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Saturday, June 23, 2012

HoP Idol II: Design Failosophy; One Codex To Rule Them All [Part One]

Last, but not least, we have our final entrant into the Thunderdome that is HoP Idol II- The_King_Elessar. You may recognize him from his bloggings at "Mind War FTW."

There should only be one Marine Codex, they cry, ignorant of how inherently stupid this idea is to the fabric of the game. 

In case any of you are somehow ignorant of this fact, Warhammer 40,000 isn’t actually the story of nostalgic and vengeful Necron Overlords, scheming Farseers and brutal and aggressive Ork Warlords.  It isn’t a tapestry of the fledgling Tau Empire’s efforts to establish themselves as the dominant galactic power, or the story of the Great Devourer, or the Warp’s eventual overrunning all other life, or of Vect’s attempts to slake She Who Thirsts and live forever.

[Games Anatomy] - Four Shades of Grim Darkness

It started with Dark Heresy. Well, that's not strictly true. In one sense, it started with Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, the old faithful engine still thumping away at the heart of all the games I'll be rabbiting on about today. In another sense, it started with Rogue Trader - the first edition of 40K has more than shades of the RPG about it, at least in the early-D&D sense of there being heroes and villains commanding battles 'twixt  their parties of hirelings and henchmen, and a focus on narrative and scenario rather than balance and reliable skill testing. Hell, in one sense of the word, it started with poor doomed Inquisitor. But for our purposes, it started with Dark Heresy.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Weekly Top X - For Your Esteemed Consideration

Ah, there you are! I'm delighted to see that you received my invitation and have done me the honor of visiting me on this pleasant summer day.  Do come in!

Can I have my man-servant get you anything?  Brandy?  Cigar?  No?

Well, I do hope you wont mind if I partake of a small libation myself.  I find that this is perfect weather for having a small drink and lounging on the veranda.

Geoffrey -  Please take our guest's hat and coat and then bring me a cognac.  I shall also like you to prepare some tea in case our guest is suddenly stricken with thirst.

So how have you been, my old boy?  Not to poorly I hope.  I heard that you had a spot of trouble durin your trip to Zimbabwe.  Some kind of run in with a giant spider on the African veldt?

1) Coloured Dust - Arachnarok Spider

Egads, man!  I had no idea that such a fearsome beast existed?  My condolences to your Porters and your Land Rover.

Speaking of trips, one of the lads down at the gentleman's club recently recounted the details of one of his own recent journies.  He found this wonderful shop... in American of all places!  Sometimes the colonials get things right I guess.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HoP Idol II: Writing 40K Army Background

Who's ready to get Wyrd? Everyone? Fantastic because Wyrd of "Miscellaneous Miniatures" is our next contender for the HoP Idol II contest extravaganza.

Writing 40k Army Background

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh god not another damn article about writing army background. Haven’t I read myself to sleep on enough of these?” While I think there are a lot of great articles out there about the topic let’s face it not everyone can get to the same place the same way. Normally that might be some segway into talking about autistic kids and maps but not today. Today I’m talking about army background. In my experience most people look to broad when they start working on this kind of thing and that is I think where we make our mistake.

Sexy Models! (need I say more?)

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

Man, am I in a good mood today!
Despite the fact that it's like a bajillion degrees here in NYC, I'm sittin' at my keyboard with a big ol' grin.

Firstly, my knucklehead stepson managed to survive his first year of Audio Engineering school, pulling in mostly A's for grades.
I'm gonna give him a break on the class he didn't ace, because he claims the teacher was out to get him. Yeah, I'm sure that's not exactly true, because I used that excuse myself back in the day, but whatevs. My steppie is a sarcastic, snarky jerk (I have NO IDEA where he gets it from...Don't you judge me...), and I'm just glad none of his teachers strung him up by his heels.

Secondly, not only am I suffused with something resembling familial pride, but I'm about to get a lil' crazy here. After three weeks of writing coherent, sensible, non-ranty posts about Games Workshop and 6th Edition 40k, it's time to return to tentacles, hamsters, Megan Fox (mmmmm....Megan Fox), and plotting to destroy this miserable globe you humans call home.
Pass me my disintegrator.

Let's kick this party off right...with scantily clad models.

*I'd have real, live scantily clad models if I could, but I've got that restraining order thing*

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Discussion - Inclusion

Mr. Laubersheimer's off in the pursuit of his own mysterious errands this week, and he's been foolish enough to cede this slot to me in his absence. I'd been planning to do a little something about rules bloat, maybe, or perhaps edition warfare, but honestly? Everyone and their dog has some perspective on how we should deal with WFB 8, sixth edition 40K or D&D Next, and I don't see that adding another leaf to the storms in any of those particular teacups is going to do my nerves or your electronic earholes any good whatsoever. Then Sunday's HoP Idol post happened, and now I'm coming over all Gaming Curriculum, so I suppose that means it's time to talk about a teacher word.

Monday, June 18, 2012

HoP Idol II: Hobby + Kids

Today's entry from our HoP Idol contestants comes from Doc Brian of "The Family that Slays Together."  Here is a blogger who is offering us a rarely seen perspective.  

I’m not going to post a bunch of statistics.  You’ve probably already seen the numbers touting that kids who interact with their parents or other role models are more likely to stay out of trouble.  Sure, I get involved in their soccer games and ballet recitals.  I kick the ball around while tiptoeing about in my ballet shoes and tutu…

Did I actually type that last part?

Um, let’s just say I try to stay involved and leave it at that. 

Despite my efforts, I always feel like I could be doing better, especially when I’m indulging in my own hobbies.  So, if we’re already spending time with toys, why not kill two birds with one stone?  Why not get them involved in what we do?

So how do we get our kids (or nephews and nieces, annoying little brothers, that neighborhood kid who is always hanging out in your yard) involved in our hobby?  If your kids (or nephews and nieces…

New Member Monday - On A Jetplane

Hello everyone and welcome to what should prove to be an exciting week of HoP Idol goodness that should continue on for a nice chunk of time.  It's real, live blogging entertainment!

By the time you read this, I'll be on my way to short visit to Illinois for undisclosed purposes and I'll be traveling by, you guessed it, passenger jet.  Unfortunately, I did not know that the song I referenced in the post title was by John Denver until just this very moment.  Not to be confused with Bob Denver who played Gilligan on an island of the same name.  Anywho John up there died in a plane crash.  So probably not the best reference in any measurable way.

I had grand intentions to find a snazzy cover of Leaving on a Jet Plane, but all I could find was a bunch of slow soulful, acoustic guitar bullshit.  Mostly but what appear to be indie rock chicks.  By Unholy Krondor do I hate indie rock.  So here's this tangentially related song instead as it occurs to me that I should have just started over with the post at this point.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

HoP Idol II: Premeasure

Hey Ya'll, after missing a beat yesterday due to scheduling constraints with my crappy life, we're back up and running with a fantastic article from our next HoP Idol contestant- Gartenzing from "Gaming all Areas."  Hope you enjoy.

Pre-Measuring: Better or Worse?

Hi all,

Gartenzing here, the writer on Gaming All Areas- it’s a relatively new Blog, but one which I
hope provokes a little thought for the people reading it. For HoP, I’d like to touch on a topic
which has been discussed over the last few months- Pre-measuring.

This has become a bit of a hot topic due to the 40K 6th Ed rumours. Whether it’s coming to
40K or not (at time of writing, the rules haven’t been released), Games Workshop has been
slowly making the movement to pre-measuring for a little while- Lord of the Rings uses it, as
does Fantasy as of 8th Ed. I firmly believe this is a good thing.

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Doing it Right

There ARE companies that are doing it right. There are businesses out there that Have A Clue (TM) and are using their talents, abilities, sense and acumen to build strong relationships with retailers to grow their customer base.

We have relationships with a few companies that are really "working it" and taking proactive steps to build, strengthen and encourage the gamer community. They're doing things like visiting stores, taking pictures, promoting games, trading blog links and talking to owners about keeping customers satisfied.

One of those businesses very recently gave us a pretty nice bonus in an effort to gain more of OUR business. The idea was that if they made doing business with them easier, nicer, and with a better profit point, we would trade much of our business over to them as an entity. They understood that communication and treating my shop with respect and consideration are key points for earning my business, and work hard to treat all stores they deal with in those ways.

Other businesses pay attention to their product releases and give details far in advance- sometimes as long as 6 months notice for a big release. A great example is WoTC. I've known when releases are coming out for them for pretty much the whole calendar since about February. I might not know specific DATES immediately, but some official communication was given that "early May" and "mid July", we should expect new releases from them.

This is pretty handy information to have, because it allows us to have MONEY to buy the "new hotness" that our customers desire so much. TheDude and I know in advance not to make major purchases in those time frames, because we will be shelling out big bucks to buy enough product to keep up with the demand.

Somehow, WotC hasn't lost any business by telling their customers about release schedules, new projects (Return to Ravnica is happening, and customers are EXCITED) and actual timing of those events. In many cases, they are driving up sales by creating a hype and getting customers ready for the latest and greatest.

The expectations a retailer has about the way their vendor relationships work has a great deal to do with whether those relationships continue. I don't think it's too out of line to expect that I'll be afforded communication and cooperation in regards to new releases, scheduling and money out of my pocket. Some vendors treat those thoughts with respect, and others don't. I know that I'm not alone in thinking it might be time to re-evaluate certain alliances to see if they continue to be beneficial.

For us, as a business, emotion and nostalgia can only go so far; money has to be made as well. That's a tough place to be in when talking about building a community and offering "fun in a box", but it's a necessary choice to make to keep the lights on and customers coming in.

Because as much as I love relationships, I gotta pay the rent. Having partnerships that bring paying customers in the door is a benefit, and when I have those, I reward them by continuing to do business with them. Some businesses "get it", and in return, they get my cash.