*this is step 62*

Since I seem to be stumped in my current quest (Step 4: Xenos domination of 40k), for now I'll hafta rely on riffing and cracking jokes.
What I'll be discussing this time, fortunately, allows me ample opportunity to do both


These are only....jokes....

*Please return to your Televisions. We have diversions prepared*

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Missing the Bloody Obvious.....

We don't live in a fair world. Not everybody has the same amount of stuff, the same level of skill, the same looks, athletic ability or any number of other variables.

Yet people expect every new codex to balance perfectly with the ones that came before it. There seems very little middle ground in the most recently released books. Either the complaints are that they're underpowered or the most cheesy thing ever but in my experience the reaction is never universally consistent.

Halle Berry discovers that Immolators are to be nerfed...
The Grey Knights codex caused a bit of an uproar with Daemon players due to the fact that you can make a Grey Knight army that virtually auto-wins against Daemons with little thought and the proliferation of Force weapons did little to cheer up Tyranid players either, lol. Whether you believe it to be an example of 'Codex Creep', indifferent design or the greatest thing in the world ever, few people would argue that it's 'balanced' without at least one person using the phrase "What the Fuck!!!".

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Member Monday - We Can Rebuild Him

What's up, e'erbody?!  I've returned to the hallowed halls of New Member Monday to ring you some choice cuts of USDA inspected blog but to also get you pumped about some site updates.

Actual News
Later this week, a major and much needed overhaul of the blog rolls will happen.  We're not going to be renaming or rearranging them - but we will hopefully be making them more accessible and more useful for getting you guys some traffic.  Looks like adding scroll bars and enabling thumbnails are the name of the game.  Special thanks go to Oink and his Overambitious Terrain Projects for the kick in the pants we needed to be regular ambitious.

PS:  go look at his blog.

Now, on to today's fun. 

New Member Monday

Bad Brushes
Keywords:  Warmachine, Mordheim, 40k, sunshine and unicorns

The Fang
Keywords: 40k, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, WIPS and chains.

Craftworld KaHoS
Keywords:  40k, painting, rpg, movies, music, rants, battletech, FunDave is fun,  FunBags

Sunday, August 7, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] - Musings of a Game Store Patron

Lo is either enjoying the extended version of her 20th anniversary of her marriage to The Dude, or sleeping it off.  Either way, she's taking a well deserved day off this fine Sunday.  So it's up someone to fill in for her.  That someone being me, Lauby.  

Last month I took a much needed and well earned vacation from the hustle and bustle of the grand and mysterious east coast that I live on to head back to the homelands of Illinois and Iowa.  On the way there, Special Lady Friend and I had the opportunity to visit Lo and the Dude on their turf: Armored Gopher Games.

As I sat down today to attempt to fill in for Lo, I got to thinking of the little mini-report of my surprise 'inspection' she put up.  This line in particular:  "I hope TheDude and I are living up to the hype."

Lo writes about owning and operating a game store and the steps she and The Dude take to make their store a successful bid'ness.  But what about a customer perspective?  We as an audience only get that via Lo's entertaining anecdotes.  This is where I'm gonna step in.