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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Go Download your very own Adeptus Mechanicus FanDex Right Now

Lantz wanted me to share a link with you to his fantastic new AdMech Fandex V3.0.  Yeah, I did say 3.0, so take that web 2.0!

Follow this link to download land and clap if you believe in cyborgs.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Weekly Top X - Group Effort

Hi hi, everyone!  It's Friday and it's time for me to give you all some sweet, sweet blog nourishment.  In much the same way a bird chews up worms and force-feeds helpless baby chicks.  With the exception that the mashed up 'worms' will be better for the experience.  Which is not to say that the bloggers are worm-like...  you know what?  This analogy is terrible.   Or is it a simile?

Let's just move on.  This week, all the picks were made by my fellow HoPpers, so it's up to me to figure out why they picked it and to get people to click the links.

1) 3++ is the New Black - Fallacy 40k: Finesse armies/units
This one was selected by the internet's favorite son, GMort (and Lo after the fact).  Normally, we like to spread the Top X love around so we try and keep repeats to a minimum.  But this is too good to pass up. Plus, we already reposted the article GMort would have picked. Kirby's post is a well written and well reasoned post on the subject of copping out by using 'finesse' as an adjective.

HoP Idol Round 4 Results In

Sadly this week we'll be saying goodbye to The Other Guy.  Based on his entries so far I hope he's able to find a place to write soon.

That leaves us with (in no order) a near 3 way tie for those advancing this week: Von, HotPanda, and Lantz.

Stay tuned for the final round of HoP Idol coming to you mid next week, where the contestants will be challenged with creating the first article in the series they will write if they are lucky enough to become a HoP weekly columnist.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frontline Gamer Responds to GMort

Well folks, GMort has been at it again and has generated yet another article to get you cats talking.  And talk you have.  Former "HoP Idol" finalist Frontline Gamer was kind enough to send us in a response to GMort's "Anger is a Virtue"  (making your own blog roll vulgar since 2011) that is so chock full of highbrow and lowbrow quotes that we couldn't pass it up.  There wasn't a picture on this article originally, but I added one to make it visually awesome for you dear readers.  Enjoy and as always don't forget to hit us up at if you have anything to share. 

'The truth is born of arguments, but so too are enemies' - Jody Barton, Frontline Gamer Blog, 2011

I've started this blog with a quote, from me, because I think it's exactly where I stand on the issue of arguments, online or otherwise. Although I do so more to ridicule myself than to elevate myself to the same plane as those others I quote in this article. I think that knowledge and progress are born of disagreement, and people's desire to find the truth and to learn, or they should be. And thus by extension prove the other person wrong. However, do we have to have anger for an argument to exist? I don't think so, and in many cases anger clouds an argument and makes any disagreement personal. Anger also ensures we expel energy in useless conflict that furthers neither truth nor discussion. So why am I writing this? Well it's because of an article on HoP written by GMort, which can be found here. Letting rip, can it be cathartic? Yes. Can it be productive? Yes. But invariably it will be destructive, not only to others but also to your own beliefs and position, as it diminishes  what you have to say.

'The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress' - Joseph Joubert, Pensées, 1842

Here's the thing, Joseph Joubert is right. We have disagreements so we can find the truth, or a version of it, so we further human understanding or our own, not to prove we are 'right'. If we take that further it means we all must accept the horrifying possibility that we might be wrong. Yeah I know, scary thought for some of you isn't it? I freely admit that what I say, write or believe are nothing more than my own opinions on things, and as such I accept the very real possibility that some new piece of information might change my opinion on things. All too often though on the Internet I see people arguing for the sake of being 'right', not for furthering their own understanding. We have all seen others trample over people's opinions and arguments, there is nothing wrong with that, but the manner in which we choose to do that is important, and frames much of how such dissections of arguments are viewed. Shouting somebody down, and being rude, aggressive and vulgar is not the right way to further any argument or discussion in my opinion, because:

'One man's frankness is another man's vulgarity' - Kevin Smith

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SinSynn's Rumors, Rants and Raves- Necron Edition

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

So does anybody know what's up with GW and their 'strictly enforced policy' of...whatever?
No more rumors, no more 'leaks,' or somesuch, wasn't it?
Well, apparently that was a buncha baloney, cuz the Necrons made a splash this week.

*Skin and Soul-flavored ice cream...yummy!*

I gotta tell ya, brothers and sisters, seeing Xenos rumors- complete with glimpses of the units and character models, made me pretty happy....
Yeah, I'm a sucker for these things, but...waddayagonnado?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anger is a Gift...

I occasionally upset people...

I could say that I don't do it on purpose and that might be true...except on the occasions that it's a complete and total lie...

Sometimes I upset people to make a particular point and other times I put my point across in a way that they find offensive and they become upset due to the way I make my point...Hell, they might even agree with me despite the fact that they find my use of the word FUCK as a substitute for punctuation marks disagreeable, lol.

So if I know that a particular argument could be phrased differently in order to make the debate more palatable and therefore less offensive then why don't I?


Monday, October 24, 2011

New Member Monday - Newness Abound

Hello Chumbas and Wambas!  Another glorious day dawns over the House of Paincakes Empire!  There's no site news today, but have some extenuating circumstances!

  1. 1) We're still trying to get funds for the hot air balloon so we can verify whether or not the sun never sets on said empire
  2. It turns out that Scooby Doo: A XXX Porn Parody is as awesome as you dared hope.  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Growing Pains

Have you seen  this post?   If not, check it out. It was inspired by Dethtron's challenge, but was completely and totally for fun.

In taking the pictures and putting together the post, I was reminded that there's an issue behind the scenes going on- something TheDude and I really, really need to address.

Our business is growing. In addition to more merchandise, more events and more stuff, we have more customers.