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Friday, November 9, 2012

A Wargames Carole

Hi all, 

and yes, welcome to the first Christmas reference of 2012 on HoP- yes, only 44 days left to ask for all the shiny toys you want the Fat Man to deliver. Also, time for the first in a set of weekly articles on wargames past, and the history of this here hobby (thank to Auberoun for the inspiration). To kick off, here's a roughly accepted timeline:

5th Century BC. The Greeks start playing Petteia, before passing it on to the Romans. It is rumoured that they learned the game from the Egyptians (based on a game called "Senet"), however there is little historical evidence for this. For anyone wanting to try an approximation, check this out.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday News to Amuse

Hey folks, it's the day before the big election ere in the US.  Should be a fun one... naw, who am I kidding.  Half the country is gonna find out their gonna be mad for the next four years.  It's gonna be a shit time.  el oh el.

Anywho, over hear in the states, the local news sources have been drowning in political spew of various colorsa and that delighful scamp, Hurricane Sandy. Some of it's probably made it's way over to the rest of the world.  If you're anything like me, you love drinking beer and you've had about as much depressing news as you can take.  So let's have some feel good blogging news!

1) New Author!  HoP Idol 2 concluded semi-secretly and with more than a little disappointment concerning the time table, but so far, we've managed to get a new author out of the deal.  Last Friday we officially welcomed Gar Tenzing to the illustrious HoP writting staff and performance dance team!  If you haven't seen last Friday's article, then I implore you to check it out.  Gar needs some imput on just what kind of thing you guys as his audience would like to see.

2) New Barter Town!  Which is not to say it's a replacement.  More of an international expansion.  A starry eyed man named Ralph contacted us a while ago with a request for help getting the word out about BartertownUK:

I am the owner of BartertownUK, which was launched a few months ago in the attempt to provide a european trading forum for used miniatures, books, and everything else assosciated with the hobby. You may or may not have heard about, the original and big name in online miniature trading. The problem with this site is that it is extremely US-centric, and a lot of people are against shipping outside of the US. Because of this, I obtained permission from the owner of this website to operate a UK counterpart, the only problem is, its trundling along with few users and not many hits, let alone trades!  
 We aim to provide a service to the community as a whole, no matter what period, scale, or genre tickles your fancy, we even allow the trading of paintball goods! Other than that, literally anything can be traded, from Warhammer 40K to historicals to Pokemon cards.
3) Contest!  Frontline Gamer frequently runs contests that cover the depth and breadth of our little hobby microcosm.  Normally, they tend to promote themselves, but the most recent chance at fabulous prizes could use some more user input.  Which is especially stange since it's one of the best collections of swag ever put up on the site.  Free models: check.  Free rules:  check.  A chance at internet fame:  whaaaaaat?  Yep.

The winner of the contest gets published on the Dark Age website.

All you gotta do is get your geek on and so a little bit of creating writing.  Contest details here.

 Have a good one folks!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

...And then Sandy Shows Up...

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

So I'm sittin' here, Blogger tab open and typing this. I've got YouTube open in another tab, and my speakers are cranked to eleven while MIA's 'Bad Girls' plays loud enough to like, make my hair move in the breeze.
Makes me happy, cuz I so love MIA. She's badass.
Nevertheless, I feel a bit guilty. I seem to be one of the few New Yorkers that Hurricane Sandy didn't affect in some terrible fashion. One of my co-workers has been rendered homeless, others are without power nearly a week later. Basements are flooded. Apparently there's no gas, so no one can go anywhere. The subways still aren't running below Times Square, and the whole thing is a big mess.
The death toll is rising.

*This is Sandy. She looks pretty from space*

I always figured my life would end in some dramatic 'Blaze O' Glory' fashion- hounded by law enforcement authorities, I go to ground in some bushes outside Megan Fox's Malibu Dreamhouse. Naked from the waist down, holding only a pair of panties and my trusty disintegrator...
A SWAT team spotlight glares angrily at me, and someone shouts 'freeze!'
I pop up from my hiding spot, blazing away with my disintegrator, and spit something James Cagney-ish.
'You'll never take me alive, coppers!'
They can pry those panties from my cold, dead tentacles.

Yet here I sit, happy that I wasn't killed by a falling tree branch this week.
Blah, what an ignominious way to go. No way anybody ever sees that one coming