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Friday, December 7, 2012

[Games Anatomy] Veteran Of The Edition Wars - Vampire: the Masquerade vs. Vampire: the Requiem

Edition warfare is a funny old beast. Seems like you can't produce even a fairly minor revision of your core mechanics and setting without your motivations for doing so being questioned, your approach to doing so mocked, and your efforts in doing so dismissed as the most vile and base calumnies ever to besmirch a gaming table. Woe betide you if it takes your fancy to make fairly major revisions, as White Wolf did in 2004 with the release of Vampire: the Requiem, the successor to founding father of the Entity: the Pompousness RPG naming tradition Vampire: the Masquerade.

I'm burbling about Vampire today because it's the edition war in which I have actually fought, on both sides at one time or the other. Like the soldier of fortune I am, I spurn the customs and fashions of the time and pursue pure profit, in the form of an improved gaming experience for everyone unfortunate enough to sit down at my tables. The weird thing is that in the eight years for which this conflict has existed, I have never even managed to get a Requiem game played. Read on, and perhaps we'll find out why.

(Note: no guarantee of findings-out is promised. Not even I know where this is going to go.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Contest Announcement - Benchvent: Show us Your Workspace

Hello folks, we've got info on a fun little contest for you this fine Tuesday.

Granted, we got a request to post info on this contest a while ago and then promptly dropped the ball.  In fairness we were just absolutely buried in paperwork due to SinSynn's recent run-in with INS.  Some misunderstanding over SinSynn's use of the term "resident alien".  Some light disintegration was involved.  Followed by heavy paperwork.

Anyways, Scott over at a place called Benchvent wants to give some lucky hobbyist something called an Exagon R.  Which I'm lead to believe is either the name brand for a kind of continuum transfunctioner or, more likely, some sort of ventilation system.

All kidding aside, the fine folks over at Benchvent are holding a giveaway contest and all YOU have to do is send in a picture of your hobby workspace by Decemember 14. A winner will be chose at random and then sent a $300 dollar piece of equipment from some blokes in the UK.  Keen!

All the details can be found on this page: Show us your Workspace and Win an Exagon R

Disclaimer:  the House of Paincakes is not receiving any goods or services in exchange for promoting this contest nor did we solicit anything from anyone.  We were simply contacted out of the blue by Scott who correctly deduced that we love contests.

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Member Monday - Legion of One vs. the Heat Wave

Hello and Howdy, folks!  Welcome to this unseasonably warm day in December which also happens to be a a Monday.  It's, seriously, 69 degrees outside where I am in Illinois.  And it's only that low because the sun is setting.  Though it looks like things might start getting cold cool on Wednesday. Maybe I'll be able to turn my Air Conditioner off once it get's down to a FRIGID 52 degrees.

So it's looking like our horrible, horrible summer decided it wasn't finished with us.  Take that, White X-mas.

I know this intro isn't all that related to gaming or whatever the hell the HoP mission statement is this week, but it really rustles my jimmies.

New Member Monday

Legion of One
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