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Saturday, July 28, 2012

[Games Anatomy] Of Backswords and Bucklers

Having spent three weeks exploring an RPG with which I didn't get on, it occurs to me that it might be worth my while to talk about a game for which I have unadulterated respect, and perhaps to explain what it is about that game that makes me like it so much. So this week I'm going to be appallingly self-indulgent and talk about Backswords and Bucklers by Tied To A Kite Games.

Friday, July 27, 2012

HoP Idol II Challenge: DoK

Better slightly late in the day than never, DoK (my fault for not getting this up in time, not his) of "3 for Int" is bringing us his interpretation of a certain unique HoP writer.  At least I'm fairly certain that's what's going on here.  Hamster's on the loose it seems.

Hey everyone, Dok here from and for this weeks challenge, I was asked to take one of the normal writers segments and put a twist on it.  I was thinking and thinking about it and really there was only one way to go. I had to do SinSynn... Not like that, I'll save that for the tentacles.

Hey Folks, Megan Fox here.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

HoP Idol II: Games Anatomy: A less impressive beard is still a beard, right?

Guys... OMG, guess what!!!!! It's time for today's HoP Idol II challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG.  Today we'll all be hearing from Doc Brian, father extraordinaire and keeper of the "The Family that Slays together" blog.  Today he'll be following in Von's footsteps and bringing us his version of the "Games Anatomy" articles he is now officially Internet famous for (official because I just said it, damn it).

Games Anatomy: A Less Impressive Beard Is Still A Beard, Right?

In my introductory article, I mentioned that I like to find games that both I and my kids enjoy playing.

I've had some success stories with games like Blood Bowl and the Killzone skirmish rules for 40K. I've also had some not-so-successful experiences with some old favorites like Axis and Allies. So it seems like a pretty natural fit for me to do a Games Anatomy style article. Except with tabletop war games instead of RPGs. And with the caveat that I'll be playing with youngsters and would rather not tear my hair out in the process. And with a significantly less impressive beard. And no hat. So not really much like Games Anatomy, I suppose.

But before I can get on with this review, I think a little back story is needed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HoP Idol II: Memoirs of a Game Store Staffer

Woo,  I've survived another day and am pleased to bring you the next contender in this week's challenge- Gartenzing of "Gaming All Areas."  This week he'll be posting his own version of the always famous "Musings..." post from the perspective of not THE (WO)MAN, but rather the humble drone at the game store.  Enjoy....

Memoirs of a Game Store Staffer

Hi all. Well, for this week’s challenge in the HoP Idol contest, I’m using the regular “Musings of a
Game Store Owner” as inspiration. Now, I’ve never owned a game store, but I have worked in a
few over the years (Independents, as well as various Games Workshops) so here’s a Top 10 of my
memorable moments serving hobbyists...

Since I got to pick the pic, I decided on something every British writer could identify with- a David Letterman reference- suck it Jools Holland

The Last Moments of the Emperor Revealed!

Sanguinius stared at his image in the mirror and frowned.
Previously, he would have simply asked his brother Fulgrim for advice in this matter, but that wasn't an option any longer. Now, as he glared at his reflection, Sanguinius resented Horus and his rebellion more than ever. For no matter what he did, the Blood Angels Primarch simply couldn't get his eyeliner on right.

*This is IMPOSSIBLE, shouts Sanguinius*

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HoP Idol II: Musings of an Impulse Buyer

First up this week, we've got the ever amazing Neil of "The Dice Gods are Hungry" dropping some knowledge upon us about his little problem in stores.  He'll be aping Lo's ever popular column, "Musings of a game store owner."

Musings of an Impulse Buyer

I like reading the ‘Musings of a Game Store Owner’ articles because it’s always interesting to know what’s really going on across the counter.  Of course, Lo can’t tell us everything that goes on because the people who read it might actually go to the store in question and that would be baaaad (I work in the motor trade, I serve customers and I know what gets said as soon as customers are out of earshot!).

But what about us consumers?  Where are our musings? 

HoP Idol II 2nd Challenge 1st Movement in B flat Major

Another Challenge week is upon us for the HoP Idol Competition.  Starting this afternoon (in America Time- Central, specifically- but not Central America) the 2nd round of challenges goes up.  Throwing a curve ball this week, I randomly pulled a pretty exciting and unique challenge out of my ass... errr magic hat.

Like to hear it?  Here it goes...

The Challenge:
Take your favorite regular HoP column and put your own twist on it.  That's it, write an article to fit in one of our normal weekly series (New member monday, gaming on a budget, musings of a game store owner, Tuesday Discussion, Games anatomy, whatever it is sinnsynn does, etc).  Do whatever you need to do (a la bizarro week where musings of a gamestore owner became musings of a game store patron) to bring your own voice to that column.  Make sure to include an introduction stating whose column you are basing your post on and briefly explain why.

This is deliberately pretty open, because I think it'll give you all a good chance to take this in a lot of different directions.  Note that you don't need to copy a certain author's style, unless you want to.  We're only asking you to work within the same parameters and scope (or the oppossite ones if that's where you're headed) in order to complete your post.  Hit me up with questions.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dave G - Straight Outta Canada

Just a little late afternoon pimping for you today, the world famous Dave G is back at it again after a much needed rest from his fund raising activities.

In this metaphor, Dave is the cat.
He's got his own Blog-network-finder-doodad up and running and it's the real deal.  I'll let Dave explain:

First, my new network list is fully functional now, and a shout-out would be awwwesome and mucho appreciated. Haven’t had tons of people re-signup, (had over 70 sites before) and I’m really hoping to build this in to somewhere that authors can advertise their contacts and visitors can quickly find blogs with the content they’re interested in. The big change is that it’s searchable now, and authors can update their blog information themselves. How many times have you had to Google looking for an author to find their site, sifting through results, then from there having to look through bars is varying forms of (dis)organization for an email, Twitter or Facebook? This way it can be in one place!
Link:  Wargaming Network List

Second.. I guess things got a little crazy on your site over the last few weeks, which made me think of a feature I was missing - so this weekend I added content ratings. Authors can now choose to list their blogs for “Everyone”, “Teen” or “Mature” readership. The idea being that parents, teachers, or the easily offended can find blogs that are upfront about the type of content they contain.
Link: Network content ratings and my own promise

Good stuff, right?  Of course it is.

I may not be all that hip to the 'street' culture but I'm relatively sure that the G stands for Gangsta.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that you should head on over to Dave G's site and check his shi... stuff out.

(For the record, I think the House of Paincakes is all over the place in terms of a rating - but usually between a T and an M.  I wounder if I could get Dave to make us a special, HoP only rating that represents our wide range of appropriateness for age levels and the seemingly random chance it'll be different from day to day? )

Old Member Monday?

What's up, everyone?!  Welcome to another fine week at the House of Paincakes!  We've gotten a bit off script this Monday and while we have added a blog to the rolls this week, it's not really a new blog as such.

Which reminds me..

Tell your freinds about us and anyone you see not flying our colors!  Maybe even your parents!!

Remind them of all the benefits outline on our Join Us! page.

pictured: networking opportunities, animal sexual magnetism
With that out of the way, a kind reader wrote in to let us know that he had started blogging again after a year long hiatus.  Luckily, we're pretty good at reading between the lines and we added him back into our links straight away!

Old Member Monday

Prometheus at War
Keywords: 40K, mostly about tactics, a little bit of modelling. Strongly focusing on Grey Knights, SM, and Tau, but also general battle-concepts.
Essay: Because I'm a freaking tactical genius. Also, I've procured a few dozen very talented artist's from who are willing to let me use their art on my site, with proper attribution. So I aim to have one of the prettiest 40k blogs on the web. Also, I'm so cool that I don't need 500 words to justify myself.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] The Experience

As you walk in the store, the 14" glass counter is on your immediate right.  It looks something like (but not exactly like) this:

The owner is behind the counter, chatting with customers who are clustered around the cases, checking out the various wares. He looks up, greets you with a smile, says hello and asks if he can help you find anything. He allows you time to answer, and lets you browse when you say you're just looking for now.

The store is well lit, and clean, with tables organized in neat groups for games, with a few people checking out the new D&D Dungeon Command game.

On the left is a solid wall of games, board games on the left and miniatures on the right. The board games are organized alphabetically, with quite a few facing out to catch your interest. The miniatures section starts with tools and accessories, with models divided by company and game system as the section wraps to the right and ceases at the end of the wall. A section of used games and roleplaying games is on the wall across from the miniatures, with a new arrival section front and center in the store.

Walking around the tables, you are able to see all the merchandise in one area, in full view of the counter, as well as a fridge and snax area for your convenience.

After you's selected your goodies, you make your way to the counter. The owner talks with you a bit, and tries to find out your name, what games you like, and shares a card with information about the store with you. You're invited to join in on any of the many activities held at the store, and are treated with courtesy and friendly professionalism.

This is "the experience" we try to create for each customer at our store. We try to greet the customer with a smile as soon as they walk in. We offer to help them find what they are looking for, and share our enthusiasm for games with them. We learn who they are, what they like, and invite them back for more fun with us. That's the standard we strive for- an opportunity to deepen a relationship and a chance to share in our hobby together. It's part of our essential understanding of the model we strive for- how do we want to be treated? We give that to every person in our store, to the best of our ability.

What's the experience like in your store? What things can be improved on there? How can we as FLGS owners, be better?