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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You don't have to understand...just don't touch anything

Hey Folks, SinSynn here.

Wow- I am having one of those crazy weeks. 
The Crazy Lady I Live With is celebrating a birthday, and family members have traveled from far and wide to come party. We've got people crashed out on couches and inflatable mattresses in our living room.
It's all very annoying, cuz it's cutting into my hobby time.
Hobby time is always the first thing to go, isn't it? In my case, this is immediately followed by blogging/internet time (why my post is late today), and 'doing anything fun time.'

And then we get to the awkward part when you have to explain all the lil' models on your desk.... 

*Actual pic of the in-progress models on my desk*

I love my family, but they don't 'get' my 'thing.' 
This month's hobby entertainment has seen me purchase thirty or so Plastic Soldier Company Stugs, Panthers, Halftracks and Panzer III's for use in Flames of War. I really do have tanks up the ying-yang now.

I tend to do my hobby thing in the wee hours, when all the chores/responsibilities are completed.
Shopping done? Check.
Doggies walked? Check.
Garbage taken? Check.
Whenever the arbitrary day-to-day nonsense is dealt with, then it's my time.
I try to make the most of it. Hopefully I don't turn on World of Tanks, and I get something done.

The other night, the Crazy Lady caught me lining up my new tankie-tanks in parade formation upon my desk. There...may have been vroom-vroom noises and explosion sound effects, as well.
...don't you judge me...

When she asked me what I was doing, I answered thusly- 'Uh..........nothing. Never mind.'
She stared at me for a few seconds.
'I suppose I should be happy you're not playing with Legos. Try not to swallow any small parts, or get glue in any open orifices.'
'Ha, ha...very funny,' I retort, 'now gow 'way, kiddo...ya bother me.'
She scoffs and wanders away, but returns seconds later.
'Do you want Legos? I can get you Legos....'

I'm surrounded by people who just don't 'get it.'

*But we know he mocks 'hobby cat'*

Speaking of cats, you may notice that there's only four Panthers in the header pic. There should be five.
The first Panther off the production line became an impromptu cat toy when I wandered away from my desk momentarily. I came back, and it was just....gone.
Well, now...that's strange, I thought to meself.
I moved my chair to search for it, and that movement was accompanied by a sound every hobbyist everywhere instantly recognizes, and dreads.
The sound of crunching plastic.
We have multiple cats in this apartment...all of them had convincing alibi's.

I've had visitors to my home go to inspect my models, and break them. My rotten stepson brushes them aside so he can sodomize my computer, knocking off bits while he tries to hack RJR Nabisco and transfer funds, or whatever the hell he does....
None of my real-life friends have any interest in my hobby, and I generally stay mum about it.

Except the Ultimate Rival, of course.
I e-mailed him the header pic, cuz I was all happy and whatnot, and I had to share my happiness with somebody....
Here is his exact reply:

'Oh they look like shit! They will look much better with some flames on them :-)'
It's at times like these I sing a lil' song to myself.

*clearly, this guy is a hobbyist*

I'm sure we all have a lotta love for the friends and family in our lives, but they don't really understand us, do they? They tolerate us, for whatever reason. The (very expensive) flat screen TV in my living room has the tiniest splotch of super glue in one corner- the result of a stuck cap forcibly pulled off the lil' container.
I have to hear about that lil' splotch almost daily. Apparently it ruins any viewing experience possible on the set. Eventually I'll be forced to replace it.
You would think I would get a bit o' sympathy for my broken Panther. You would think so, anyway.
Somehow the cats can perpetrate vandalism, and it's 'cute.'

I know all us hobbyist types have these issues. Somehow, we're the weird ones, the strange ones, the crazy ones. If I wasted all of my time playing Madden Football or Call of Duty on my XBox, that people could understand.
Doin' my hobby thing? Well, that doesn't compute with the Normals. My stepson doesn't even understand why I do it, considering I could play Dawn of War, or any number of WWII games, like Company of Heroes, on my computer.

I can't explain why I'm obsessed with my hobby to the Normals.
When I bump into another of my brethren, the conversation quickly becomes animated, as we spew out the details of our latest victories, defeats and projects. We slip into that language that we share, the language that makes passing Normals roll their eyes and maybe mutter 'nerds' to one another.

You know what? I don't even care anymore. I've never exactly been a Normal anyway. Being considered a 'nerd' is the least of my worries, as far as life is concerned. There's bigger things to worry about than the opinions and judgement of friggin' strangers, in my mind.
I don't bother to try explaining my hobby to random Normals anymore.

*Do I get to sleep with her? I am SO a nerd....*

I just hope my house guests don't break anything while they're here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I just received another box o' tankie-tanks in da mail.
My guests thought it was their Chinese food arriving.
Ha! Suckers.....
Sigh...I'll take you down to Times Square later.
There goes my hobby time. Might as well not even open the box.

Until next time, folks- Exit with catchphrase!