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Friday, September 14, 2012

User Content Friday: One Inch Warriors and "The Land"

Got a fun little post to share with you all on these laid-back Friday Afternoon that I had been saving for a while, waiting for an opportune time to unleash it's glory on an unsuspecting world.

It's called "Wargming Anecdotes - The Land" and it's not particularly long or even full of some deep, deep rules insight, but it is something we can all relate to.  And I think it is just an absolutely delightful chunk of text.

The real, shinning jewel at the center of the post is that explaining our beloved hobbies to the uninitiated can be a bit of a challenge - or even a drag if you have to do it over and over again.   I know in my own situation, I've taken to describing my hobbies as simply as possible for reasons relating to those touched on in  "The Land".  Typically, I'll say I'm into scale models or board games (depending on the crowd) with a certain amount of implied quotey fingers.  Implied to myself anyways.

It's not out of some kind of shame or fearfulness, but just that I hate having to explain what the hell a table wargame is and why painting tiny little space mans is a thing I like to spend money on.

I think to an extend we all do that with hard to explain things.  My big city little brother has a adopted a similar stance on describing his actual job since he hates having to explain (over and over again) his businessy job duties and what exactly his company recycles (it's boring stuff, not gross stuff).

So, enjoy the linked post.  Give Alex some love at One Inch Warriors and feel free to share your own little shorthands for describing your beloved hobby to the 'normies'.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Getting the Games Published : A Series

I'm a game store owner. I sell games to geeks & nerds like you every day.

I've talked about how we have more than one distributor, to get the best variety of games, to offer multiple avenues for the hard to find game, and to offer the best possible service we can; because our customers expect it. 

Getting the games from the distributors is relatively easy. We call them up, and we order whatever items we need, and they get shipped to us. 

But how do the items get to the distributors? How do those intelligently designed games I talked about a while ago get from the minds of their creators into the hands of the folks that want to play them?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HoP Idol II: House Rules

Last up in the 4th round of the competition is this joint from Spike Lee erm DoK.  After you've looked at his plethora of Hugh Laurie pics, make sure you check out his other writings at "3 for Int."

House. Rules.

Hey all! Dok here from to talk a bit about house rules. What are house rules you might ask? Sounds like something you would find in a drinking game…

Well, let my friends at Urban Dictionary tell you!

House Rules

These are usually the rules followed in one’s house that a particular game is being played in. These rules will always change from house to house and are sure to always cause a 10 minute argument/debate over them. These rules are known to be made up during the actual game.

Rule 1, House Rules. Just ask him.

Now, what does this have to do with wargaming and why should you care? Well, if you are a
tournament going warhammer 40k player, you have been playing with them for some time and you are going to be seeing them more and more!

Monday, September 10, 2012

HoP Idol II: Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who

Holy crap, the Voice is on... gotta make this quick (don't judge me, I'm my own harshest critic).  Apologies to those of you who have been following this and may have noticed the lack of activity in the contest.  It's all my fault.  Let's just say that I have had my hands way too busy lately due to a workstastrophe or a worksplosion.  Regardless, I have the distinct pleasure of presenting to you today Doc Brian's latest installment in the contest.  After you read this make sure to go check out his work at "The Family that Slays Together..." I don't want to spoil anything, either, but this one comes complete with a perceptual map.


They form the basis of our society and (perhaps more importantly) define how our games are played. So why is it we are always trying to break or change them? I recently read a study that found the majority of the Millennial generation, those who came of age in the last decade, believe that rules are necessary, but that they are a special case and should be an exception to the rules.


As a scientist, I wonder if this correlates to acceptance of house rules. Does the 15-to-29-year-old crowd find house rules to be more acceptable than their creaky-boned elders? Perhaps a new study is in order.

Unfortunately, I'm not a social scientist, so my passing interest in the topic won't motivate me to delve deeper, but if any sociologists or psychologists out there want to tackle the question, I'd be interested to hear about it. Until then, you're stuck with hearing my opinion.

The subject of whether or not house rules are appropriate can actually be a complicated and sticky
subject. Fortunately, I have a simple answer:

It depends.

I suppose I should explain my position. This would be a perfect time to break into a song and dance
routine, but given the limits of the written word, I'll have to settle for some case studies. Maybe they'll show a pattern by the time we're done.

But fahther, I don't waaant any of that… I want to sing!

Community Announcement - Charity Auction for the Really Good Cause!

Hey folks, got an announcement for you today as well as a New Member Monday.

Brian over at Weird WWII is about ready to get some charity auctions going today and wanted us to help drum up support.

The short story is, that he's selling some custom miniatures to help raise money for the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA).

The long story is a bit of a bummer and posted up on his blog.  It's a personal and touching so I wont steal his juice.  But I urge you yo check it out here.

It is my understanding that a new auction will be going up on ebay sometime today, so be sure to check out his blog for updates.

New Member Monday - 10,000 Quatloos

Right, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Hop Illinois Central Servicing office is back to limping along again.  SinSynn manged to damage yet more company property last week and blatantly disregarded company policy in the process.  He acted bravely in the face of our horrible guard robots and managed to get me out of the office in one piece, so he only received a slap on the wrist.... uh... the one tentacle we're sure isn't a space dong.  So we had to put him in a shock collar, but extenuating circumstances allowed me to put a limiter on it that will prevent it from being lethal.

Lo, in the meantime, has been an exemplary employee and has been granted a requisition for a new throne.  Unfortunately, our preferred vendor didn't have thrones, per say, in the catalog but purchasing did the best they could:

On a serious note, the current round of HoP Idol will resume shortly once Dethtron re-assumes physical form once the 7 seals have been repaired (unfortunately, I can only drain about a gallon of blood a month from our sacred monkeys) .  We've also got a new staffer lurking about and once his employee ID tracking device scar heals, he'll be along to introduce himself.

New Member Monday

The Thunder Guard
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Imperial guard, Praetorians, Cavalry, Rough Riders.

Almost Perftec
Keywords: Brand Spanking new-ness, 40k, painting, ZAB!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Your Army Is Invalid. Please Build A New One And Try Again

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

When it comes to mini-gaming, list construction is obviously an important consideration. In fact, it pretty much ranks second in 'levels of importance,' preceded only by 'picking your army.'
There are many ways to approach it, of course. There are websites that'll help you, applications that make it easy to build and analyze, and of course you can just work it out via trial and error if you'd like.

*Yes, this is my preferred method. Don't you judge me*