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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Power-gaming Makes the World Go Round...

Lets cut to meat of the issue shall we,

Competition is a bloody good thing. If we didn't feel the need to push ourselves to the limit in order to be better than other like minded individuals then the world would be a much worse place.

No Sport for a start.....

Okay that probably didn't scare as many of you as it might have done.....

No on-line gaming.....

NOW your beginning to get worried.....


Monday, September 26, 2011

New Member Monday - The Douglass Adams Milestone

42 New Member Mondays.  Pretty damn neat.  Sadly, today's NMM makes 43.  42 points deducted from Paincakes for not being good at paying attention.  Man, we'll never win the house cup at this rate if I keep deducting points from our score.  Oh sweet baby Jesus...  I just made a Harry Potter reference.  And then called attention to it.  And then left it in.  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!

Luckily, the HoP Idol may actually be back on track this week.  The prompts were delivered and the responses should be very cool.  Kind of an 'under the hood' look at the House.  I may have to get glamor shots done to give this place a kind of Tiger Beat vibe.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] What's For Dinner?

It's my typical night at the game store- I come in directly from my "day job". I usually don't even stop by my house on the way in, I just jet right there. Like most other nights, I forgot to grab cash before I left the house in the morning, so I have no funds in my wallet. And dude, I am HUNGRY.

I get to the store and get settled in, and all the regulars have already eaten or are eating as I inquire about a dinner run. While these are regulars that I've known a long time, I can't leave once I get here. I just can't leave the cash drawer or the stock unattended,  because who knows who might walk in the door the second I leave. So, running for a quick bite is out, and no one is willing to hit the drive through for me. Crap- on my own again. Now I gotta figure out what to eat. 


Friday, September 23, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Nobody Expects Them

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

You’re probably wondering what I’m doing hiding here in this weeks Top-X.  Well, lemme tell ya....  It seems that Lauby has gone and attracted the attention of the Imperial Inquisition, and they’ve come looking for my skinny Xenos butt.  Nice work there, Lauby...hope that ‘experiment’ panned out for you.

Lauby: Well, the experiment was going pretty great until the storm troopers landed.  But the wheels have pretty much fallen off at this point.  Everyone else is dead and the zipper is stuck on this crappy suit suit! At least the escape is going well so far...

SinSynn: You’ll never take me alive, coppers!  And before you get any closer, you should know that I’ve got an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator here.  ...Hope you like Earth-Shattering Kabooms.....
*grin*  Look....Let’s relax, put down our Disintegrators (well, I’ve got a Disintegrator...sorry yer stuck with that pew-pew Laspistol), and maybe hit the blog rolls for a minute...

Lauby:  HAHA!  Emergency override clearance:  Lauby Alpha Niner stroke Zed!  Computer - engage test protocol 2!  Right man, good thinking.  You're the Hooch to my Turner.


1) 3++ is the New Black - Fallacy 40k: The Win-More Fallacy
SinSynn:  Even when the Mighty Pink One is laid up sick (feel better, Kirby!), 3++ is in capable hands as long as Abuse Puppy is around. Both a friend to the Xenos and a thoughtful, intelligent writer, Puppy is one of those guys that could write a grocery list and make it cool.
Lauby:  OK... gotta think... gotta think...  the test will only keep everyone busy for a little while...  and serve to get us pre-approved for arco-flagellation.   Oops, gotta respond or the chamber will punish SinSynn.   Wait...  hehehe.
SinSynn: Aaarrghg!!! Shflkjafhsal;kj alssahser!!!!!
Lauby: hehehe


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SinSynn Supplemental: Flames of War!

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

I've recently taken the plunge into a second gaming system, thanks largely in part to the persuasive powers of my Ultimate Rival.

*yeah, that's him*

It should be mentioned that the Ultimate Rival is a US Army Veteran, and was a tanker during his career serving our Country.
Flames of War was pretty much a forgone conclusion when 40k started getting...yeah, you already know...

Yes, peer pressure and threats of bodily harm were definitely used as well...but whatevs...
Friends and rivals...waddayagonnado? Heh.

In truth, I was hoping to maybe investigate Malifaux, but the Ultimate Rival used Borg-like efficiency on me.

"RESISTANCE IS FUTILE"- he actually texted me that message a while back.

*sigh* (there really is no escape...)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bandwagon Jumping as a Way of Life....

Those of you who have read more than about four of my articles (or have ever checked out my own blog) know that my first army was Chaos Space Marines. Though the idea of seven feet tall genetically engineered killing machines was pretty cool, the thought of EVIL seven feet tall genetically engineered killing machines was even cooler,


Monday, September 19, 2011

New Member Monday: dethtron returns, Lauby Goes Away

Hey all!  I'm back from my semi-hiatus today and filling in for Lauby while he's on a quick jaunt out of town.  With that in mind, the duty of telling you all about our new members has fallen on my shoulders today. 

time traveled back to the dark ages of web design to steal this sweet ass pic!

As usual we've got a great crop of entries today and some special surprises from people who somehow didn't ever make it into the rolls by mistake.  Wow, the twists keep coming here at the HoP today. 

I feel like there's something more I should say in this intro bit, but there's not really any other news to share with everybody, so why don't you just check out the awesome new (and new old) members after the jump.


HoP Idol Round 2 Results

You guys ready for another twist!  Well, not only have I been woefully inadequate in my duties to moderate this contest, but we're also killing off the Quickfire challenge portion.  Due to difficulties in scheduling with guest judges, this portion of the contest just isn't feasible for us right now.  I was really excited about it, but I am also man enough to admit defeat.  My apologies to everyone from the contestants to the judges who were already committed to this, to you dear readers.  We'll hopefully get something worked out for this the next time we run this contest.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Competition


MadPersian asked:

I am curious, is your store the only game store in town, and did you do any market research before starting your business? I'm very curious how you would go about doing market research to determine the demand for a game store, especially in a region with no game store.


Friday, September 16, 2011

The Weekly Top X - For Science!

10:15 AM - Have successfully sealed subject ‘SinSynn’ in the prepared test chamber.

10:24 AM - Sedatives beginning to wear off. Subject beginning to show movement. Breathing and heart rate returning to normal levels.

11:09 AM - Subject is fully awake and alert now. Shows no awareness of artificial nature of surroundings. Experiment begins.


...ok...maybe it is...heh :P

11:12 AM - Subject immediately exhibiting signs of severe anxiety. Subject appears to be trying to establish some form of control over local environment in order to counteract feelings of helplessness.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Community Announcement - MWC September Conversion Contest!

Just a quick shout out/reminder for Miniature Wargame Conversions today.  They're running a fantabulous conversion contest for September complete with prize support and rules and EVERYTHING!
This month the rules are simple:
1) You do not talk about Fight Club.
2) Limit two (2) entries per participant.
3) All other blanket-rules apply.
4) Any conversion from any tabletop game goes.
5) Any size goes.
6) Any-thing-goes, people. It's a free for all and you all are getting tossed into the middle of it!
So if you're interested in a chance for 100 wing-wangs, head on over to MWC for the complete details!

Pretty Sure this isn't what they had in mind


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SinSynn gets his groove back!

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

Thought I'd talk some Hobby this week.

Not that I don't wanna rant 'bout dem Space Marines (cuz I do), find flimsy excuses to reference Tentacle Hentai (cuz I do), or post pics of Megan Fox (I think you already know)......

Wait a second...I need excuses?

*Left: Space Marines...they suck. Center: (fapfapfapfap) Right: My most memorable first date ever

Ah, glad we got that outta the way...DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!

So...yeah...This week I've been painting stuffs. Holy crap I missed painting stuffs.
It's been about...3 months, I guess.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crunch Vs. Fluff.....

Writing a good codex must be pretty hard work. You need to keep a balance between the armies background (The Fluff) and the rules that allow that army to be fielded on the table-top (The Crunch).

For me, any codex would need the following things to put it into the 'decent' category,


1) Background material that integrates smoothly with previously written material rather than pissing on it (unless it was utter drivel in the first place I suppose)
2) Information on individual units that makes you want to use them in an army before you even read the rules for them.
3) No 'Mary Sue' units at even the one.....
4) A coherent theme that runs through all the unit entries.
5) Artwork that inspires.....


Monday, September 12, 2011

New Member Monday - The Case of the Forgotten Title

Hello Cats and Kittens!  It's another week of the ol' zip zop boobity bop at the House of Paincakes.  We've got our usual fair of cool shit scheduled this week.  Plus, the very probable continuation of the HoP Idol contest that had, sadly, been interrupted by death, sadness and a the search for a secret guest judge.

LinkWithin is GO!
Right off the bat, we wanted to add the LinkWithin widget to our posts.  But right off the bat we knew that would be a waste off time until we had built up some content. We're months past the point when we should have added the feature, but whadayagonnado?  We've added it now, so y'all can look forward to looking at our past.  I'm told that it takes some time for the thingamabobber to get its sea legs as it were, so bear with us and please refrain from pointing out any nonsensical links.  But you can feel free to tell us how awesome we are for our selection of value added features.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Getting Funky

Let's drop some Funke Funke Wisdom

This week's topic is pretty potent but fairly universal - Funk

It's something we have all experienced at one time or another; that person that really needs a bath.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Return to Ogre Kingdoms Mountain

Hey everybody, thanks for bearing with me over the past week while I'm not posting (Regularly scheduled HoP Idol resumes this weekend) and thanks to those of you who sent their condolences to me in e-mails and your comments- I appreciate it.

Way back in the infancy of this series- like when it had lots of active readers and commenters ;), I threw up a post on buying in bulk that included tips on buying bulk minis.  With the release of the excellent new Ogre Kingdoms book, I'd like to revisit the concept of bulk miniatures.  My interest in WFB has been waning severely since the release of the new rules set as I've struggled to find an army that excites me.  I still like the Empire, but really don't need another game system where I basically play an immobile gunline.  I've also always been drawn to Skaven, but don't feel the energy to paint a horde army.  I'd been interested in Ogres for quite some time as the represent a playstyle that's relatively new to me and the larger models just look plain old fun.  Sadly, their old book was among the least competitive (or even playable) in the WFB canon. 


Friday, September 9, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Wavy Gravy

Brent: Well, here we are again, Lauby my man, you and me, together again for Top X here at the House of Paincakes.
Lauby: Indeed, mt good chum.  Though it was nice to let some other people take the reigns while Brent and I got our asses kicked at our respective jobs.
Brent: Yup, so right. Synn and Loq did a bang up job. Sooooooo...
Lauby:  ... they did too good a job.
Brent: the hell are we supposed to follow that? They had a party, and women, and talent - what have we got?
Lauby:  The great equalizers, Brent.  Experience and a poor sense of self preservation.
Brent: If you say so.

We're just like hobos, really.
1) Roll With It - Coming of Age
Brent: When did I grow up? I’ll let you know when it happens.
Lauby: No, no, no Brent.  It's plain for all the world to see that you and I are still, basically, man-children.  When did you 'grow-up' as a hobbyist?
Brent: As a player, I can’t say I know. As a Blogger, life definitely began for me at the first BolsCon. I created Strictly Average primarily to outline my efforts for that event... which is ironic, considering nobody read it until much later.
Lauby:  I'm not sure that's actual irony.  But what evs.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

User Content Wesnesday - Tales from the Jungle: Unit Fillers: Practical or the Cheap Way Out?”

We've been holding off on the User Content Wednesdays a bit to give HoP Idol some breathing room.  Sadly, a death in the family and some delays with the Quick Fire challenge have cropped up, so we're probably going to be behind by a week (but NOT cancelled).  In the meantime, I found this near little post over on Jungles of Lustria and had intended that it be in a Top X.  Which didnt happen, so here we are.  I think the title of this post is a contender for "most actually necessary colons in a blog title".

One of the things that I tend to notice about WHFB is the many growing trends that have taken place over the last several years. You may know that I’ve been playing for 11 years now and have seen some cool things along the way. Some of the latest trends that I’ve seen are the use of a display board for showing off your army at tournaments, Homemade Wound and Tick Markers, Spell Cards, and Homemade Turn Markers. Many of these things go above and beyond the normal requirement of just having a fully painted army. Some of the best converted models I’ve ever seen have nothing to do with the army at all but are instead just a placeholder to serve as a centerpiece… If you’ve read my blog lately, you’ll know that I recently created a Unit Filler for my Saurus Warriors. This is now the 3rd Unit Filler that I have in my army and it is by far the biggest one. It is on a chariot sized base and therefore “counts as” 8 models. Unit Fillers have become a huge trend in Warhammer and one that I don’t believe is going to go away. The most current edition of Warhammer focuses more on large blocks of infantry and many of us felt that when we switched from 7th edition to the 8th. It caused us to upgrade our units to include more troops than we were normally accustomed to. With that, came the inclusion of Unit Fillers. I myself had to upgrade units of 20 Saurus Warriors to 30 and 36, which is not cheap in this hobby. So I’ve heard people talk about unit fillers and their role in the Warhammer world… Some say they are nice addition to the unit, if done correctly, and really make the entire unit stand out. Others say that it’s a cheap way to get out of buying new models and a way to save yourself some money so that you don’t have to go buy that $35 box of 10 (plastic) models… To me, it’s a little bit of both.


Gettin' Grimy With SinSynn

Hey, folks, SinSynn here.

So I thought I'd shake things up a bit this week and flip the script.
Usually I make an effort in my posts positive, I guess.
When I discuss something in a negative fashion, I try to balance it with something positive.

And when that fails, I use lotsa italics and bold text.
(sometimes both...and CAPS, too. Nyah)

And pics! Lots and lots of pics....

*So here's Megan in a bikini, and Megan in ANOTHER bikini, and oh my god I just...well, y'know*


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Quest for Perfection.....

There's a lot of choice available to a new 40K player,

He can go with an army of space robots, super soldiers, nuns with guns, space bugs or any number of other army flavours and when he's decided on the codex he wants to use he can then take that choice in any direction he wants...from pure assault, to gun-lines and anything else in between.....

That's the theory at least.

The reality is somewhat different...


Monday, September 5, 2011

HoP Idol Delay

Due to a death in my family, I'm not going to be able to write up the results today or reveal who has immunity.

Things should be back to schedule Tuesdayish.

Thanks for understanding.


New Member Monday - No Laboring on Labor Day

Auto-generated message from Lauby:

I will be out of the office until Tuesday the 5th of September 2011 due to the holiday.  I will get back to blogging at the earliest convenience.  If you need to contact me because of an emergency, please leave a comment on this post.

Have a super Monday!

New Member Monday

The Battle Barn
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Clubs, Clubbing, MINI Clubman

40k Bitz
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Joe Saves the Day
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Apoc's Hobby Blog
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] When Plans Fall Apart

Planning for the future 

When you run and own a business, plans are inevitably part of the deal. Plans for renovations, new product lines, growth, expansion, employees, and much more. Thinking ahead to the future is part and parcel of running a business, and to be even remotely effective, embracing ideas for things yet to come is essential.

If you're any good at all, you don't just plan for the good stuff. You plan for the bad stuff, too.You have to plan for fire, tornadoes. medical emergencies, and much more. You hope that you never have to use your plans, and constantly adjust as challenges change.

We've been lucky, and we haven't had to enact very many of the plans we've made at all. We've been surprised by a situation once or twice, and reacted well. But we were recently faced by something that we had plans for, and those plans fell completely apart.

We've been in business for almost five years, and we've never had to deal with shoplifiting until very recently. TheDude and I have talked about it, and even done things to help minimize our exposure and risks to that problem. Unfortunately, we had to face theft in the past week or so.

TheDude and I knew what we wanted out response to this situation to be. We felt pretty strongly that a particular approach and action was the appropriate way to deal with theft. Our plan had been set for quite a while, and we both felt comfortable with what to do.

And then the worst happened. Some teenagers tried to walk out with some Magic cards in their pockets (that had not yet been paid for).

And our plans totally went to shit.

We were just so surprised and upset by the attempt that we completely forgot the plan.

Since the episode, TheDude and I have talked about our original plan, and decided it probably needs revision.  We don't know what our new plan is going to be, but we know that what we did sure won't work.

We sure don't want to do anything in haste, but we need to address this concern in a mature and business responsible manner. Coming up with a resolution and policy for the future is definitely on the agenda, but it will probably involve asking other FLGS owners about their experiences. We're pretty good at listening to the expertise of others, as well as adapting to whatever we happen to face.

While TheDude and I confer on this situation and try to come up with a new plan, I'd love to hear from other folks. If you happen to know your local FLGS' policies regarding theft, would you be so kind as to share?

Thanks for checking in, and see you next week.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Top X: Lo and SinSynn Do It (Again)

Last week, Lauby was left to clean up the mess of Lo & SinSynn's debauchery. They basked in the afterglow a little and then realized that Lauby doesn't have the same... proclivities and decided to throw their own party. And promised to clean up...

Lo: Whao. Look at that mess. Even my teenage kids don't make that kinda shit. SinSynn, you did a number...

SinSynn: LIES! Obviously, you used some sorta...Mind Control device on me! I've heard rumors from the Males of your species that Terran Females possess terrifying powers....I'm starting to believe they're true. I am updating my memory units and elevating the 'threat rating' of your ENTIRE GENDER at this very moment. Also, your primitive technology is to blame here. Your 'operating systems' and 'graphic user interfaces' are incapable of simple Direct Synapse I will TOTALLY use that as my excuse...

Lo: I don't REMEMBER doing that.. but we gotta get it cleaned up. Dethtron's already pissy because his dog ate his Neil Gaiman shit, we don't need Lauby on us too...This all your fault, SinSynn.

SinSynn: Firstly- I was forced to use my Disintegrator Gun on you to make good my escape! Fortunately for you it was set to 'Massage' (now how did THAT happen?)...but it probably caused your memory loss. Secondly- are you suggesting there's times when Dethtron ISN'T pissy? I refuse to believe that (nice try, Terran Female...I see through your deception). Thirdly (is that a word?)- This is a typical Imperial whitewash...Blame the Xenos for your own ineptitude! Standard Imperial 'people' Virus Bomb whole planets and blame US (which is kinda cool, actually).
Regardless, I am NOT accepting the blame on this one. Your Female wiles will not avail you HERE, Earthling... ..ok...maybe they will ;)

Lo: Oh, no. You're not getting away with that. And it was MY idea to apologize and make nice!

SinSynn: Heh, 'women' predictable....I feel obligated to remind you that it was ALSO your idea to 'couple' for last week's Top-X. Now two of my tentacles have broken tips, my secretion glands are dry, and I still haven't found my Skimmer Ignition Units....Uh, Terrans call them 'car keys.' How quaint.

Lo: Predictable? Huh. I'll show you... I can do spontaneous... instead of happy, pretty shit, or everyone being nice to each other posts like I always do, this week I am gonna pick a buncha posts about being competitive. I'll talk about NOVA. [muttering] predictable... meh. Men are such... MEN.

SinSynn: Your 'spontaneity' is what caused this, you menace! I'm reaching for my Disintegrator Gun....*sigh* For some reason however, my tentacles are compelling me to listen to you....Yes, folks...Men are suckers...all of Xenos self included...but that's a good idea... my post this week was about Nova so I'm all up in that... ON that... Dammit no way to make that not sound dirty...

Lo: {mumbles} See?

SinSynn: I suspect trickery, Terran Female...and although my dangling appendages are broken and sore, I will agree to do this once again...Please be gentle this time....


Thursday, September 1, 2011

HoP Idol: Week 2 Recap

Well hot damn, that was another fun week gone by already.

We've had lots of great hobby tutorials from our contestants this week along with the staunch defense of a favorite underdog army.  I can't wait to see who will be moving on to the next round of the competition.

Don't forget that one of our intrepid contestants will actually be getting immunity this week, but we're not going to reveal who that is just yet.


HoP Idol: Tyranids

Putting a bookend on this week's HoP Idol Competition let's have a look at "the other guy" and his Tyranid paint scheme.  Having painted my fair share of the current line of 'nids, I've got to say that they're a joy to paint up, even if the army sucks donkey cock on the table :(   I'd also like to let the record show that after reading this, I'm suddenly stricken with a mighty thirst for some Red Stripe.... Hooray Beer!

It’s “The Other Guy”, Your HoP Idol.

Today I’m talking about inspiration, painting and theme.

First things first – How I got called “The Other Guy”. At a fancy dress party, my GF of the time was talking to a friend. She was describing her new BF (me) and said “oh..he has just come in” (because me and my friend Dave had just walked in)

At which point her friend goes  (a bit too loudly) “oh, Mr Muscles. Well Done!”
“No…” says my GF, sheepishly “…the other guy”

Right, Inspiration. When it came to painting my Tyranids, I had one inspiration.


HoP Idol: Sorylian Fleet

Today we've got Frontline Gamer sharing a painting tutorial on another fringe game:  Firestorm Armada.  Being a lover of big ass space ships myself, I've looked at this game a few times- this might push me over the edge into "buy me now" territory.

Painting Guide: Sorylian Fleet
Right I need to get this out of the way fairly rapidly before anyone gets a snide dig in and says I'm shit at painting and shouldn't be doing any painting guides... I know I'm no where near as good as many of the painting bloggers out there. I never will be so I'm not going to pretend I am. However I do have a few tricks up my sleeves and various people have asked if I'd consider doing some painting guides, but I'm doing this for the HoP Idol contest. So against my better judgement here's my first full on painting guide, and to ease myself into this its an easy one, I'm just painting my Sorylians from Firestorm Armada. Given though that people have asked me to be specific about what I do to the mini's I'm putting a lot of detail into this painting guide and as such it's a damn hefty beast.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hop Idol: The Blagger's Guide to Painting

And now here is nonother than Von bringing you a nice painting tutorial and creating editing headaches abound for yours truly.

The Blagger's Guide To Painting

I'm not a man given to writing hobby tutorials. See, my hobby is in essence utilitarian; a practice concerned primarily with getting models built, painted and on the board, looking suitably colourful and personal but not by any stretch of the imagination being works of art. I don't tend to read tutorials because they're either overly simplistic exercises in particular techniques or overly technical pieces on how to use an airbrush to perfectly highlight red in seventeen layers, and I'm not married to the idea of buying an airbrush. What I always look for is the tutorial that's pitched somewhere in between, toward the ordinary geezer who just wants something that looks decent and doesn't take forever to do. As the erotic roleplayers on my WoW server always say, don't wait for things to come to you – bring your things to them. With that in mind, here's some advice on blagging it like a good 'un.


HoP Idol: Iron Father Conversion

Next up in the HoP Idol Competition we've got Lantz bringing us a killer conversion chocked full of more pictures than you can shake an SD card at.

Iron Father Conversion Tutorial

Oh snapcycles, look who made it to the next round? Was it because someone had to drop out? Was it because you people voted for me (suckers)? I like to think it’s the latter. Anywho, this week I’ve got a tutorial for you all that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you check out the main blog I write for, you’ll notice I’m an avid tutorial-writer, so this was right up my ally. For this article, I’ve got an Iron Father conversion I ran through a few weeks ago for a new unit in the upcoming 3rd version release of my AdMech fandex.


SinSynn...talkin' NOVA and stuffs...

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

So, I guess a lotta folks watched the Nova coverage, huh?

Uh...yeah....Not sure WHAT I was doing, Internet-wise, during Nova...

*Probably downloading...'educational videos'...or something*

Oh, c' knew that joke was coming :P
Now shhhh! Lie still, this'll all be over soon....
Or not.

Seriously, though, I wish I had the time, and the attention span, to watch the proceedings.

I'm like a cracked-out, overly-caffeinated hummingbird at the best of times, honestly.
I'm the guy that has 12 browser tabs open, cuz I can't wait the single second it takes a page to load.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HoP Idol: Display Boards 101

Now here is a tutorial that all of you tournament goers will love.  Inquisitor_Dunn is about to drop some science on you and show you how he made his most recent display board for the 40K tourney scene.

Display Boards 101
My first display board.

I don't consider myself the greatest modeler or the best painter out there. Heck, my armies are all pretty much average. So when it came time for me to build a display board, I was pretty intimidated.


HoP Idol: Unlocking the Chaos Gene

Since HOT Panda came in last this past week, we're putting his article up first.  Some of our readers have claimed that earlier posts were favored over the later posts last week.  We'll see if that comes true as HOT Panda defends his beloved Codex:Chaos Space Marines.
Unlocking the Chaos Gene (Codex)

"There is no gene for faith.
When for one reason or another we attempted to change these hard times,
Our own genetic identity became our only true ally...
To finally survive." 

Telepopmusik  - Genetic World


HoP Idol Week 2

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's Quickfire Challenge entries.  I know I had a lot of fun reading them and I think the author's had a lot of fun putting them together.

Since everybody was really antsy about the Internet Famous guest judge for yesterday's challenge, I think I'll go ahead and announce that it is none other than Blackjack and Hookers' Chumbalaya.  He'll be dropping by Thursdayish with the Quickfire results, granting immunity to one of our contestants.

Now until then, we'll be dropping 2 of our regularly scheduled HoP Idol articles on you daily, ending in voting at the end of the day Thursday through Sunday night. 


Monday, August 29, 2011

HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Bonus from Rob

Just before declaring his intentions to leave the competition due to his schedule, Rob sent in his Deathwatch list for the Quickfire Challenge.  While he isn't eligible for the competition any longer, we thought it'd be a shame if he went to the trouble to write this and didn't get it out there. 

Ok, so recently I’ve been looking at the Fantasy Flight Games roleplay books. Nobody in my (40k based) gaming group is interested in doing an RPG which is a bit of a shame, as I’m quite taken with the Deathwatch system. Based on that idea, the idea of running a deathwatch army on the table is amazing! Below is a quick 1750 list that I think would work well and would actually be quite fun to play with and against in a fairly competitive environment.


New Member Monday - Lauby Survived Hurricane Irene

Sorry for the late post today.  I wish I could blame Irene for it, but my Hurricane experience was much different than most people's.   Apparently the hills I live next to are just shy of being actual mountains and are excellent for protecting my apartment from the ill effects of severe weather.

HA!  You missed me!! But Seriously, hurricanes are bad news.
While other people lost power or got flooded (which totes sucks BTW), my biggest inconveniences were that nothing was open on Sunday and the War Store is having a shipping delay.  Which is great for me in the grand scheme of things, but unsuitable for use as an excuse for lateness.  In any case, the Quickfire challenge was all up ins today so an early morning NEw Member Monday would have gotten lost in the shuffle anyway.

Your welcome, New Blogs.


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Building an Infinity Army

Lastly today, we've got a real treat for you.  Last week's winner will not only building a list for, but will also be introducing you all to Infinity.  He went well over the space limit that was set for him, but he did such a good job describing the system that many of you might not know, so we decided to allow it.  And hell, he did win last week after all, so he should get something for it, right?

Building an Infinity army


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Boys and their Toys

Ready to see somebody finally take a crack at the new Sisters of Battle "Codex" for 40k?  Well Inquisitor_Dunn has the ....erm.... balls to do just that in his entry for the quickfire challenge. 

2000pt WD Sisters of Battle: "Boys and Toys" List
It has been finally completed. The master piece work of art that my fellow Sisters of Battle get stuck with for the foreseeable future. That's right, the White Dwarf codex is complete. After reading it, I can see it was not the fully operational death star we all hoped for. Heck it wasn't even better than the old codex in my opinion.


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Wizard War

Newcomer to the blogging scene, "the other guy," brings us a WFB Empire list with a name that will not only rock the table the next time you're busting out storm of magic, but may soon be topping the melodic power metal charts.

“Wizard War” Army from WFB Empire

Wizard Lord LV4 – Master of FIRE


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Kaptain Von's Kadaverous Kavalkade

Von is taking a risk today and deviating from the paradigm of 40k, WFB, and Warmahordes that we see so often on the net and dropping a Mordheim list on all of us.  Will his risk pay off or will our mystery celebrity judge be of a more risk averse breed?

Undead Warband
500 crowns spent
Warband rating 78


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Twin-linked Awesome

Next up, Lantz does some branding by naming a nice little Vulkan Salamanders list for 40K after his own blog.  Nice move Lantz.

Submitted by: Lantz of
List Name: Twin-Linked Awesome

x1 Forgefather Vulkan He’stan (190 pts)


HoP Idol Quickfire Challenge: Patient Hunter

First up today we've got HOT Panda's variation on some classic 40K Tau shenanigans.  

2000pts Ninja Tau List - Kauyon "Patient Hunter"

112 - Shas'el Xv8 - Plasma Rifle, Missile Pods, Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Drone Controller, Shield Drone x 1 & Gun Drone x 1.
107 - Shas'vre Xv8 - Plasma Rifle, Missile Pods, Target Array, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Drone Controller, Gun Drone x1 & Shield Drone x 1;
102 - Shas'vre Xv8 - Plasma Rifle, Missile Pods, Target Array, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Drone Controller & Gun Drone x2
*The three Crisis Suits are one HQ unit with body guard. They are kitted out uniquely to take advantage of wound allocation.  Guns Drones for extra wounds/fire power and shield drones for invulnerable saves


HoP Idol: Quickfire Challenge Week 2

This week we're trying something a little different, and certainly not stolen wholesale from ToP Chef.

The 6 remaining HoP Idol contestants have been given a prompt for a very brief article and were only given 2 days in which to complete it.  After all of the articles have been shown here, a special celebrity guest judge of Internet Fame will decide which article captured the spirit of the challenge best. 

Now here's the sexy part:  the winner of the challenge gains immunity for the week!  That's right, the winner can't be eliminated at all this week.  Pretty damn sexy indeed. 

For this first ever Quickfire Challenge, the contestants have been asked to write an army list, give it a clever name, and briefly explain anything they want to about it (the fluff, how it works on the table, etc).  They weren't given any directions about what points level or gaming system to work at.  They weren't even given a specific purpose like a tournament or friendly historical re-fight to build the list for.  This should allow each entrant to write to his strengths and create a pretty good variety for you readers. 

Stay tuned throughout today, we'll be posting one of the finalists lists every hour until they're all done.


HoP Idol Week 1 Results

If we were on TV this is where you would be hearing all sorts of dramatic, tension-building music while I meticulously alternate between praising and chewing out our contestants, but alas, we are on the internets and don't even have any sort of video feed,  I guess we'll just have to make due.

So, Frontline Gamer and HOT Panda, I'll need you to stay on the judges platform.  The rest of you are safe.

While you both made a good effort this week, it seems that the people have spoken and one of you will not continue on to week 2 of the HoP Idol competition.  And that person is.....

===Commercial Break to Heighten Suspense and Piss you off===


Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Community Relationships

I'm talking about community relations and what it means to our store today. I'm only talking about our store, because that's what I have experience with. I know other stores have other levels of involvement or activity, and different experiences due to that level of involvement.

When discussing community relations, it helps to address the question, "what is community?". 

This drawing is pretty close to how we feel about community. Replace "challenge" with "hobby" and you've pretty much got our outlook. Once we start interacting with these people, what we learn and share from and with them is pretty deep. We work hard to get past the surface and build deeper relationships.