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Sunday, December 9, 2012

What is the 'Official' fluff now?

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

One of the most ridiculous arguments I've ever had with the Ultimate Rival, and believe you me there have been many, began due to the inclusion of a Land Speeder in the Horus Heresy novel entitled The First Heretic.
Mind you, this is by far my favorite Horus Heresy book. Aaron Dembski-Bowden wrote it, so that's more or less reason enough for me. More than that, however, I felt that it was the first Horus Heresy book that really focused on the particular Primarch that was it's focus. During the course of the novel, I really got to know Lorgar. I empathized with his desperate need for something to believe in; something bigger than himself.
Unfortunately for him and his Bearers of the Word, the truth you want is never quite exactly the truth you get, and by the time he realizes that it's already too late.
Poor Lorgar.
Yup, I loved that book.

When I tried to discuss it with the Ultimate Rival, he scoffed.
'Pffft! That was so bad I couldn't get past the first chapter.'
Surprised, I immediately inquired why.
'The Ultramarines show up right a Land Speeder!'
I'm somewhat confused now. Ok, a Land Speeder. So?
'The Land Speeder wasn't invented until after the Horus Heresy! There were no Land Speeders then! That's why the Traitor Marines don't have them! Duh.'
Ummm....ok, that's some sorta big deal because of why? This is science fiction, after all. It's all sorta made up, isn't it?
'Listen, if the author can't even bother to do a little research and get the fluff right, then I can't be bothered to read it. End of story.'

*And Spock was famous for saying 'never tell me the odds, kid'*


Friday, December 7, 2012

[Games Anatomy] Veteran Of The Edition Wars - Vampire: the Masquerade vs. Vampire: the Requiem

Edition warfare is a funny old beast. Seems like you can't produce even a fairly minor revision of your core mechanics and setting without your motivations for doing so being questioned, your approach to doing so mocked, and your efforts in doing so dismissed as the most vile and base calumnies ever to besmirch a gaming table. Woe betide you if it takes your fancy to make fairly major revisions, as White Wolf did in 2004 with the release of Vampire: the Requiem, the successor to founding father of the Entity: the Pompousness RPG naming tradition Vampire: the Masquerade.

I'm burbling about Vampire today because it's the edition war in which I have actually fought, on both sides at one time or the other. Like the soldier of fortune I am, I spurn the customs and fashions of the time and pursue pure profit, in the form of an improved gaming experience for everyone unfortunate enough to sit down at my tables. The weird thing is that in the eight years for which this conflict has existed, I have never even managed to get a Requiem game played. Read on, and perhaps we'll find out why.

(Note: no guarantee of findings-out is promised. Not even I know where this is going to go.)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Contest Announcement - Benchvent: Show us Your Workspace

Hello folks, we've got info on a fun little contest for you this fine Tuesday.

Granted, we got a request to post info on this contest a while ago and then promptly dropped the ball.  In fairness we were just absolutely buried in paperwork due to SinSynn's recent run-in with INS.  Some misunderstanding over SinSynn's use of the term "resident alien".  Some light disintegration was involved.  Followed by heavy paperwork.

Anyways, Scott over at a place called Benchvent wants to give some lucky hobbyist something called an Exagon R.  Which I'm lead to believe is either the name brand for a kind of continuum transfunctioner or, more likely, some sort of ventilation system.

All kidding aside, the fine folks over at Benchvent are holding a giveaway contest and all YOU have to do is send in a picture of your hobby workspace by Decemember 14. A winner will be chose at random and then sent a $300 dollar piece of equipment from some blokes in the UK.  Keen!

All the details can be found on this page: Show us your Workspace and Win an Exagon R

Disclaimer:  the House of Paincakes is not receiving any goods or services in exchange for promoting this contest nor did we solicit anything from anyone.  We were simply contacted out of the blue by Scott who correctly deduced that we love contests.


Monday, December 3, 2012

New Member Monday - Legion of One vs. the Heat Wave

Hello and Howdy, folks!  Welcome to this unseasonably warm day in December which also happens to be a a Monday.  It's, seriously, 69 degrees outside where I am in Illinois.  And it's only that low because the sun is setting.  Though it looks like things might start getting cold cool on Wednesday. Maybe I'll be able to turn my Air Conditioner off once it get's down to a FRIGID 52 degrees.

So it's looking like our horrible, horrible summer decided it wasn't finished with us.  Take that, White X-mas.

I know this intro isn't all that related to gaming or whatever the hell the HoP mission statement is this week, but it really rustles my jimmies.

New Member Monday

Legion of One
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] GGP: A Kick in the...

So you have a game design or product. You hold a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce it.

It's a little more complicated than just "take the money and run". There's a lot more that goes into the process than collecting the cash. I talked to a few folks who have been there and done that to get a real sense of how it goes down, and what to expect.


Monday, November 26, 2012

New Member Monday - Holy Crap, You Guys. Srsly.

Hey folks and welcome to a post Thanksgiving week on the House of Paincakes (recently voted juiciest turkey in the American Mid-west).

I've not got much time to banter today, because I need to show you all something so amazing it may cause some face melting issues if I don't frame it right.  So let me introduce our new blog roll member a bit early:

New Member Monday

Calth Burns
Keywords: 30K, Ultramarines, ForgeWorld, Thunderhawk, Cataphractii, KnowNoFear

Ok.  Now one of those keywords up there is of particular interest.  Here's why:

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a fully assmebled, kit-bashed Thunderhawk gunship.

The intrepid author at Calth Burns has gone above and beyond on this thing and it looks to me like it was well worth the effort.

Here's his past progress:

Kit-bashed Thunderhawk
Kit-bashed Thunderhawk begins!
Kit-bashed Thunderhawk Construction Underway
Thunderhawk Superstructure
Kit-Bashed Thunderhawk is Finished



Sunday, November 25, 2012

You Hafta Say Zoom When You Move Your Flyer

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

So, many Special Rules does 40k have again?
...I counted EIGHTY, from Acute Senses (which totally changed to some outflank-y thing now), to Zealot (which is new to me).


That's redonkulous.
Combine that with the fact that it seems like Games Workshop seemingly threw the 5th Edition Rulebook out a random window and started from scratch, and I gotta tell ya I'm finding my initial read-through of 6th Edition to be pretty darn funny.

*This is how I feel when I think I'm starting to understand the whole thing*


Saturday, November 24, 2012

[Games Anatomy] The Politically Correct RPG, Part II - Novarium

Von and Hark are spending a couple of weeks looking at politically correct RPGs. Last week's effort, Blue Rose by Green Ronin was a bit too heavy on the wishful thinking for their liking; this week, their gaze turns onto Chubby Funster's Novarium.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Olde Weird: Whatever happened to cardboard?

Hi all,

I'm back once again pondering the olden days of gaming. Over the last week, I've had the opportunity to re-visit some of the older games (namely Epic Space Marine and 40K 2nd Ed), and I've realised something- where once we were surrounded by cardboard as players, now it's all gone away!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] GGP: Kickin' It

I am interested in learning to ride a motorcycle. My local university offers a free rider's class that teaches you to ride, and if you pass the class, you can get your Class M license without having to take the test at the dreaded DMV. Several of my friends have taken the class and were offering me various bits of advice in the case that I take the class. Apparently they teach you on small bikes, and some of them are tricky to get started. A buddy of mine was saying that on these little bikes, it is totally ok to STOMP on the gas to get going.

That same idea is behind Kickstarter.
Can't get started? Need a little help? Kickstarter is the answer for many folks.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Cornucopia of Blogs: Los Potros Grande

Hey folks and welcome to a holiday week here at the House of Paincakes!

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving (or Turkey Day, if you will) on Thursday here in the states.  It had something to do with the bandy legged puritans who got this whole American ball rolling and whose fiercely weird religiosity still fuels most of our bad governmental policy decisions to this day.

 Traditionally, Thanksgiving entails lots of traveling to be with family, togetherness, good times and the cooking of birds that aren't all that tasty (and are more than a little dry).  In any case, this week may be a bit off in the scheduling department.  I'm not saying that it WILL be odd.  Just that it could.  On account of all the Tryptophan.  It's pretty rad.


New Member Monday

The Aspiring Ressurectionist
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Atomic Warlords
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Kevin's Painting Fix
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Tempest's 40k Bunker
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

So I'm Playing 40k Again -_-

"So this is it, friend?
You're here to win, then..."
  - Sleigh Bells, from Rill Rill

So there I am deploying my stuffs, when he starts with his nonsense...
'Are you sure that's where you wanna put that?'
'Wadda you mean?' I reply casually, but my eyes are frantically darting around the tabletop attempting to find fault with my placement.
'This looks good to me, actually,' I state cautiously, 'Why, wadda you think? It's not good? I've got cover, good lanes of fire....Wadda you sayin'?'
He shrugs, lookin' all smug and whatnot.
'Look, man, I'm not sayin' nuthin.' All I'm doin' is asking you if yer sure that's where yer gonna put that unit. That's all.'
'Yeah, but the way you said made it sound like I was making a I making a mistake?'

Sigh- despite the fact that this lil' ritual of ours inevitably plays out like 'Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football' (with me being Charlie Brown, naturally), here I am falling for it a dumbass...

Now comes the laugh...his evil,  stupid laugh ...'Hurr-hurr-hurr'

'Why would I tell you that? What possible purpose would that serve? How would that benefit me? In what way?'
'It would help with your karma, you friggin' jerk, to maybe help a brother out once in a while. It would help us to have a better game, if we maybe played in a friendlier manner.'
'What better game? What are you babbling about? I wanna crush you. Same as you wanna crush me, pal.'
I stare at him for a moment ...
'...Yeah, yer right about that...'

Have I mentioned that I hate my buddy, the Ultimate Rival?

*Yeah, that's him*


Saturday, November 17, 2012

[Games Anatomy] The Politically Correct RPG, Part I - Blue Rose

This Games Anatomy is a little different. For one, it's actually comparing two games - both attempts to create an RPG that addresses some of the problematic assumptions at the heart of the hobby. For two, it's got -

MEEEEEEEE.  What?  i heard someone mention "problematic assumptions at the heart of the hobby", and i just had to get in on that.  Also, i haven't had an internet fight in weeks.  They boot you out of the Mad Feminist Birds Society for slacking, y'know.

- two authors - Hark's joining me on the magical mystery tour this week, mostly 'cause I'm bored of talking to myself and I thought she'd have something interesting to say about all this -

You poor deluded fool.  You only think i'm interesting 'cos you can look at my tits whilst i talk.

- For three, it's bloody long, longer than usual, even after we split it in two. I'd put the kettle on before I clicked that 'read more' button, if I were you.

Get us some biscuits while you're there.

First up: Blue Rose (Fast Play version)


Friday, November 16, 2012

Olde Weirde- The Novels

 Hi all,

for this weeks delve into the murky past of our hobby, I'm going off on a slight tangent (yes, I know it's only the second post!) and I'm going to talk about the war game-inspired fiction of yesteryear. My inspiration- the fact that I'm currently reading "Angel Exterminatus", the latest in the Horus Heresy series from Black Library.

Now, this is a pretty good series of books. I especially like Graham McNeill's work (mainly because his books remind me of David Gemmell's Drenai novels). But there are books from years ago which evoke very fond memories for me. Krokidil Tears for example, based on the Dark Future games by Jack Yeovil (she also wrote Genevieve, which is again fantastic) Not great writing, but a fantastic daemon host-assassin story. If you get the chance, pick a copy up second hand.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lantz's Antzwers: Skimming A Familiar Challenge

Me again. Here to answer your rules questions. Today we have a flyer question and, appropriately, two Chaos Space Marine questions. Since the new codex for the CSM was recently released, I'm not shocked by the amount of CSM questions I'm getting. Again, if you have a 40k rules question or just want an argument settled in your gaming group, drop me a line (email address is at the bottom of this post.) Whether it be in an email response or posted here, I will answer any and all questions. I'm going to streamline things a little more so I can get more questions in without boring you all to death. So let's get to it, shall we?


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] I'm Good At My Job!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends, family, assorted others and anyone listening- I have talked about what I do at the store for a long time. I've shared various tips and comments, insights and concerns with you for well over a year now.

So far, everything I have discussed and all my claims are just that- claims. I haven't really had very much to back me up in my commentary; but that all changed this week.

Here's some evidence.

The publication in question is operated by the local university's journalism department, and the voting is open to the public. Our community voted in droves- the folks in 2nd and 3rd place have been open for literally DECADES and are pretty much institutions in our area.

While I'm flattered and humbled that we won, the real credit goes to TheDude. I've probably talked your ear off about the things he does for the store, but he really does work himself until he's exhausted to make the store better. I'm really proud of all the effort he's put in, and it makes me glad to see that he's finally being recognized for what he does.

We said it before and we'll say it again: this didn't happen by our hands alone. We have the best customers anyone could ever ask for, and we're grateful to be able to serve them day in and day out. We're truly honored to have a shot at earning not just their business but their friendship; and we're really glad they like us.


Monday, November 12, 2012

New Member Monday - Late Breaking New Member News

Hello all and sorry for the delay on today's Monday post.  I just really wanted to see how long it would take SinSynn to crack under the pressure and shame of admitting to reading Space Marine books.  Turns out that the guy who managed to write a blog post a scant 5 days after a goddamn hurricane hit his city is made of pretty stern stuff.

I'll get you next time, SinSynn!

Though if you read between the lines, you know that he secretly has a fully painted Ultramarines army. Probably with three Storm Talons.

New Member Monday

L'Astropate: News e Rumors di Warhammer 40.000
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Talkin' Space Marine Novels- yeah I read 'em. Shaddup

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

So here comes another winter.

Pretty soon, it's gonna be too cold to push around miniatures in the Ultimate Rival's gaming garage. Although I'm sure we'll take a few trips upstate to maybe catch a game or three, or perhaps him and I will hit some tournament or whatevs. Nevertheless, our active 'gaming season' is coming to an end.

Pretty soon,  I'll be spending my hobby time painting stuffs (lotta catching up to do on that front, actually), repairing a bunch of my existing stuffs (unbending bent gun barrels and re-gluing broken off fenders and whatnot), and reading.

I've already gotten a jump on the 'off season' by hitting a bookstore and grabbing the second and third Night Lord novels by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Author's Note: Look, I love the guy. I follow him on Facebook, even. But I refuse to type his name out more than once. From here on out, I'll just refer to him as ADB, 'k?

Anywho, I luvs me some ADB Night Lord action. Talos is my man. And Xarl. And Cyrion. And Mercutian. And yeah, I luvs Uzas too.

*Sadly, their helmets cannot fly*