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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Nobody Expects Them

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

You’re probably wondering what I’m doing hiding here in this weeks Top-X.  Well, lemme tell ya....  It seems that Lauby has gone and attracted the attention of the Imperial Inquisition, and they’ve come looking for my skinny Xenos butt.  Nice work there, Lauby...hope that ‘experiment’ panned out for you.

Lauby: Well, the experiment was going pretty great until the storm troopers landed.  But the wheels have pretty much fallen off at this point.  Everyone else is dead and the zipper is stuck on this crappy suit suit! At least the escape is going well so far...

SinSynn: You’ll never take me alive, coppers!  And before you get any closer, you should know that I’ve got an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator here.  ...Hope you like Earth-Shattering Kabooms.....
*grin*  Look....Let’s relax, put down our Disintegrators (well, I’ve got a Disintegrator...sorry yer stuck with that pew-pew Laspistol), and maybe hit the blog rolls for a minute...

Lauby:  HAHA!  Emergency override clearance:  Lauby Alpha Niner stroke Zed!  Computer - engage test protocol 2!  Right man, good thinking.  You're the Hooch to my Turner.


1) 3++ is the New Black - Fallacy 40k: The Win-More Fallacy
SinSynn:  Even when the Mighty Pink One is laid up sick (feel better, Kirby!), 3++ is in capable hands as long as Abuse Puppy is around. Both a friend to the Xenos and a thoughtful, intelligent writer, Puppy is one of those guys that could write a grocery list and make it cool.
Lauby:  OK... gotta think... gotta think...  the test will only keep everyone busy for a little while...  and serve to get us pre-approved for arco-flagellation.   Oops, gotta respond or the chamber will punish SinSynn.   Wait...  hehehe.
SinSynn: Aaarrghg!!! Shflkjafhsal;kj alssahser!!!!!
Lauby: hehehe

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SinSynn Supplemental: Flames of War!

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

I've recently taken the plunge into a second gaming system, thanks largely in part to the persuasive powers of my Ultimate Rival.

*yeah, that's him*

It should be mentioned that the Ultimate Rival is a US Army Veteran, and was a tanker during his career serving our Country.
Flames of War was pretty much a forgone conclusion when 40k started getting...yeah, you already know...

Yes, peer pressure and threats of bodily harm were definitely used as well...but whatevs...
Friends and rivals...waddayagonnado? Heh.

In truth, I was hoping to maybe investigate Malifaux, but the Ultimate Rival used Borg-like efficiency on me.

"RESISTANCE IS FUTILE"- he actually texted me that message a while back.

*sigh* (there really is no escape...)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bandwagon Jumping as a Way of Life....

Those of you who have read more than about four of my articles (or have ever checked out my own blog) know that my first army was Chaos Space Marines. Though the idea of seven feet tall genetically engineered killing machines was pretty cool, the thought of EVIL seven feet tall genetically engineered killing machines was even cooler,

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Member Monday: dethtron returns, Lauby Goes Away

Hey all!  I'm back from my semi-hiatus today and filling in for Lauby while he's on a quick jaunt out of town.  With that in mind, the duty of telling you all about our new members has fallen on my shoulders today. 

time traveled back to the dark ages of web design to steal this sweet ass pic!

As usual we've got a great crop of entries today and some special surprises from people who somehow didn't ever make it into the rolls by mistake.  Wow, the twists keep coming here at the HoP today. 

I feel like there's something more I should say in this intro bit, but there's not really any other news to share with everybody, so why don't you just check out the awesome new (and new old) members after the jump.

HoP Idol Round 2 Results

You guys ready for another twist!  Well, not only have I been woefully inadequate in my duties to moderate this contest, but we're also killing off the Quickfire challenge portion.  Due to difficulties in scheduling with guest judges, this portion of the contest just isn't feasible for us right now.  I was really excited about it, but I am also man enough to admit defeat.  My apologies to everyone from the contestants to the judges who were already committed to this, to you dear readers.  We'll hopefully get something worked out for this the next time we run this contest.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Competition


MadPersian asked:

I am curious, is your store the only game store in town, and did you do any market research before starting your business? I'm very curious how you would go about doing market research to determine the demand for a game store, especially in a region with no game store.