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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rules Questions?

Hello there. It's been a while. Lantz here as the newest-old writer for the HoP. You may remember me from the first HOP Idol, from the Where In The World Is Lantz series or from one of the other blogs I've written for. There are a few. Anyway, I'm back here at HoP on a post-here-and-there kind of agreement with the HoP gang and to start I'd like to offer up my rules knowledge to all of you. Let's face it, 6th Edition of 40k hasn't been out long and no one is an expert. No, not even that friend you have that's absolutely positive that a Death Ray can hit flyers. So how does this work and why do I feel I can be the conclusion to whatever slap-fight you and your gaming group have gotten themselves into? More after the jump.


UK Games Day- The Cynic's Perspective

 Hi all,

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the annual UK convention for Games Workshop- Games Day. Now, for all the US readers out there- you guys know how to do conventions. You tend to be quite good at it- enthusing people for the coming year, knowing that the biggest fans of whatever product is being shilled are all in one place. In the UK, it's now the same; conventions tend to be roughly equivalent to a big club night. 
As result I went to UKGD2012 with... expectations. I expected to queue in the rain for 2 hours before being let in. I expected for no new information to be forthcoming. I expected to waste a full half of the event to wait in line to buy the Blood Angel Captain (Fantastic! I now have a limited edition model of the most redundant entry in the Codex....) Yes indeed, my cup runneth over.

So what actually happened?


Monday, September 24, 2012

HoP Idol II:The Year We Make Contact Voting is Now LIVE

Hey Folks, I bet you thought we had forgotten you on this lovely fall Monday.  Not so!  The HoP staff loves each and every one of you more than the others.  It's true.  We have enormous hearts.

All the better to pump the thick, viscous fluid we all have instead of blood.  Black as coal it is.  Well, with the exception of SinSynn.  We're not sure WHAT his blood is all about.  We've had some scientists working on the problem and the best guess so far is that it's some kind of peanut water.

So those of you with nut allergies, should probably just avoid physical contact with the SinSynn for the time being as a precaution.  We are, however, assured by the science staff that his posts are still safe to read in regards to any food allergy concerns.

Wow, that was a tangent, huh?

As of now, the latest HoP Idol voting is now live and since it has been faaaaaaaaar too long since we posted the last round of entries, here they are so you can refresh your collective memories:

Dok - House Rules

Doc Brian - Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who

The King Elessar - House Rules (different from the above)

Gar Tenzing - It's Just a Ride

Special thanks to Wyrd of Miscellaneous Minis for writing the challenge.

As you know, there are four contestants remaining and you all get three votes.

All right, let's get voting! 


Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Politically Incorrect Gamer Part Two- Video Game Connection

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

Ermahgerd- Borderlands 2. Entirely too much fun.
Da purple loot am mine! Gimme! Y U take it? DUAL NOW!....Awww. Y U kill me?
Must. Stop. Playing. Slots. At. Moxxy's...Soon. One more pull. Gimme Iridium! Three Bandits NOOOO!!
Hold that Golden Key! I'll wait till Level 50...but wait, won't one of the DLC's bump the cap to 60?

Sigh...My tentacles are cramped up and locked into the shape of an XBox controller right now, so I'm experiencing technical difficulties with typing.
Far more interesting to say than 'Blood for the Blood God,' since GW went and made the new Chaos Codex FIFTY BUCKS! Lolz! Or you can haz da 'limited edition' book for eighty three.
It's a whopping 104 pages.
No, I won't be buying that, G-Dubs. I WILL, however, bootleg it offa da internet and slap it on my smartphone, you idiots.
Oh, and single figs costing twenty to thirty bucks? Aspiring Champion 20, Warpsmith 30?
No. Just no. Especially since I know you'll beef those guys up in yer overpriced Codex and make them 'must-haves.'

Clearly, the folks over at Games Workshop have lost their tiny lil' minds.
Which brings us, in a sorta roundabout way, to the subject(s) for today's post- video games, and the folks in 'the industry.'

*And then you charge ridiculous amounts of money for it, amirite?*


Saturday, September 22, 2012

[Games Anatomy] Underground, Overground

One more time!

One more day!

One more OD&D post!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] GGP- The Initial Stages

It all starts with an idea - a new, unusual, brilliant, innovative or just plain unlikely idea. That idea takes shape; whether it's slowly, like a strike of lightning, in your dreams or in the doodles of your work meetings. You tinker, play and fuss with it until it becomes something a little more solid than the cottony ether from your imagination, and then you take the next step- you show it to your friends.

Maybe they love it. Maybe they think it has potential but they want to test it out. Maybe they need convincing. For those of us interested  in taking the game beyond our nightstand, something more than a casual once through becomes something we think about.

Thus, plans are made.


Monday, September 17, 2012

New Member Monday - BTW FYI

Hello and/or howdy, folks!  It's a new week here at the House of Paincakes and another opportunity to get crazy with blogs!  It's Monday, you see - and that means its time for a New Member Monday!

But before we get into that, I just wanted to formally announce a Schedule change - well after the fact that it's happened.  D'oh!  Dropped the ball there a bit, but such is the fast paced life of a blogger.

So, for your information:

Lo and SinSynn have swapped places in the weekly rotation so that Musings of a Games Store owner now airs on Wednesday and whatever the heck insanity that SinSynn is writing about appears on Sundays.  We're two weeks into the change and, so far, things are progressing smoothly.

HoP Authors:  Please note that the mandatory Blogging Animal Testing Facility job duty rotation has been updated as well to reflect the posting changes.  The updated duty roster is as follows:

Lo:  Monkeys at typewriters literature review - every other Friday

Von:  Baby animal inventory - First Tuesday of every month
          Adorable Kitten cuddling - every Tuesday
          Adorable Puppy cuddling - every Thursday

SinSynn:   Monkeys at typewriters testing chamber clean up  - twice daily, Sunday-Saturday

The blogging Animal Testing Facility is a an extremely important part of the HoP strategic plan and Dethtron and I expect you all to take these duties seriously.

New Member Monday

Full Plate and Packing Steel
Keywords: Warhammer fantasy, Dust warfare, Dystopian wars and Epic


Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Politicaly Incorrect Gamer Part One- Intro

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

So this is a series I've been plotting for a few weeks, and ugh...what a week to begin.

As I'm sure all of you know, Tuesday was 9/11. As a New Yorker who suffered through that horrific day, I tend to get very melancholy every year 'round this time. Not just on the day itself, because that was just the beginning. The misery that occurred extended for many months afterwards, and virtually every flat vertical surface in my great city was covered with tragic lil' posters that no municipal authority would dare remove.

*Images like this still hurt me. Very much*

Don't get it twisted, New Yorkers are a tough bunch. We bounced back fairly quickly, but our hearts will forever bear a great Twin Towers shaped scar.
It is what it is; our mighty skyline was forever altered, and our city and selves as well.
I'd probably be OK now, except that...well, on the 11th anniversary of that day, a series of attacks began that extended throughout the week. I'm sure you all know about it, and that's not what I'm here to discuss, so whatevs.
It just seems like an odd time to begin a series about 'political correctness in gaming,' is all I'm sayin.'


Friday, September 14, 2012

User Content Friday: One Inch Warriors and "The Land"

Got a fun little post to share with you all on these laid-back Friday Afternoon that I had been saving for a while, waiting for an opportune time to unleash it's glory on an unsuspecting world.

It's called "Wargming Anecdotes - The Land" and it's not particularly long or even full of some deep, deep rules insight, but it is something we can all relate to.  And I think it is just an absolutely delightful chunk of text.

The real, shinning jewel at the center of the post is that explaining our beloved hobbies to the uninitiated can be a bit of a challenge - or even a drag if you have to do it over and over again.   I know in my own situation, I've taken to describing my hobbies as simply as possible for reasons relating to those touched on in  "The Land".  Typically, I'll say I'm into scale models or board games (depending on the crowd) with a certain amount of implied quotey fingers.  Implied to myself anyways.

It's not out of some kind of shame or fearfulness, but just that I hate having to explain what the hell a table wargame is and why painting tiny little space mans is a thing I like to spend money on.

I think to an extend we all do that with hard to explain things.  My big city little brother has a adopted a similar stance on describing his actual job since he hates having to explain (over and over again) his businessy job duties and what exactly his company recycles (it's boring stuff, not gross stuff).

So, enjoy the linked post.  Give Alex some love at One Inch Warriors and feel free to share your own little shorthands for describing your beloved hobby to the 'normies'.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Getting the Games Published : A Series

I'm a game store owner. I sell games to geeks & nerds like you every day.

I've talked about how we have more than one distributor, to get the best variety of games, to offer multiple avenues for the hard to find game, and to offer the best possible service we can; because our customers expect it. 

Getting the games from the distributors is relatively easy. We call them up, and we order whatever items we need, and they get shipped to us. 

But how do the items get to the distributors? How do those intelligently designed games I talked about a while ago get from the minds of their creators into the hands of the folks that want to play them?


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HoP Idol II: House Rules

Last up in the 4th round of the competition is this joint from Spike Lee erm DoK.  After you've looked at his plethora of Hugh Laurie pics, make sure you check out his other writings at "3 for Int."

House. Rules.

Hey all! Dok here from to talk a bit about house rules. What are house rules you might ask? Sounds like something you would find in a drinking game…

Well, let my friends at Urban Dictionary tell you!

House Rules

These are usually the rules followed in one’s house that a particular game is being played in. These rules will always change from house to house and are sure to always cause a 10 minute argument/debate over them. These rules are known to be made up during the actual game.

Rule 1, House Rules. Just ask him.

Now, what does this have to do with wargaming and why should you care? Well, if you are a
tournament going warhammer 40k player, you have been playing with them for some time and you are going to be seeing them more and more!


Monday, September 10, 2012

HoP Idol II: Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who

Holy crap, the Voice is on... gotta make this quick (don't judge me, I'm my own harshest critic).  Apologies to those of you who have been following this and may have noticed the lack of activity in the contest.  It's all my fault.  Let's just say that I have had my hands way too busy lately due to a workstastrophe or a worksplosion.  Regardless, I have the distinct pleasure of presenting to you today Doc Brian's latest installment in the contest.  After you read this make sure to go check out his work at "The Family that Slays Together..." I don't want to spoil anything, either, but this one comes complete with a perceptual map.


They form the basis of our society and (perhaps more importantly) define how our games are played. So why is it we are always trying to break or change them? I recently read a study that found the majority of the Millennial generation, those who came of age in the last decade, believe that rules are necessary, but that they are a special case and should be an exception to the rules.


As a scientist, I wonder if this correlates to acceptance of house rules. Does the 15-to-29-year-old crowd find house rules to be more acceptable than their creaky-boned elders? Perhaps a new study is in order.

Unfortunately, I'm not a social scientist, so my passing interest in the topic won't motivate me to delve deeper, but if any sociologists or psychologists out there want to tackle the question, I'd be interested to hear about it. Until then, you're stuck with hearing my opinion.

The subject of whether or not house rules are appropriate can actually be a complicated and sticky
subject. Fortunately, I have a simple answer:

It depends.

I suppose I should explain my position. This would be a perfect time to break into a song and dance
routine, but given the limits of the written word, I'll have to settle for some case studies. Maybe they'll show a pattern by the time we're done.

But fahther, I don't waaant any of that… I want to sing!


Community Announcement - Charity Auction for the Really Good Cause!

Hey folks, got an announcement for you today as well as a New Member Monday.

Brian over at Weird WWII is about ready to get some charity auctions going today and wanted us to help drum up support.

The short story is, that he's selling some custom miniatures to help raise money for the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA).

The long story is a bit of a bummer and posted up on his blog.  It's a personal and touching so I wont steal his juice.  But I urge you yo check it out here.

It is my understanding that a new auction will be going up on ebay sometime today, so be sure to check out his blog for updates.


New Member Monday - 10,000 Quatloos

Right, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Hop Illinois Central Servicing office is back to limping along again.  SinSynn manged to damage yet more company property last week and blatantly disregarded company policy in the process.  He acted bravely in the face of our horrible guard robots and managed to get me out of the office in one piece, so he only received a slap on the wrist.... uh... the one tentacle we're sure isn't a space dong.  So we had to put him in a shock collar, but extenuating circumstances allowed me to put a limiter on it that will prevent it from being lethal.

Lo, in the meantime, has been an exemplary employee and has been granted a requisition for a new throne.  Unfortunately, our preferred vendor didn't have thrones, per say, in the catalog but purchasing did the best they could:

On a serious note, the current round of HoP Idol will resume shortly once Dethtron re-assumes physical form once the 7 seals have been repaired (unfortunately, I can only drain about a gallon of blood a month from our sacred monkeys) .  We've also got a new staffer lurking about and once his employee ID tracking device scar heals, he'll be along to introduce himself.

New Member Monday

The Thunder Guard
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Imperial guard, Praetorians, Cavalry, Rough Riders.

Almost Perftec
Keywords: Brand Spanking new-ness, 40k, painting, ZAB!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Your Army Is Invalid. Please Build A New One And Try Again

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

When it comes to mini-gaming, list construction is obviously an important consideration. In fact, it pretty much ranks second in 'levels of importance,' preceded only by 'picking your army.'
There are many ways to approach it, of course. There are websites that'll help you, applications that make it easy to build and analyze, and of course you can just work it out via trial and error if you'd like.

*Yes, this is my preferred method. Don't you judge me*


Saturday, September 8, 2012

[Games Anatomy] Going Underground

Volume III of the Original Dungeons and Dragons set, 'Underworld and Wilderness Adventures' by name, is what would eventually metamorphose into the Dungeon Master's Guide in later iterations of Gygax and Arneson's masterwork. People like to talk up (or down) these 'how to run a good RPG' books, claiming that they either contain everything you need to know or are a waste of trees as you can't learn it. Nevertheless, when Messrs. G. and A. first sat down to promulgate the practice of pretending to be elves in your mate Dave's dining room, they had to do the tricky job of introducing the core principles of this strange fusion between tabletop wargame, improv theatre and literary homage. The result is a volume that's pitched midway between 'rules for populating dungeons' and 'advice on how to be a good Referee', which is probably for the best, because some people need help with both of those...

Comic by Shamus Young, used utterly without permission.
You may like to compensate him for this by reading any of his works.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Top X- Kickin' It!

Ok, I'm sneaking in a quick post while Lauby's off at work. The bonus of flex hours, and all....

This week's Top X is all about YOU- the things you are doing, and the awesome ways you're doing it. I'm focusing on Kickstarter projects, so of course, I gotta pimp the boss, plus a few others that have hit me up...

In case you didn't know (or forgot), my somewhat delinquent internet boss (one of 2) also happens to be a HAWT drummer, so I totally don't mind getting bossed around by him.

1.) If you haven't heard, take out your earplugs! METAL MADNESS!  Check out Dethtron's band, Crusader, raising funds for a new album. Here's the link.

I have missed most of the shows they have put on due to timing or funds- but I won't miss out on the album - and you shouldn't either!


2.) Brian, of A Gentleman's Ones, has joined Hyacinth Games; and they're throwing a party to raise some funds for some beautiful miniatures. After the massive success that Reaper had, I know there are a lot of projects out there. This one is stellar and worth your time. Please give it a look here .

3.) For you RPG fans out there, one of my local friends is working on the "wave of the future" with RPG Publishing via e-Publishing. Check out his project here.

4.) I'm a HUGE fan of the RPG, but these minis are so cool, I could use them for just about any possible system or idea! You need to check them out!

5.) A little something for my pal, SinSynn. These are just begging for someone to buy them! Have a look.

6.) This one is old school, it just makes me smile. I can think of so many other ways to use these guys than the game they are being made for... besides; who doesn't want wood? Go have a look!

ok, I gotta scoot before Lauby-slash-bossy-pants comes back to check on things. It's gotten MUCH harder to sneak in since he installed the motion detectors and robots... jeez... burn down ONE building and see what happens....

until next time... go check out some links!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] How Do You Organize All This Stuff?

When we first started out, we really didn't have anything in the way of display space. It was about 20 feet total dedicated to showing off the products we had- and there were not very many. We special ordered damn near everything. Many times, we had to wait a week or more to make sure we had enough orders to meet the minimum for free shipping. most of our customers learned to ask when we were ordering next and tack stuff on right before we placed our calls to our rep. 

This is how small we were....

We could fit 3 of the old building inside the new one. 

Things are very different now. We've grown a LOT, and orders happen 2-3 times a week now. We have a "Tardis" of a store - the inside keeps changing and expanding to allow more customers, games and fun. 

It's crazy how many people we can pack in! 

We have a huge "wall o games", and that wall is covered with slatwall, allowing us to showcase our games in very cool fashion. 

We now carry a LOT of games. While we have a lot of space to show it off now, sometimes it gets a little tough to determine the best and easiest way to display stuff for our customers. 

We thought about grouping things in themes or genres... while it's certainly a fun idea, it isn't always practical. Some things don't fit neatly into genres, and then deciding genres becomes something of a clusterscrew based on whose opinion we use to determine themes. I mean, I might put Hive in "horror" since so many people are terrified of bugs... but I would probably be wrong there. 



Monday, September 3, 2012

New Member Monday - Laboring on Labor day

Hey folks, I'm whispering because I gotta keep my voice down or the Employment Policy Enforcement Robots I just installed at the HoP Illinois Central servicing office will find me. I spent the extra cash I saved by scrimping on office furniture on the Professional+ software package for the EPE Robots.  Turns out I don't know how all the settings work and so the Robots are on something called 'extreme prejudice mode'.  If they catch me working on Labor Day they will literally kill me.

Gotta make this a quick one and then it's off to a new hiding place since the doors are locked to keep the employees out - and my keys don't work on the inside.  If I don't get out of this, I'll never forgive SinSynn.

New Member Monday

The Basement Gamers
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer, Flames of War, Malifaux, Blood Bowl, Food, Drink, Dice


Sunday, September 2, 2012

In Praise of the Mighty Orc...Or Ork, Whatevs.

Hey folks. SinSynn here.

So I'm starting my very first Sunday post in grand style, discussing something near and dear to my heart.
The much-beloved Orc.
Or, umm....Ork, depending on where you're reading of them, or who it's written by.

But first, let me properly bless the Sunday air. Start this off right.
*Overly Toothy Xenos Grin*

Megan in...not a lot of Armani*

There ya go. Yer first taste of Sunday Sin.
Mmmmm...ever so delicious.
And now...on to the Orcs. And Orks.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

[Games Anatomy] The Most Monstrous Thing Of All's The Artwork

By popular demand (two whole people asked for it! two distinct, individual people!), this week's Games Anatomy will continue carving the meat from the bones of the Original Dungeons and Dragons. In a way I'm quite grateful as I frankly don't have the time to tackle a large book during the week any more; there may be some changes coming to this Saturday slot soon, depending on how the workload of my New Job (TM) develops and whether Mists of Pandaria is any good.

Until then: Monsters and Treasure!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

HoP Idol II Challenge: House Rules

Anybody out there ready for TKE of "Mind War FTW?"  That's what I though.  Here it is.

House Rules: Insert Hugh Laurie/Dance Music Gag Here

Well, this is embarrassing. It’s stupid AM, and here I am staying up to write a HoP article, because I simply forgot about it.  I mean, there were mitigating circumstances, to some extent, between the wedding of one of my oldest friends, the start of the new English Premier League season, and getting Pretty Damn Drunk celebrating the last Saturday I had off work before my ignominious return next Saturday, coinciding neatly with the return of Dr Who, and thus ruining the date for me to an almost unprecedented level.

The article I’m here to write has been directed towards the ‘elephant in the room’ topic of House Rules, and my feelings on such.  In our brief, the release of the 6th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 was cited as a possible basis for the article - but my views on this abysmal product are well-enough known that I don’t wish to rake over those coals.  If you wish, see my blog for more detailed commentary, although I warn you that I have more desire to blog about sexism in gaming than 6th at present...and when I didn’t jump on that bandwagon to generate hits when it did the rounds lately, doing it now would be wholly illogical.



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HoP Idol II Challenge: It's Just a Ride

Here comes Gartenzing of "Gaming All Areas" with the first entry in the quarter-final round (is that what this is- yeah, no idea, I don't get sports).

It’s Just a Ride.

Hi all, Gartenzing here from Gaming All Areas. Still ploughing through the HoP Idol 2 Competition-
and this week we’re tasked to, and I quote, “...Take a stand, put on your big boy/girl pants...” So


Gartenzing asked for a pic with an obvious Hugh Laurie reference- so I went with a much less obvious one


Of Death in Gaming: The Overlap, and a Matter of Repect

This post is dedicated to Loquacious. My friend, confidant, and occasional co-conspirator ;)

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

The following article is personally important to me, since I'll be sharing information in a similar fashion to my official introduction. In all honesty, in the time since I've delved into this hobby, and blogging as well, my life has changed dramatically. I've changed as a person, as well. I still go through all the little ups and downs that we all do, but I do it sober, now. I also have much more respect for life. Respect for my own life, the people in it, and life in general.
Since some of what I have to say isn't pretty, I'll begin after the break.

In the meantime- a couple of announcements!

Since my own computer exploded, I've been sharing the Crazy Lady's. This has caused a little tension between us, and it got to a point where I almost had to quit. Fortunately, I was able to cut a deal involving hard labor and doggie walks, and I persuaded Loquacious to switch days with me, since I've bartered for weekend computer time.
So that means- SinSynn on SUNDAYS! My first Sunday post will be this week, and be sure to tune in Lo's Musings, recommencing next Wednesday.

Also, be sure to go read a lil' thing that Von wrote, cuz it's awesome. Be sure to hit the comment section, cuz here at da House, we wanna know yer darkest secrets. Mwahahahaha!

Now, I'll start with a couple of quotes, and a story.....


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HoP Idol Challenge Round IV: A New HoP

Hey there kiddos, I'm back from my indefinite hiatus of life kicking my ass to bring you the next HoP Idol Challenge. 

Tomorrow, we'll begin posting the next set of entries- which I can assure you are totally kick ass, as usual. 

But first I'd like to thank Wyrd, of "Miscellaneous Minis" for writing this week's challenge.  We're trying some new things this go around and wanted some past contestants to get some extra pimping and gain the ability to make a little parting shot, as it were, at the remaining entrants. 

Here's what Wyrd's fiendish mind has come up with for this week's challenge:

"HoP II Round 4 Challenge - House Rules"

I think I can hear the grumbles through my computer. Yup, I can. 

I'm talking about the game changers. The house rules that change the way you actively play the game. Not things like rock/scissors/paper over rules disputes. 6th edition 40k is here and now that most folks have had a chance to absorb it what better time to talk about an elephant in the room that many people try very hard to avoid. Everyone has an opinion one way or another. If you say you don't grow a pair, drop the politically correct neutral indifferent bullshit, and say what you really think. I'm not trying to sound like angry internet "troll" but lets face it people can get very emotional over this topic. If you really want to know want to know what someone thinks and how they can write what better way than to use an emotional topic. If you are all for them GREAT! Say it damn it and tell us why. If not that's fine too. Tell us why and not just some angry rambling that doesn't say anything like your average political debate. Take a stand, put on your big boy/girl pants, and tell us.

Enjoy kiddos.

also, I'd really appreciate it if you guys took the time to go check out my band Crusader (part of the reason I've been absent from the blog so much lately) and then proceed to our just opened kick starter to see if you could find it in your hearts to help out some starving metalheads.  


Confessions of an English Undead Fancier

Regular HoP readers will doubtless know that one or two of our authors have one or two... proclivities, in particular directions. I'm naming no names and pointing no fingers, I'm just going to make a few remarks about aliens, tentacles and Megan Fox, and let them speak for themselves.

It's easy to laugh at people's enthusiasms, especially when they're expressed as, ahm, hyperbolically as those of my learned colleague who shall continue to remain anonymous, but people who live in glass houses can't really throw stones. Since I happen to live in a particularly macabre glass house myself, I tend to keep my stones where nature intended, and spend my time cautiously avoiding letting on how far gone I am in my own little obsessions.

They tell me it's good to talk and that expressing oneself is healing though, so here it goes. I'm a pervy undead fancier.


Monday, August 27, 2012

New Member Monday - The Art of Furniture Selection

Hey guys, the Illinois Central Servicing Office is gearing up for the busy season and I just thought I'd share some pics of the office furniture that's been coming in.

First up, we've got a special piece of office furniture guaranteed to improve his productivity by 10 fold.  It was a big of a challenge was finding something that would conform to his alien anatomy, but in the end I think we manged to get the right solution at the right cost.

It looks a little tight, but I can assure that not only will SinSynn ft in his chair, but he will have ample freedom to admire his office poster.

Which he selected by default when he insisted on selecting choices not on the rather expansive list of pre-approved options.

Looks like that's all I have room for right now.  Maybe next week we'll get to see Lo's new stuff.

New Member Monday

The Ruins of Medusa V
Keywords: Warhammer 40K Blog-Based Campaign, Medusa V

Furious Painting Studio
Keywords:  Warhammer 40k, Orks, painting, brand new


Sunday, August 26, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Vacation!

As some of you may already know, last week TheDude went on vacation.

He didn't go to the beach or Florida- he went to GenCon!

I was on "vacation" too, but I used my vacation from my day job to mind the store.

TheDude's been gone before, but usually just for a couple days and he's been readily available via phone or text. If something came up, I was able to ask him what to do or how to handle things. This time, he was gone for 5 days and due to reception issues, was almost incommunicado the entire time. I was "on my own".

I did have our awesome staff (who work at the store a whole lot more than I do) to back me up, and I had a pretty good set of directions for more complicated or involved stuff. But this was a big responsibility and I had to take good care of our business so I didn't  "burn it down to the ground" while TheDude was gone.

I learned a lot during this vacation that TheDude took. I spent tons of time at the store, finding out more about our customers, products, processes and problems while I covered our business so that TheDude could get his relaxing done.

TheDude came home and immediately announced that he wants to take the entire family next year. Preparations and planning for our next vacation are already in motion.

In normal jobs, you rack up vacation time and take it when you want it, and still get paid. When you own your own business, it's a little different. We have to plan not just for expenses of the trip (hotel, food, games, fun) but also for the expenses of keeping the business open while you're gone. We have to figure out how to pay for employees, as well as make enough to "make money", or have a whole lot saved to make up for the possibility of lost income.

Is all this planning and thinking ahead worthwhile? Seeing TheDude's face and attitude after he returned from vacation, I say absolutely "yes". I'm looking forward to sharing the trip with him next year, and am busy making sure we have all our ducks in a row to do so.