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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Von Show #7 - Balance of Power, Part II

Continuing from where we left off, with ref: sticking d4s up noses and things GMs have to put a stop to.  No lengthy introduction this week, I've got to get down the shops for my Vampire Counts book, about which I will no doubt have some words to say later over 'ere.

Friday, January 13, 2012

SinSynn Supplemental: FoW Tournaments and Tactics...not necessarily together...

Hey, folks, SinSynn here.

So, having survived my first two FoW Tournaments, I return to you filled with deep thoughts and much wisdom....
Or, maybe not so much...heh.

For starters, I'd like to give a shout-out to the Cellar Dwellers, a fine bunch of gentlemen who apparently roll into rival clubs wearing cool matching shirts, flashing gangs signs....and then leave with all the prizes...

Then they kindly invite you to their club, and do the same darn thing...

I kid, of course.
A good time was had at both events, and following a lil' humbling at the first tourney (I went 1 win, 2 losses), I managed to tighten up my game a bit at the next one, and I went 2 and 1.

The Weekly Top X - Infinity Community Guide

Contrary to at least one person's fears, the Weekly Top X is not a dead duck.  It's a very much alive duck.  It still floats and everything!  It just needed some time off so i could enter almost 400 URL's into the House of Paincakes Blogroll Search.

See, I told you this would keep coming up.

Today's Top X is going to be quite a bit different than the normal formats.

Today I'm posting up a collection of articles on a specific subject that I found using the only the search tool.  The idea being that I'll collecting as much of  the hard work and different perspectives on the subject that I can to promote our members and promote a game I know people want to know more about.

Beyond promotion, I just want to give people a taste of what's out there.  As I am constantly reminded every time we get a new application - there's always a new rock to turn over for great content.  Just the HoP has something like 370+ blogs on it's rolls. Even if you were genuinely committed to reading as much as possible every week, there's just no way to get to it all.  Even our 370 members is just scratching the surface of the hobby blogoshpere.  Staggering, really.

Unfortunately, there turned out to be so much out there that I had to get picky.  If you write about Infinity and weren't on this Top X, post some links on the comments.  We'd love to see 'em.  If you're just an interested party, I cordially invite you to check out the search tool over there on the right.

Let's get started with the HoP Infinity Community Guide!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Porky took some time out of his busy schedule over at the Expanse to drop us a line concerning something he felt we needed to promote.  He explained everything to us and we immediately agreed with his appraisal of the situation. We also mentally noted how awesome it was that his promotion request wasn't for himself, but for Hereticwerks.  That's community, people!

Anyway, I'll  let Porky do the talking since what he emailed us is way better and more informed than what we'd write:

They're (Hereticwerks) planning to get an online game up and running, or rather up and
running again, because they were running it last year until Blogger
pulled the rug out.

Here's the post they used to announce the continuation, and it explains
the concept.

Here's the map of progress so far. We broke in at 'E', found and opened
the secret door, bridged the gap with a trunk from the wilds outside and
got jumped by a strange gassy creature in area 3. We almost got us eaten
by its young in one of the rooms further in, but we hid and I think the
vortex is holding them back.

All the related posts use the Bujilli label, but there's not a lot yet
because all the old was at a different blog.

Basically, a yeti-like creature called Bujilli wants to escape his uncle
and make his own way in the world, a very strange world. He's found a
gem that tells him things and it's sent him to a ruined palace, a weird
take on the classic dungeon. The whole thing is a kind of online
roleplaying by blog. The readers control Bujilli by suggesting actions
through the comments and using the dice roller widget in the sidebar to
generate numbers. Before the Blogger thing the group of players was
getting big, and they had a mix of backgrounds, from the roleplaying
blogs as well, even from outside the gaming blogs.

Thanks, Porky!

Episode 8 went up today, so I highly suggest you head over to Hereticwerks to check it out.

Gaming on a Budget: Time

Hey there kiddos, I'm back after surviving Gathering all the Magic of the past that I could.  Today's class will be on a topic near and dear to my heart- time.

Simply put, there's never enough of it and it becomes quite valuable, much like money.  Budgeting your time is just as important as budgeting your.... budget?

While I could spend all day extending the multimedia explosion begun last week and linking to videos on the subject of time

or even the same video by a different band, I won't be doing that. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SinSynn: Pulling Phones Off Of Walls

'Just because we have the internet doesn't mean we all have to play the same.'

-James S, of Warp Signal fame

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

I imagine if you look at any particular gaming 'community,' whether it be RPG's, mini games, or card based games...or board games or anything really, one might perceive it as 'fragmented.'

This so-called fragmentation can caused by anything, really, but here on the interwebz, we've got cutesy acronyms and nicknames for virtually everything...
Cuz our lil' fragment is L33T like that.

*And we luvs da kittehs dat pwn da n00bs ftw...lmao*

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lack of Direction Kills...Well it Kills Blogs at least.....

I started a blog for no reason other than I thought it would be a good idea, I also thought that I would always have something to talk about...All I needed to do was find my 'Niche' and all the Internet could bask in the warm glow of my brilliance.....

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Member Monday - Interrobang

Hello all!  It's another week at the coolest blog network ever (that's the House of Paincakes, btw) and we've got a nice new batch of blogs to share.

But first, did you notice the new HoP blog roll search?  It's over there on the right.  Plus, you can read about it here.  Which you should do.  Which you HAVE to do.  Obviously, if you already saw the announcement on Friday then you're excused from reading it again- but it would be a nice gesture.

We'll be promoting the heck out of the search tool so don't worry - if you're not sick of hearing about it now, you will be later.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Building

I know I said that this week I would be talking about mechanics and game design- and the intelligent design series will return next week, I promise. However, since we didn't move to a larger location, we decided to improve the one we had. Yesterday I spent the day making physical improvements to my store. This was an exceptionally long project and any chance at writing I thought I would have went right out the window once we got started. 

Stolen directly from TheDude's blog, here are pictures of what we did yesterday.