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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Von Show #14 - Balance Is Boring

Business as usual this week, now with 100% more Hark! This week's technical error: sound quality, as my microphone has lost its pop cover and wasn't really designed for two people anyway. I've done what I can but it's still a bit quiet. Still, you can always skip to the transcript.

Incidentally, if anyone has any suggestions for topics, or thought-provoking questions, don't hold back!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Weekly Top X - Space Elfs

The other day I was looking through my closets and came face to face with the fact that I saved every box that the kits for my Eldar army came in.  I'm not entirely sure I did this other than for this shot:

So there's one long term goal of the ol' check list... and a trip to the dumpster to make.

With that in mind, today's Top X is a tribute to all the faithful Eldar players out there still pluggin' away on the hard road that is life as a 40k Xeno.

1) Scratchbuilt 40k - Scratch building Eldar Weapon Platforms, updating old Wraith Lords
We open today's festivities with a cool scratch build and a slightly alarming and definitely colorful trip down memory lane.  A solid couple of hash marks in the W column for Krisken.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gaming on a Budget: dethtron Rocks Spare Parts

Greetings y'all.  Spare parts month continues....well, it's still a month even if it's 4 non-contiguous weeks, right.

Don't forget to send in pictures of your own projects that make major use of spare parts.  I'll be doing a feature on other people's work in about two weeks.  All you need to do is send an e-mail to with "spare parts month" in the subject line.  I've gotten a few submissions already, but would love to see more.  Make sure to include a link to your blog as well, so that I can give proper credit/attribution/pimping.

Stay tuned after the jump for a gallery of some of my favorite conversions I've done from nothing but spare parts.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You don't have to understand...just don't touch anything

Hey Folks, SinSynn here.

Wow- I am having one of those crazy weeks. 
The Crazy Lady I Live With is celebrating a birthday, and family members have traveled from far and wide to come party. We've got people crashed out on couches and inflatable mattresses in our living room.
It's all very annoying, cuz it's cutting into my hobby time.
Hobby time is always the first thing to go, isn't it? In my case, this is immediately followed by blogging/internet time (why my post is late today), and 'doing anything fun time.'

And then we get to the awkward part when you have to explain all the lil' models on your desk.... 

*Actual pic of the in-progress models on my desk*

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FoW Supplemental: I Heart Panzer IV's

GMort's been having some bouts of 'real life' recently so he's gonna be out of the office for a couple of weeks.  Nothing bad, mind you - it's for life affirming and good reasons.  But he absolutely needs a short break.  So here's SinSynn eager and willing to fill all our holes.... in the schedule.

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

Since I've decided to take a break from running Infantry lists for a lil' while, I've had my head buried in Grey Wolf. Gotta tell ya, I've become quite enamored of the generic Panzerkompanie list featured in the book.

As I mentioned here, the list has a lot of potential, some great options, and the ability to add the Warrior Dietrich Van Saucken. I know the new Grenadiers are nifty, too, and neat lists from the Finns, Stug Batteries with tankriders and other cool things definitely bear more looking at.
For sheer, sword-like cutting power, though, it's tough to beat 12 Stugs, and 6 Panzer IV's, led by Van Saucken at 1750 points. That list will be turning heads at Tournaments around my way soon, for sure.
The addition of Van Saucken to what was the bog-standard Fortress Europe list makes for big fun.

The Panzer IV took a back seat to the Stug prior to the point decrease in Grey Wolf, and the new Turret rules in Version 3. Now, however, it's time to take another look at the Panther's kid brother.

*Panzer IV sez 'Shhhh! You don't see me. I'm a bush.'

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Member Monday - Inside Job

Hello everyone and welcome back to the House of Paincakes!  The only blog that was voted to have 'the best smile' in it's high school blog yearbook.  It never showed up for the picture though.  That shit is for chumps and chumpasaurs.  Also, best smile is a lame award.  Pretty much on the same level as 'most changed'.  Know what I'm sayin', Dethtron?

Inside jokes aside, we've got another new addition to the blog roles.  This time we've only got one for you.  But  how Wulvir and his buddies found their way here is a harrowing tale of subterfuge and experimental weapons perpetrated by Kirby and SinSynn.  Who, apparently, are our go to guys for this sort of thing.

New Member Monday

Wulfvir's 40k blog 
Keywords: Warhammer 40,000, Regular Warhammer, Tactica, Space Wolves, Team blog

What's this?  An essay winner?!  After so long without one?!!? Indeed.  Wulvir himself not only wrote an essay but attached it as a separate word document.  Hilarious AND inconvenient.

God’s gift to the internets; enough said. But seriously, we are a new blog focusing on 40k tactica,
eventually branching out to include tactica on ALL the races of 40k. At the moment, most of our
posts are focusing on Space Wolves, admittedly, but there are a couple on Sisters and a little bit on
Blood Angels. Ok, that is a lot less than 500 words, but if you are ignoring it anyway… :D

Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] The Myth

"So, 'Lo, you must get to play a lot of games- I mean, you own a game store..."

This phrase or variations of it are pretty common. There's a genuine belief that being a game store owner means that I get to play tons of games. In many ways, this belief boils down to the idea that I my "job" is to have fun and goof off.

This concept that I get paid to play games and have nothing but time to slack off is a big fat myth.