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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Von Show #3 - Expectations Made Explicit

It's occured to me that I failed to answer James S' question in the first week as thoroughly as it deserved, and so I'm devoting this instalment of the Von Show into doing a better job of it.  As per usual, the script-not-transcript lies beyond the cut.

A particularly flattering choice of clip there... I don't think.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Charity Game Auction-

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  There will be no Top X today since I want the following to be the focus for the day.  Our very own Loquacious is doing what she does best - being a good human being - and wanted to get as many eyes on this as possible.  This is not an advertisement for Armored Gopher or anything like that, they just happen to be the face of the good deed.  So please, with the spirit of the holidays in mind, please check this out.  Even if all you can do is pass it along to a friend, that't a bigger gift than you know.

Huge Charity Game Auction

Cordelia “Cee” Geiken is a wife and mom. Her small size may make her look  like a pushover, but Cee is a fierce and determined woman. Her son runs  track, is in band, and as a senior, is nearing graduation. Her daughter is soon to enter high school, and has endless possibilities ahead of her. Cee’s husband Deane is an enthusiastic, lively and passionate man, devoted  to his faith and family. Deane is also an active member of the local gaming community. The Geiken family  has been dedicated to serving others through leading youth groups, scouting, fundraising for public radio and many more service activities.

This generous and loving family has been hit hard by an accident in August. Cee was riding her motorcycle and had a serious incident that crushed her pelvis and created a tear in her aeorta. The first indications after the  accident were very dire- there was a serious concern that she would not  make it through the surgery intended to save her life.

As stated before, Cee is a fierce woman. She made it through the surgeries and is on the mend- but she has a long way to go. She is out of the hospital and is in a skilled rehabilitation center, working to get well
enough to go home for Christmas.


She wants to go home for Christmas.  What a simple and tender wish.

** **

The community of people around her want to help her open GIFTS and not  bills this Christmas.

The ever-rising cost of her recovery and rehabilitation is a serious and pressing worry. The hospital stay, the surgeons, the anesthesiologists, the medications, the medical equipment (such as a specialized bed, wheelchair, and wound care), the ambulance rides to and from doctor appointments, the rehab facility, the physical and occupational therapists, and many more medical expenses have become daunting. In addition , the loss of wages,  extra tanks of gas for her husband to go to and from the hospital to home, extra meals out, the parking passes,  and numerous other incidental costs have hit them financially as well.

In an effort to support the Geiken Family, Armored Gopher Games is hosting a fundraising event, with all proceeds going to the Geikens to alleviate their financial distress.

Saturday December 10, 12pm-6pm

Activities include raffles throughout the event and a live auction (over $1000 worth of games) at 2pm.

List of items donated includes:

Mordecainen's Magnificent Emporium
Ultra Pro 18 Pack 10 pocket pages
Isle of Sea Drake
Medieval Handgonnes
Great Expedition
Defense of the Rhine
Erich Von Manstein
KODT #180
Mutants and Masterminds Silver Age
Noble Armada
Malifaux Twisting Fates
Killer Bunnies Red (and 7 expansions)
Munchkin Zombie Kill-o-Meter
Bankruptcy Card Game
Master of Devils Pathfinder Novel
Game Science Color Explosion Dice Set
Albert's Insomnia
Resident Evil Playmat
Yugioh playmat
FoW M10.3 GMC Tank Destroyer Platoon
Martian Dice
Ligretto Green
Crappy Birthday
Impossible Machine
King's Vineyard
Master Builder
Kings of War:Elves
Dixit Odyssey
Frag Gold Edition
Magic Duel Decks
Guardians of Graxia
Alhambra New York
7 Ate 9
Life -Vintage Edition
Monopoly-Vintage Edition
Risk -Vintage Edition
Magic: the Gathering Singles Binder (Mostly 2011 Uncommons but many others)
Crocheted Hat & scarf sets
55" Projection TV
Home Décor items
Art Prints
Avon Basket

Please join in this effort to help an incredible family, going beyond charity and redefining community.

For more information, please see this article. To bid on an item or donate, please contact Loquacious

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Blackest Friday

Happy Turkey genocide day for our American readers.  Later today you'll most likely be tucking in to a lovely spread of food just before going into a carbohydrate related coma (yeah many would allege that you're sleepy due to the tryptophan in Turkey, but that's a bunch of bullshit).  This article is going to have a bit of an interactive component to it, so make sure you help out your fellow gamers in the comments section when you're prompted to at the end. 

Once you awake from your slumber and maybe watch some sports on the old boob tube if you're like me you'll be ready for some shopping. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Very SinSynn Thanksgiving

Hey, folks SinSynn here.

Welp, it's that time of year again.

The time of year when Terrans gather in familial groups, and gorge themselves on large quantities of flesh torn from a large, virtually flightless bird that was bred and raised for the sole purpose of being slaughtered and having their corpse roasted on this very occasion.

Poor sods...they ARE quite tasty, though.
The birds, not the Terrans...they're tough, and a little stringy, unless prepared correctly.

I'm pretty sure this particular peculiar ritual is limited to the country in which I make my lair, where it is deemed 'Thanksgiving.'
How quaint.

*Here, cheerful Terrans prepare to devour their victim*

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Frontline Gamer Supporting the S.O.P.H.I.E. Foundation

If you despise hatred, bigotry, and single mindedness as much as we hear at the HoP do, please go to Frontline Gamer's blog today to learn how you can help support the S.O.P.H.I.E. Foundation.

Having been the victim of a quasi-hate crime myself for looking different, this group and the story behind it strikes pretty close to home for me.  Please visit Frontline's site and see how you can help.


The internet isn't exactly short on personalities who'll tell you what the next most awesome tournament list ever is (or is going to be) and a few of those might occasionally be correct about it.

Finding a viable 'Razorback Spam' list or a decently worked out Grey Knights list (though it may not have many Grey Knights in it) is fairly easy. If your really lucky there might even be a brief explanation about how to use the list included in the post together with some tactical advice which is sometimes helpful. Though some aren't.....

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Member Monday - Go Watch "the Von Show"

It went up pretty late in the day (Americanly speaking) and even later if your across the pond (technically a day late).  If Von hadn't flat out told us why he picked Saturdays, I could easily guess.  The transcript doesn't do the video justice.  So go watch it after reading this post.  Seriously.  It's a cracking good time.

You'll also get a good liberal arts style education on how to use the word 'bollocks'.

New Member Monday

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And again, no essay.  So it's time for some semi-hobby related internet treasure:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Culpability

Last week I talked about what a game store does. I talked about the positives a FLGS offers the hobby crowd and tried to give a sense of "what's good" about a place that "just wants money" (quote from a customer this week- sort of a joke, but fitting).

Now, a little about what the customer often wants in exchange for all the things we offer them.

TheDude and I have been very progressive about allowing our community a "voice" in what happens at the store, and we encourage a culture of community involvement. It's taken pretty seriously and many of our Mafia feel a sense of ownership and stake in the store and its success.