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Saturday, September 8, 2012

[Games Anatomy] Going Underground

Volume III of the Original Dungeons and Dragons set, 'Underworld and Wilderness Adventures' by name, is what would eventually metamorphose into the Dungeon Master's Guide in later iterations of Gygax and Arneson's masterwork. People like to talk up (or down) these 'how to run a good RPG' books, claiming that they either contain everything you need to know or are a waste of trees as you can't learn it. Nevertheless, when Messrs. G. and A. first sat down to promulgate the practice of pretending to be elves in your mate Dave's dining room, they had to do the tricky job of introducing the core principles of this strange fusion between tabletop wargame, improv theatre and literary homage. The result is a volume that's pitched midway between 'rules for populating dungeons' and 'advice on how to be a good Referee', which is probably for the best, because some people need help with both of those...

Comic by Shamus Young, used utterly without permission.
You may like to compensate him for this by reading any of his works.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Top X- Kickin' It!

Ok, I'm sneaking in a quick post while Lauby's off at work. The bonus of flex hours, and all....

This week's Top X is all about YOU- the things you are doing, and the awesome ways you're doing it. I'm focusing on Kickstarter projects, so of course, I gotta pimp the boss, plus a few others that have hit me up...

In case you didn't know (or forgot), my somewhat delinquent internet boss (one of 2) also happens to be a HAWT drummer, so I totally don't mind getting bossed around by him.

1.) If you haven't heard, take out your earplugs! METAL MADNESS!  Check out Dethtron's band, Crusader, raising funds for a new album. Here's the link.

I have missed most of the shows they have put on due to timing or funds- but I won't miss out on the album - and you shouldn't either!


2.) Brian, of A Gentleman's Ones, has joined Hyacinth Games; and they're throwing a party to raise some funds for some beautiful miniatures. After the massive success that Reaper had, I know there are a lot of projects out there. This one is stellar and worth your time. Please give it a look here .

3.) For you RPG fans out there, one of my local friends is working on the "wave of the future" with RPG Publishing via e-Publishing. Check out his project here.

4.) I'm a HUGE fan of the RPG, but these minis are so cool, I could use them for just about any possible system or idea! You need to check them out!

5.) A little something for my pal, SinSynn. These are just begging for someone to buy them! Have a look.

6.) This one is old school, it just makes me smile. I can think of so many other ways to use these guys than the game they are being made for... besides; who doesn't want wood? Go have a look!

ok, I gotta scoot before Lauby-slash-bossy-pants comes back to check on things. It's gotten MUCH harder to sneak in since he installed the motion detectors and robots... jeez... burn down ONE building and see what happens....

until next time... go check out some links!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] How Do You Organize All This Stuff?

When we first started out, we really didn't have anything in the way of display space. It was about 20 feet total dedicated to showing off the products we had- and there were not very many. We special ordered damn near everything. Many times, we had to wait a week or more to make sure we had enough orders to meet the minimum for free shipping. most of our customers learned to ask when we were ordering next and tack stuff on right before we placed our calls to our rep. 

This is how small we were....

We could fit 3 of the old building inside the new one. 

Things are very different now. We've grown a LOT, and orders happen 2-3 times a week now. We have a "Tardis" of a store - the inside keeps changing and expanding to allow more customers, games and fun. 

It's crazy how many people we can pack in! 

We have a huge "wall o games", and that wall is covered with slatwall, allowing us to showcase our games in very cool fashion. 

We now carry a LOT of games. While we have a lot of space to show it off now, sometimes it gets a little tough to determine the best and easiest way to display stuff for our customers. 

We thought about grouping things in themes or genres... while it's certainly a fun idea, it isn't always practical. Some things don't fit neatly into genres, and then deciding genres becomes something of a clusterscrew based on whose opinion we use to determine themes. I mean, I might put Hive in "horror" since so many people are terrified of bugs... but I would probably be wrong there. 


Monday, September 3, 2012

New Member Monday - Laboring on Labor day

Hey folks, I'm whispering because I gotta keep my voice down or the Employment Policy Enforcement Robots I just installed at the HoP Illinois Central servicing office will find me. I spent the extra cash I saved by scrimping on office furniture on the Professional+ software package for the EPE Robots.  Turns out I don't know how all the settings work and so the Robots are on something called 'extreme prejudice mode'.  If they catch me working on Labor Day they will literally kill me.

Gotta make this a quick one and then it's off to a new hiding place since the doors are locked to keep the employees out - and my keys don't work on the inside.  If I don't get out of this, I'll never forgive SinSynn.

New Member Monday

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

In Praise of the Mighty Orc...Or Ork, Whatevs.

Hey folks. SinSynn here.

So I'm starting my very first Sunday post in grand style, discussing something near and dear to my heart.
The much-beloved Orc.
Or, umm....Ork, depending on where you're reading of them, or who it's written by.

But first, let me properly bless the Sunday air. Start this off right.
*Overly Toothy Xenos Grin*

Megan in...not a lot of Armani*

There ya go. Yer first taste of Sunday Sin.
Mmmmm...ever so delicious.
And now...on to the Orcs. And Orks.