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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Noble Art of Arguing...

There have been several posts on both this network and on various forums about the relative merits of arguing, valuing the opinions of others and other related subjects...The general consensus being that a good debate as long as it's done with mutual respect for the opinions of others can be a constructive force for change for all concerned.....

Which is all-right in principle as long as the other persons opinion is worthy of respect...but more often than not it blatantly isn't and presuming it's going to be of equal merit as your own is like starting a game of Warhammer with the intention of playing for a draw.

I don't play to draw, I play to win ;-)

Therefore with that in mind I'd like to present my guide to winning arguments on the internet.....

1) The Imaginary Friend.
Well my mate *insert made up name here* always wins with Daemons.....


Monday, April 9, 2012

New Member Monday - Lorem Ipsum

We've got another absolutely humongous crop of new blogs this week.  Huzzah, and so forth.  I'm just gonna jump straight in. Also, I'm about 5 hours behind on writing this.  So there's that as well.

Verily, and such.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] "Versus" the Internet

"Don't even get me STARTED on the internet"- Me, to Dethtron; sometime last year

I have a lot to say about the internet -as a game store owner, there are certain level of assumptions that are made about how the internet interacts with retail businesses and their ability to continue to operate. It's not just a whistle in the dark, either. Conversations like this one happen on a long and frequent scale. I have definite information (and even evidence) about that topic, but I really haven't talked about that because it tends to cause arguments (or people ignore my POV because it doesn't match their assumptions).

Rather than argue with a stump, I just leave the arguable things alone.

I think I'm done with that for a while, and I'm discussing the internet. I'll be talking about the topic in what I hope will be an in-depth way, and I'm open to commentary and suggestion. If you want to ignore me, that's cool too.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tea and Biscuits with Lauby and Frontline Gamer: Starting the Hobby, part 1

With Von is taking a short HoP sabbatical, there was an obvious hole in the posting schedule that needed to be filled.  Unfortunately, we can't just keep making SinSynn write about Flames of War indefinitely.  And believe me, we tried.  Luckily, Von has many IRL friends who were willing to help out in his stead.  Frontline Gamer, in particular, jumped at the chance and even had some rather complete thoughts on what we could write about.  

Still not entirely convinced that Frontline Gamer isn't a hyper intelligent cat.
What follows is the first part of a conversation we're having about the nature of our hobby.  The idea being that will we discuss a topic in a semi guided fashion until we reach some kind of conclusion... or Von returns.  Whichever happens first.

Lauby: Waaaaaay back in the dimly remembered days of last october, Frontline Gamer conducted an interview with me as part of the wildly successful HoP Idol contest. A lot of great topics came up and new pals were made. Sadly, far, far too much of what either one of us had to say about anything ended up not written down or on the cutting room floor due to time and space constraints. After having gone back and read through the post to mine it for ideas, I found this question:

Thinking about why you started and when you started, I had a bit of a worrying piece of introspection two weeks ago or so when talking to a friend about starting the hobby right now. If you were looking at the hobby today would you get into it? Because I’m not so sure I would, mainly to do with the upfront cost and time investment required now. Should we be worried about this?

Truly an interesting subject, but we didn’t even get close to exhausting this as a topic of discussion. Let's call that the short answer version. So this is where we start the series at:  the pursuit of the long answer.


Friday, April 6, 2012

The Weekly Top X - All Natural Peni... Post Enlargement

Last week's Top X was a little short for my liking.   Probably for a lot of you out there as well.  I had some grand intentions of falling on my sword and begging for forgiveness, but then I looked at the page views.  So, it looks like I'm a genius?

I am the Val Kilmer in Real Genius to the your "the opposite of that"

This week is different.  This week X equals 10.

1) Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher - Interview with Morf, creator of Pulp City by
Though not actually conducted by Hendybadger himself, I think the service he provided by moving it off a forum so we could all see it on the blog rolls it is well worth recognition. Plus, if you’ve been paying attention, a ton of pulp city stuff has been flowing from this blog and it’s high time I made sure you were all aware of one mans love for super hero fights and the fact that a game like this exists.

2) Fresh Coast 40K - DFG Adepticon Primer Tournament Wrap Up
Adepticon is nearly upon us and if the historical precedents remain constant, we should be in for some very cool reports from the floor, a touch of drama and some amazing results from the Crystal Bursh contest. More immediately though, one of the boys in Michagan attended a primer tounry and did this awesome write up. There was a cool report, some drama (the good kind) and some amazing models. Adepticon in a miniature form.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gaming on a Budget: Spare Parts Month- Ogre BSB part 3, "Conclusion" hyphen semi-colon dot dot dot or is it question mark

As we enter the second month of spare parts month don't forget that next week I will be highlighting your -dear readers- creations made from spare parts.  Send an e-mail with "spare parts month" in the subject line to me at  Be sure to include some pictures of your work and a link to your own site (if you have one) and anything else you might find to be pertinent information.  The pimping you will receive should provide good times and I'm told that my gracious backhand doesn't even leave behind ring marks- how kind am I?

For those of you who have not been following along the last two weeks and were all like 'Ogres, fuck that, I don't give a shit about Ogres' you can get caught up on the previous posts:

Part 1

Part 2

I'd highly encourage you to do so, since I'm going over some pretty basic and universal techniques for finding spare parts to make extra dudes for your army for next to nothing.  The model I'm finishing up today will weigh in at 138 points of my 2,500 point army and cost me basically nothing to make.  He's the leftover gunner from an Ironblaster kit- which you'd know if you were paying attention and would know that I mistakenly called a Thunderfire canon last week if you'd really been paying attention :p


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Can't Win An Argument With A Stump...or Can You?

\Hey folks, SinSynn here.

I'm pretty sure most of you are aware that I would argue with a stump, right?
Whatever the subject is, I probably have some sorta opinion on the matter. An opinion I feel strongly enough about to argue over.
If I don't, I'll make one up in a jiffy, and wade right in. That's just the kinda knucklehead I am.

*Y U so stumpy? ANSWER ME!*

When it comes to 'real life' arguments, I'm fairly mature about the whole thing (shhhh! Don't you judge me...this is my post and I'll tell it as I see fit).
Eventually it'll dawn on me that the stump simply isn't gonna comply, and I'll throw my hands up and say 'whatevs, stump.'
Like most adults, I'm acutely aware that it's nearly impossible to change someone's mind (much less a stump's), and it's usually less frustrating and more productive to in the middle somewhere.
That's 'real life,' though. We all know there's no middle ground on the Internet.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As Balanced as a Rock...

'Broken' armies are somewhat of a myth...

Certain units are inherently powerful and certain combinations of units have a power level beyond that of the sum of their parts but quite often that perceived level of power is an illusion based primarily on the 'myth' of their invulnerability rather than the 'fact' of their invulnerability...


Monday, April 2, 2012

New Member Monday - Seven Samurai

Akira Kurosawa is responsible for some pretty amazing films.  He also did Rashomon which I just plain don't like.  But whatever, everyone has a misstep here and there.  Akira Kurosawa's triumphs far outweigh any halfhearted defense I could give of my, admittedly, off kilter taste.

When I googled for the phrase off kilter, i thought to myself : "surely there has to be a tacky
Celtic  band out there who thought the phrase would make a good name.  I was right!  Sadly.

Yojimbo was so good it's been remade at least two times.  Speaking of amazing things and piss-poor segues, we have a fantastic and large group of new blogs to welcome to the rolls.  So I should probably get on that.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Stumped Results

A couple weeks ago, I put out a call for you guys to "stump" me with your gaming likes, with the idea that I would try to match you up with games you would enjoy. The responses I got were pretty fun (and challenging!), but it's time for me to reveal my results and see if I am any good, or even CLOSE to what you might enjoy. Please let me know how I did!

LAZtheinfamous started off with his criteria.

1. I like to paint models. Love a good looking model. 
2. I have tons of 40K and WHFB stuff, but I've turned away from GW's stuff because of increasing prices. 
3. I love skirmish level games with a hint of campaign-ness. My all time favorite game is Mordheim, but I don't really dig Maulifaux because of the locked nature of the characters. There's no growth, and you can't make your 'own' leader, just the ones they have. 
4. Easy rules are a must, because my most common opponents are my pre-teen sons. They don't have the patience for a real rules heavy game. 


Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Von Show #16 - All Good Things...

Lovely up-the-nose shot there. And still no pop guard for my microphone. I bet the cat's nicked off with it.

Sometimes, you'll get lucky, and your hand will be forced by forceful forces beyond your control. Sometimes, you'll be clever, and pin it all on Mysterious Circumstances. Sometimes, fate and fortune will conspire against you, and you'll have to face the most onerous trial a gamesmaster ever has to face...

Ending The Game.


Friday, March 30, 2012

The Weekly Top X - Homophones and Forgeworld

Hello and welcome back to another Lauby flavored Top X at the House of Paincakes!  I'd also like to give a big special thanks to Laundry Girl (who ever she really is) and SinSynn from the bottom of the robotic pumping machine that passes for my heart.  Last week's post was pretty amazing and you should all read it again.

Now, on to my craziness.

Deep Diction
My original idea for today was to do a Top X based upon my new favorite homophones:  ado and adieu.  But it turns out that singling out people who write 'without further adieu' when the really mean  'without further ado' is not the way to go about making friends.  Some of them could have seriously be rocking one of the cleverest puns I've ever seen.  Plus, I already have enough enemies.  So I still want to mention this little factoid, I just don't want to be any shittier about it than I have to.

Moving on.


Contest Alert - Frontline Gamer and Winged Hell Beasts

Hey Folks, Just a little reminder on behalf of Frontline Gaming for ya today.

He's been on a BaneLegions kick lately and has an absolute double whammy of a post that you should all check out.  It's an interview with a certain amiable fellow by the name of Rob Lane who is one of the Maelstrom Games honchos.  The whole thing is as in depth as it is interesting, but what's more, contained therein is the key you need to enter a fantastical contest to win one of these bad mamajamas:

I shit you not, a 165mm tall resin model is up for grabs and all you have to do is some leisure reading.

So get to it!  The post you need to immerse yourself in for the clues is right here. We've even saved you a step.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gaming on a Budget: Spare Parts Month- Ogre BSB part 2

As with last week, before I kick this into high gear don't forget that in 2 weeks I will be highlighting your -dear readers- creations made from spare parts.  Send an e-mail with "spare parts month" in the subject line to me at  Be sure to include some pictures of your work and a link to your own site (if you have one) and anything else you might find to be pertinent information.

When we left off last week, I was elbow deep in converting an Ogre Battle Standard Bearer from spare parts.  This has consisted mainly of using the extra ogre gunner left over from making the Scraplauncher instead of the Thunderfire Canon. 

Before getting to far into the standard itself, I was careful to prep the arm to hold it.

The arm I used is positioned perfectly for the task of holding a standard.  It was originally holding straps to aim the (still very dumb) Thunderfire Canon.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FoW Supplemental: Battlefront keeps the party going

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

Flames of War players continue to bask in the glow of new releases from Battlefront, and the next few months are going to see some interesting things hit the shelves.

Blood, Guts, and Glory is on the way, and with it comes a veritable plethora of new kits.
American players are getting pretty psyched up for new Jumbo Shermans and Easy Eight's. The basic Sherman kit is also seeing a makeover, and the Ultimate Rival is already planning his THIRD tank company as a result.
For my part, I look forward to blowing all these things up, and I'll be getting new lists to do do it with.
Battlefront has yet to announce a new kit for the Jagdtiger....but here's hoping.

*For every one Allied tank it destroys, it scares another dozen to death*


Monday, March 26, 2012

New Member Monday - So Close and Yet so Far

Dethtron and I...  actually, lets be inclusive on this one.  The ENTIRE HoP staff has been eagerly awaiting the day when we hit 400 blogs on our rolls.  And we're very, very close to that.

According to blogger we have 398 blogs on our rolls.  My google  custom search says we have 400 sites indexed!  So we're either a hairs breadth away or full on there.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] The Bubble Part 2

A while ago, I talked about 'the bubble' as I see it. to me, the bubble is a sphere of influence, ownership or shared responsibility for an undertaking. It might be a sports team, a girl scout troupe, or a small business. Those INSIDE the bubble know what's going on, when, why and how- and those outside the bubble know what is told to them by those inside it.

I've been on both sides of the bubble. Recently, GW told my store that they were making a big change to its paint line. They wouldn't tell us what KIND of changes, but I figured "hey, that's ok; they will tell me what I need to know". I also assumed that I was closer to the "inside" of the bubble than the "average consumer" since I sell theit product for them.

I got my official email after several large blogs had broken the story. I read about the new paint line and colors online at major hobby blogs before I read it from the company I'm supposed to be partnering with. I discovered that despite a heavy cash investment, I am NOT inside the bubble. I find things out when everyone else does (and sometimes later).


Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Von Show #15 - The Non Show

Nobody wants to see my hangover face, do they? No? Good.

This week, I want to talk about hacking.

 No, not like that, you nar-nar. I mean hacking games.

Closer... warmer... but not quite cooking yet. Let me back up and explain a bit.


Friday, March 23, 2012

The Weekly Top X- SinSynn vs. Laundry Girl

High atop the tallest building in sight, a lurking figure peers over the ledge and into the night.

The figure converses with itself, sometimes raising it's voice to a yell, other times a low, babbling mutter pours continuously from it's vocal orifice.

There seems to be an argument taking place within it's head. There's some foul words directed at a Hamster, but there appears to be no actual Hamster anywhere in the vicinity.

The argument reaches a crescendo....


The figure cackles in evil glee, and assumes his coolest bad guy pose.
“The only being in the universe that could stop me now is-”

A tremendous flash of light blazes from the sky, crashing down upon the roof with an earth-shattering kaboom.

The lurker picks itself up, coughing. As the dust settles, a shining figure is revealed before him.

The silhouette of a Terran female, a cape flowing gracefully off of her shoulders.
So...Springtime fresh.

The small, twisted lurker knows this can only mean one thing....He points an angry, multi-knuckled digit at the new arrival.



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gaming on a Budget Spare Parts Month- Ogre BSB part 1

Before we begin, don't forget that in 2 weeks I will be highlighting your -dear readers- creations made from spare parts.  Send an e-mail with "spare parts month" in the subject line to me at  Be sure to include some pictures of your work and a link to your own site (if you have one) and anything else you might find to be pertinent information.

Well, now that that's out of the way, it's time to fix a glaring hole in the WFB Ogre Kingdoms model line.  There is no battle standard bearer.  Yeah, I know, ludicrous that there's no model for an absolutely essential addition to any army, but here we are.

To remedy this situation, I'm going to be converting one using nothing but spare parts.  Now, you'll probably see me use a bunch of tools that may be moderately expensive and bash together parts of several not too cheap kits.  Then you'll be all like 'hey, what the shit happened to the budget part.'  Well it's still there, I assure you.  As I've mentioned before, I don't mind spending money on quality tools that have many uses and are built to last- this is a sound investment- and part of my "budget" approach to this is selecting essential tools that are a good value.  Now as for the kits- well, if you're playing an army, you have to get a bunch of kits.  Being smart and figuring out how to game the system and stretch what you get in those boxes.... well that's budget friendly.  Honestly, the only cost to me for this whole project will be $.50 worth of plastic rod and a bottle of wine that I would have drunk anyway.

To start out, you'll need an Ironblaster/Scraplauncher kit:


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Path to Victory is Paved With Hobo Corpses

The best laid schemes of mice and men, go often awry
-Robert Burns

Lil' story...
At the final Version 2 FoW Tournament I attended, I missed placing in the top three because of a failed bog test.

As the two hour mark approached, and the TO announced '15 minutes remaining,' I left one of my Tiger tanks guarding the approach to my objectives, along with a somewhat battered Engineer platoon. The Tiger platoon leader and a teammate made a mad dash for an unguarded enemy objective.
The enemy was a Russian Mech list, which spent the majority of our game pushing the west flank. The eastern side of the board was empty, with the exception of the single Grenadier platoon I had protecting my own objective on that side of the table.
They were chillin,' drinking coffee and Schnapps, observing the fireworks from the comfort of a wooded grove.
The enemy east objective looked awful tempting, since the mission was Free-For-All. I suspected my opponent would play for the draw when he realized he wasn't going to take the west flank, so I went for it.
All I had to do was cut through a lil' patch o' woods.

*Friggin' potholes*


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FoW Supplemental: Tactical Sticky Spots

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

Something that's made me pretty happy of late is seeing some of my favorite bloggers take up Flames of War.
The guys from the Back 40k, Stelek from Yes the Truth Hurts, and my buddy Purgatus from Best Overall have all grabbed some models and a free mini-rulebook and, like myself, are writing stuffs about it.
It's nice to see the conversation leap off the FoW forums and out here, where semi-interested people might get lured in...
...and trapped.
Heh. One of ussss....One of ussss...

*Now go buy tankie-tanks!*


Monday, March 19, 2012

New Member Monday - Do You Know Where Your Lauby is?

Hey cats and kittens - or Dawgs, if you're not a cat person.  Sorry for the extreme delay for today's post, but I just absolutely had to watch an entire season of Archer last night and the lack of sleep threw my whole day off. Well... that and the dental work.

Not that kind of... sigh.  You jackass

But never mind all THAT.  We have some new members today!

New Member Monday

The Neverness Hobby Chronicle
Keywords: Warhammer, 40,000, Warhammer, Black Library Fiction, Warhammer /wh40K roleplaying systems, and White Dwarf rants.

Field Factory
Keywords: Scenic bases, commerce, España

No essay today, since both of our new pals have better things to do.  So instead of my usual internet treasure, let's play a game together.  In the comments, let us know which SINGLE HoP member blog's name sounds the most  like some sort of sexual euphemism. It's also OK to point out which blogs have titles that are actual euphemisms as well.... Brent.

I've got my own idea, but I wont spoil it.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Connecting People with Games

Helping a customer find "just the right game" is one of my favorite things to do.

I highly enjoy finding new, interesting, challenging and fun games for my customers to try. I like it so much I extend it to friends over the internet, too. I've helped many a blogging buddy come into a game that thrills them and presses their "ooh shiny" button.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Von Show #14 - Balance Is Boring

Business as usual this week, now with 100% more Hark! This week's technical error: sound quality, as my microphone has lost its pop cover and wasn't really designed for two people anyway. I've done what I can but it's still a bit quiet. Still, you can always skip to the transcript.

Incidentally, if anyone has any suggestions for topics, or thought-provoking questions, don't hold back!


Friday, March 16, 2012

The Weekly Top X - Space Elfs

The other day I was looking through my closets and came face to face with the fact that I saved every box that the kits for my Eldar army came in.  I'm not entirely sure I did this other than for this shot:

So there's one long term goal of the ol' check list... and a trip to the dumpster to make.

With that in mind, today's Top X is a tribute to all the faithful Eldar players out there still pluggin' away on the hard road that is life as a 40k Xeno.

1) Scratchbuilt 40k - Scratch building Eldar Weapon Platforms, updating old Wraith Lords
We open today's festivities with a cool scratch build and a slightly alarming and definitely colorful trip down memory lane.  A solid couple of hash marks in the W column for Krisken.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gaming on a Budget: dethtron Rocks Spare Parts

Greetings y'all.  Spare parts month continues....well, it's still a month even if it's 4 non-contiguous weeks, right.

Don't forget to send in pictures of your own projects that make major use of spare parts.  I'll be doing a feature on other people's work in about two weeks.  All you need to do is send an e-mail to with "spare parts month" in the subject line.  I've gotten a few submissions already, but would love to see more.  Make sure to include a link to your blog as well, so that I can give proper credit/attribution/pimping.

Stay tuned after the jump for a gallery of some of my favorite conversions I've done from nothing but spare parts.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You don't have to understand...just don't touch anything

Hey Folks, SinSynn here.

Wow- I am having one of those crazy weeks. 
The Crazy Lady I Live With is celebrating a birthday, and family members have traveled from far and wide to come party. We've got people crashed out on couches and inflatable mattresses in our living room.
It's all very annoying, cuz it's cutting into my hobby time.
Hobby time is always the first thing to go, isn't it? In my case, this is immediately followed by blogging/internet time (why my post is late today), and 'doing anything fun time.'

And then we get to the awkward part when you have to explain all the lil' models on your desk.... 

*Actual pic of the in-progress models on my desk*


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FoW Supplemental: I Heart Panzer IV's

GMort's been having some bouts of 'real life' recently so he's gonna be out of the office for a couple of weeks.  Nothing bad, mind you - it's for life affirming and good reasons.  But he absolutely needs a short break.  So here's SinSynn eager and willing to fill all our holes.... in the schedule.

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

Since I've decided to take a break from running Infantry lists for a lil' while, I've had my head buried in Grey Wolf. Gotta tell ya, I've become quite enamored of the generic Panzerkompanie list featured in the book.

As I mentioned here, the list has a lot of potential, some great options, and the ability to add the Warrior Dietrich Van Saucken. I know the new Grenadiers are nifty, too, and neat lists from the Finns, Stug Batteries with tankriders and other cool things definitely bear more looking at.
For sheer, sword-like cutting power, though, it's tough to beat 12 Stugs, and 6 Panzer IV's, led by Van Saucken at 1750 points. That list will be turning heads at Tournaments around my way soon, for sure.
The addition of Van Saucken to what was the bog-standard Fortress Europe list makes for big fun.

The Panzer IV took a back seat to the Stug prior to the point decrease in Grey Wolf, and the new Turret rules in Version 3. Now, however, it's time to take another look at the Panther's kid brother.

*Panzer IV sez 'Shhhh! You don't see me. I'm a bush.'


Monday, March 12, 2012

New Member Monday - Inside Job

Hello everyone and welcome back to the House of Paincakes!  The only blog that was voted to have 'the best smile' in it's high school blog yearbook.  It never showed up for the picture though.  That shit is for chumps and chumpasaurs.  Also, best smile is a lame award.  Pretty much on the same level as 'most changed'.  Know what I'm sayin', Dethtron?

Inside jokes aside, we've got another new addition to the blog roles.  This time we've only got one for you.  But  how Wulvir and his buddies found their way here is a harrowing tale of subterfuge and experimental weapons perpetrated by Kirby and SinSynn.  Who, apparently, are our go to guys for this sort of thing.

New Member Monday

Wulfvir's 40k blog 
Keywords: Warhammer 40,000, Regular Warhammer, Tactica, Space Wolves, Team blog

What's this?  An essay winner?!  After so long without one?!!? Indeed.  Wulvir himself not only wrote an essay but attached it as a separate word document.  Hilarious AND inconvenient.

God’s gift to the internets; enough said. But seriously, we are a new blog focusing on 40k tactica,
eventually branching out to include tactica on ALL the races of 40k. At the moment, most of our
posts are focusing on Space Wolves, admittedly, but there are a couple on Sisters and a little bit on
Blood Angels. Ok, that is a lot less than 500 words, but if you are ignoring it anyway… :D


Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] The Myth

"So, 'Lo, you must get to play a lot of games- I mean, you own a game store..."

This phrase or variations of it are pretty common. There's a genuine belief that being a game store owner means that I get to play tons of games. In many ways, this belief boils down to the idea that I my "job" is to have fun and goof off.

This concept that I get paid to play games and have nothing but time to slack off is a big fat myth.