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Saturday, September 22, 2012

[Games Anatomy] Underground, Overground

One more time!

One more day!

One more OD&D post!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] GGP- The Initial Stages

It all starts with an idea - a new, unusual, brilliant, innovative or just plain unlikely idea. That idea takes shape; whether it's slowly, like a strike of lightning, in your dreams or in the doodles of your work meetings. You tinker, play and fuss with it until it becomes something a little more solid than the cottony ether from your imagination, and then you take the next step- you show it to your friends.

Maybe they love it. Maybe they think it has potential but they want to test it out. Maybe they need convincing. For those of us interested  in taking the game beyond our nightstand, something more than a casual once through becomes something we think about.

Thus, plans are made.

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Member Monday - BTW FYI

Hello and/or howdy, folks!  It's a new week here at the House of Paincakes and another opportunity to get crazy with blogs!  It's Monday, you see - and that means its time for a New Member Monday!

But before we get into that, I just wanted to formally announce a Schedule change - well after the fact that it's happened.  D'oh!  Dropped the ball there a bit, but such is the fast paced life of a blogger.

So, for your information:

Lo and SinSynn have swapped places in the weekly rotation so that Musings of a Games Store owner now airs on Wednesday and whatever the heck insanity that SinSynn is writing about appears on Sundays.  We're two weeks into the change and, so far, things are progressing smoothly.

HoP Authors:  Please note that the mandatory Blogging Animal Testing Facility job duty rotation has been updated as well to reflect the posting changes.  The updated duty roster is as follows:

Lo:  Monkeys at typewriters literature review - every other Friday

Von:  Baby animal inventory - First Tuesday of every month
          Adorable Kitten cuddling - every Tuesday
          Adorable Puppy cuddling - every Thursday

SinSynn:   Monkeys at typewriters testing chamber clean up  - twice daily, Sunday-Saturday

The blogging Animal Testing Facility is a an extremely important part of the HoP strategic plan and Dethtron and I expect you all to take these duties seriously.

New Member Monday

Full Plate and Packing Steel
Keywords: Warhammer fantasy, Dust warfare, Dystopian wars and Epic

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Politicaly Incorrect Gamer Part One- Intro

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

So this is a series I've been plotting for a few weeks, and ugh...what a week to begin.

As I'm sure all of you know, Tuesday was 9/11. As a New Yorker who suffered through that horrific day, I tend to get very melancholy every year 'round this time. Not just on the day itself, because that was just the beginning. The misery that occurred extended for many months afterwards, and virtually every flat vertical surface in my great city was covered with tragic lil' posters that no municipal authority would dare remove.

*Images like this still hurt me. Very much*

Don't get it twisted, New Yorkers are a tough bunch. We bounced back fairly quickly, but our hearts will forever bear a great Twin Towers shaped scar.
It is what it is; our mighty skyline was forever altered, and our city and selves as well.
I'd probably be OK now, except that...well, on the 11th anniversary of that day, a series of attacks began that extended throughout the week. I'm sure you all know about it, and that's not what I'm here to discuss, so whatevs.
It just seems like an odd time to begin a series about 'political correctness in gaming,' is all I'm sayin.'