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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tea and Biscuits with Lauby and Frontline Gamer: Starting the Hobby, part 2

Frontline Gamer and I are still subbing in for Von while he's on walkabout.  Last Saturday we kicked off a conversation about starting the hobby in this day and age.  Our intention was to wrap things up in one post and move onto other important questions like "do red ones really go faster?" or "what's the deal with airline food?".    Once we were past the first paragraph, it was quickly apparent this was gonna be a multi-parter.  So begins part 2 right were we left off last week.

Lauby: Ah good, we’re moving on to a game company that’s worthy of my scorn! Actually, I can’t afford to be quite that flippant. Starting over: I think there are a lot of flaws with Privateer Press on the whole. Obviously, none of them seem to be crippling the game but they’re there. Now, as much fun as it would be rake HoMachine over the coals, it could quickly take over the conversation.

Get it! hahaha.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Weekly Top X - Fearful Symmetry

9 New Members this past Monday and 9 Top X picks?!  It'd be fate if it weren't for the simple fact that I fudged the Top X part.  Like anyone would believe that it was just serendipity that I happened to only picked 9 posts anyways.

Anywho, it's symmetrical.  Like book ends. Kind of.  Except for Saturday and Sunday.  Hey!  Look over there!!

1) Incarias Speaks - Warhammer Fantasy: My Reactions to the New Empire
Every time a new army comes up the ol’ tubes immediately get clogged up with people trying to be the first one to comment on it. Actually, it occurs to me that I am being a dick. The point is that this post by Incarias is so much more than a simple look at new kits. There’s a real commentary on how 8th edition is shaping up and it’s worth your time.

2)Warhammer In Progress - Ideal-Ideas #1 - Spawn
This is what I call a Top X value added feature. A post about more posts. I could stop now and this would technically be a 8 count Top X. To bring us back to the point of this entry: Warhammer in Progress has collected a bunch of cool homegrown spawn and were not moving on until you look at all of them. Speaking of Tenuous links to William Blake, this is also a fantastic link back to our latest Gaming on a Budget post since it was also pretty spawn-tastic.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gaming on a Budget: Spare Parts Month HoP Member Project Extravaganza

As promised, week 8 or so of spare parts month will close out the series with a collection of projects submitted by HoP members.

We had some great submissions and I even found a new blog to drool over in the process of this.  Thanks to everyone who submitted.

How it feels to be pimped by the HoP; artist's interpretation

Without further hoopla and ado, here are the creme de la creme entries. (Hint- blog names are links to the site that submitted the project)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Epic Spring Cleaning Battle is Epic

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

Have you ever noticed that Terran females have a way of saying your name in such a way that you just know you're in trouble?
A certain tone, a certain pitch, and lethally cold chills will run up your spine. Bladders and bowels may be voided, as well. At the very least, a Terran female calling your name in 'that manner' will immediately make you do a quick mental rundown of your actions since the last time you got in trouble....
'What did I do? Think, man!'

*You can bet she's not yelling 'Come fulfill yer fantasies with me NOW!*

Since the Crazy Lady I Live With is blessed by Satan with the ability to yell my name in such a way that I immediately fall to the ground in convulsions, I knew I was doomed the other day when she announced....
Spring Cleaning.
'It's time for you to do something with all those models in the closet you never use.'
If I wasn't having spasms on the floor, I would have attempted immediate resistance. As it was, all I managed was a strangled sounding whine.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Noble Art of Arguing...

There have been several posts on both this network and on various forums about the relative merits of arguing, valuing the opinions of others and other related subjects...The general consensus being that a good debate as long as it's done with mutual respect for the opinions of others can be a constructive force for change for all concerned.....

Which is all-right in principle as long as the other persons opinion is worthy of respect...but more often than not it blatantly isn't and presuming it's going to be of equal merit as your own is like starting a game of Warhammer with the intention of playing for a draw.

I don't play to draw, I play to win ;-)

Therefore with that in mind I'd like to present my guide to winning arguments on the internet.....

1) The Imaginary Friend.
Well my mate *insert made up name here* always wins with Daemons.....

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Member Monday - Lorem Ipsum

We've got another absolutely humongous crop of new blogs this week.  Huzzah, and so forth.  I'm just gonna jump straight in. Also, I'm about 5 hours behind on writing this.  So there's that as well.

Verily, and such.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] "Versus" the Internet

"Don't even get me STARTED on the internet"- Me, to Dethtron; sometime last year

I have a lot to say about the internet -as a game store owner, there are certain level of assumptions that are made about how the internet interacts with retail businesses and their ability to continue to operate. It's not just a whistle in the dark, either. Conversations like this one happen on a long and frequent scale. I have definite information (and even evidence) about that topic, but I really haven't talked about that because it tends to cause arguments (or people ignore my POV because it doesn't match their assumptions).

Rather than argue with a stump, I just leave the arguable things alone.

I think I'm done with that for a while, and I'm discussing the internet. I'll be talking about the topic in what I hope will be an in-depth way, and I'm open to commentary and suggestion. If you want to ignore me, that's cool too.