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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Weekly Top X - The One Where Brent and SynSinn Drive Their Car of a Cliff

SinSynn: Hey! What are you doing? Get down before they spot you!
Sheesh! You’ll give our position away.....

Brent: You worry to much! I’m invisible I am.

SinSynn: Hello, folks. SinSynn here.

Brent: And Brent! Man, this was a team-up destined to happen - how exciting is this?

There he goes, bringing down the cool points as always. Not Brent here. I’m Green with Envy, so I ain’t offsetting my type like these two assholes. It’s not like Today’s Top X is going to be even remotely readable, so what do I care?

SinSynn: I’m hiding here in this week’s Top-X with my buddy Brent (and his alter ego, unfortunately), cuz Lauby is a big giant knucklehead.
His weekly Top-X ‘experiments’ (which, not for nuthin,’ seem to involve a whole lotta Xenos torture) have completely gone awry, and now....

Brent: What alter ego? And would you quit touching my ass with your Disintegrator Ray Gun... thing?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Community Announcement - IDIC Beer New Necron Codex Poll

Just a quick little announcement from Nick over at IDICBeer.  There's a poll going and you can participate!  Which you should do.  Check it out

Nick speaking,

Just a quick post, or more of a shout out really, to say please vote on the Necron Codex Poll I have over on my Blog. I would really love to see just what the general consensus it regarding playing the new Codex. So regardless if you will, or won't be playing Necrons, please come over and vote. I would love to build up loads of votes on this Poll to really get a feel of what everyone thinks of Necrons, so please feel free to do your own quick shout out for me, and lets get as many votes as we can!

New Necron Codex Poll (Please Vote)

Got an announcement of your own you'd like to see get some more exposure?  Drop us a line at and we'll see about exposing the hell out of it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SinSynn Ponders...stuffs

Hey Folks, SinSynn here.

Lemme ask you something....
What's your WORST gaming experience like, ever?
What do you fear, gaming wise?

I mean, have you ever stood across a Tabletop with someone you would gladly Disintegrate, if only you had a Disintegrator?
Maybe some rotten 'human,' who stood for everything you LOATHE in life, kicked your lil' Troopies around because you couldn't roll above a 3 the ENTIRE GAME, and he thinks he won due to 'skill.'

Then he gets all 'braggy' about it...

*Yeah, we think it...but we don't say it, right?*

Or maybe you're up at 3 am the night before the Tournament (which begins in...5 hours. Yay!), trying to get those last few models together...

You carefully line that final arm up, up after dabbing a little glue on it.
Now hold...hold....Ah, that should be good....
...if your fingers weren't completely stuck to it as well.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Power-gaming Makes the World Go Round...

Lets cut to meat of the issue shall we,

Competition is a bloody good thing. If we didn't feel the need to push ourselves to the limit in order to be better than other like minded individuals then the world would be a much worse place.

No Sport for a start.....

Okay that probably didn't scare as many of you as it might have done.....

No on-line gaming.....

NOW your beginning to get worried.....

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Member Monday - The Douglass Adams Milestone

42 New Member Mondays.  Pretty damn neat.  Sadly, today's NMM makes 43.  42 points deducted from Paincakes for not being good at paying attention.  Man, we'll never win the house cup at this rate if I keep deducting points from our score.  Oh sweet baby Jesus...  I just made a Harry Potter reference.  And then called attention to it.  And then left it in.  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!

Luckily, the HoP Idol may actually be back on track this week.  The prompts were delivered and the responses should be very cool.  Kind of an 'under the hood' look at the House.  I may have to get glamor shots done to give this place a kind of Tiger Beat vibe.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] What's For Dinner?

It's my typical night at the game store- I come in directly from my "day job". I usually don't even stop by my house on the way in, I just jet right there. Like most other nights, I forgot to grab cash before I left the house in the morning, so I have no funds in my wallet. And dude, I am HUNGRY.

I get to the store and get settled in, and all the regulars have already eaten or are eating as I inquire about a dinner run. While these are regulars that I've known a long time, I can't leave once I get here. I just can't leave the cash drawer or the stock unattended,  because who knows who might walk in the door the second I leave. So, running for a quick bite is out, and no one is willing to hit the drive through for me. Crap- on my own again. Now I gotta figure out what to eat.