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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Von Show #13 - The Very Model Of A Man Inquisitorial

Hey folks.

This week's Von Show has run slightly longer than I anticipated. In fact it's run so long that I can't get it recorded and edited and posted in the time that I have available, given that I have three work deadlines to try and meet in what's left of this weekend, and writing the Show has already taken up a whole morning. However, I didn't want to completely deprive you of my dulcet tones, so... well. Here we go.

Anyway. When I was putting together this week's Top X, I found some of the specialist games easier to get the skinny on than others. Some took a bit of digging - I was there for half an hour trying to find anything good for Warmaster, for instance - but one proved to be a deep and abiding mystery, with nary a peep seemingly uttered about it anywhere on our blog rolls. Inquisitor. This week's Von Show is dedicated to working out why that happened.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Weekly Top X- 'Lo Visits Von-

[Lo appears to be in the midst of a foggy, muddy field. It looks she’s been there for a bit as there are tracks and ruts all over, and spatters of mud cake her from the knees down. She scowls quite seriously at a scrap of rumpled paper. She twists it this way and that, muttering words that are NOT PRINTABLE HERE under her breath as she twists, looking behind her in utter confusion. Her rantings veer off into something comprehensible and (somewhat) printable after a few moments.] 

Where  IS Wolverhampton? It’s NOT anywhere Near The Hamptons... It’s not in Connecticut (last time I listen to that darn Xeno fool)... I know it’s in England... but this place is confusing as well... who the heck calls places WestANYTHING if it isn’t WEST!!!! These nimrods can’t even make a decent map!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

HoP Member on GW's "What's New Today" Blog

A member of the HoP since it's founding and singer of NWOBHM band Crusader, Hoagy has landed one of his minis on the Games Workshop "What's New Today Blog."

I've known Hoagy for years and have always been impressed by his attention to detail and ability to paint most people I know under the table. 

Be sure to check out his blog When Canons Fade after you peep his Wolf Guard from GW's site.  His is the one on the right.

Wolfin it up with Hoagy

Congrats Hoagy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SinSynn: What's the deal with 'those people,' anyway?

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

So I've decided it's time to talk about something of a dark nature that occasionally crops up in relation to our hobby: racism, Nazi fanbois, and the strange, unpleasant vibe that goes with them.

As I am honor-bound to keep the initial paragraph (or whatever passes for such in my posts) and choice of blogroll pic controversy-free, I'm gonna use this space to warn you now that I may use words, terminology and imagery that might be unpleasant for some. Please be advised that I am doing this not to generate page hits, clicks and comments, but to generate some discussion, as is my want.
Most folks that have ever read anything I've written know that's what I'm about- no judgement here, no hate.
So...after the 'page break thingy,' we'll get started.
Token goofy joke first...

*Let's begin by admitting Monsters are racist, shall we? And Aliens are stereotyped. Nyah*

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Member Monday - My Head is Like a Shark's Finn

Man, what a busy weekend!  Friday was Old Stuff Day and Sunday was GM's Day.  I can tell thee days were successful and had a huge national impact on account of all the relevant greeting cards being sold out.  Couldn't find a single one.  I ended up having to buy some old seasonal greeting cards that were on sale.  Once I crossed out the original holiday name it was a simple matter to write in 'Old Stuff Day' or "GM's Day".

Nailed it.
New Member Monday

Sunday, March 4, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] The Hammer

This is a topic I really wasn't sure I wanted to talk about, but it has been brought up a few times at home by TheDude in relation to some incidents at the store (and at least one outside of it), so I'm going to tackle it.

What was I so desperately avoiding? 

The practice of banning customers from businesses, specifically game stores.

I want to be totally clear: this post is not about any one person, situation or circumstance. This is about making a deliberate choice to tell people that may or may not be customers not to be in your store- ever again.