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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hobby ADD

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

Gotta tell ya that I think the new year is off to a pretty good start for me. Now that I'm all gainfully employed and whatnot, I can actually, like, afford stuffs.
It's a pretty good feeling.
Naturally, I tend to get a lil' stupid, and I found myself with 83 cents in the 'spending pocket' the other day, due to some over-zealous 40k purchasing.
...don't you judge me, and act like you ain't never been there...

I manage my money with what I call the 'two pocket system.'
Back in my ill-spent youth, when the only reason I would show up to school was cuz I had a knapsack full of illicit substances to peddle to my fellow students (instead of...y'know, school books, or sumpthin' that mighta helped me actually learn), I would put the money I needed to 're-up' in one pocket, and my spendable 'profits' in the other.
Nowadays, I use the two pocket system to separate my bill money and my hobby money, and the bank is pants, I guess.

So, yeah- the 'hobby pocket' got drained this week and I almost didn't have the fundage required to purchase this month's Esquire Magazine, featuring Megan Fox on the cover. It was a narrow thing, cuz naturally I had to buy a roll of paper towels and a second copy after I made all the pages of the first one stick together.

*I swear I have both tentacles on the keyboard right now...maybe*


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[The Von Report] A Week Without Gameplay

So, term has started and the new Cycling Agenda is in full swing and the long and the short of it is that I can juuuust about make it to the club for 7 p/m - provided you don't mind your Vons stinking of sweat and Berkshire cycle tracks. Now, I don't want to be That Guy, and the Northern Line was all kinds of gremlined last week anyway, so I abandoned ship and went home for a good wash.

On top of that, my home Internet's been down for a week now, and this has meant a) I haven't been able to blog unless there are a few quiet moments at work, like these moments right here, and b) I haven't been able to play WoW and have had to find more productive uses for my time.


Monday, January 14, 2013

New Member Monday - Polonium

Hey folks!  It's Monday. You're tuned into the House of Paincakes.  And by now you've realized that SinSynn didn't mention tentacles even ONCE in his last post.  You know what this means:

Sorry, but we have standards here.  And one of those standards is that there is a certain minimum level of tentacle we have to represent on the site.

Von and Lo have been protesting this rule for quite some time and have held much firmer in recent months than I had anticipated   Since I, literally, can not run this site without them they both get to revel in their , relatively, tentacle free lives.  So it was up to me to step up.

You win this time, Blogger's Union Local 142!

New Member Monday

Spartan Painting
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Black Templars is Stoopid

The battle hadn't even begun yet, and already the squad of soldiers manning the gigantic ant-aircraft gun in its fortified position had grown bored.

The massive weapon pointed skyward was known as a Quad Gun, and it sat nestled safely behind an Aegis Defence Line, a sturdy barrier made of adamantium and plascrete easily capable of withstanding a full-blown charge from a pack of blood-crazed Orks. The gun itself was designed to spew thousands of rounds a minute heavenward, destroying enemy flying machines by the dozens. Each holy bolt it fired was as long as a human arm, and whatever one struck when the great gun was fired would be literally obliterated from the Emperor's sight.

It was in His name that the soldiers manned the Quad Gun this day, of course. No ordinary soldiers, these. No motley band of rag-tag planetary defense force troopies, nor rabble of poorly-disciplined, barely trained Imperial Guardsmen stood guard with the mighty gun as its machine spirit surveyed all before it. The long barrels, their ends blackened from millions of rounds thrown at the enemy in past battles, slowly traversed from left to right, right to left, ceaselessly seeking a target.

Or, rather...endlessly seeking a target, cuz 'ceaselessly seeking' kinda sticks on the tongue, and sounds all lispy and whatnot.

Anyway, the soldiers manning the Quad Gun this day were Black Templars- Imperial Space Marines on a Holy Crusade in the name of the Emperor, the Primarch Dorn, and some dude named Sigismund, which is a really silly name.

*After this picture was taken, Sigismund had all the fingers on his left hand replaced. Again.*


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Going to A Convention

So I'm preparing for a convention.  It's more than just "show up and sell stuff", though. 


Monday, January 7, 2013

New Member Monday - Raicho Madness

Hey Folks!  Welcome to week two (and the first full one at that) of 2013 here at the House of Paincakes!  As you've no doubt seen, our authors have slowly been trickling back into the light of day and thrown off the funk that the holidays can sometimes cause.

Nothing terribly, exciting news wise, I'm afraid.  But I did want to point out an amazing step-by-step miniature progress pictorial.

Those of you who've had any exposure to Infinity have likely come across the mind bending skills of Ángel Giráldez.  For those of you who didn't know that this guy existed:  you're welcome.  As I'm in a full Infinity dive, I've been paying a lot more attention to their release schedule and Mr. Giráldez' blog in particular (since he sometimes gets to spoil the new releases).

Recently, this bad mama jama came out:

And holy balls, is it cool.  What's more, is that the man responsible for bringing this thing to life also gave his audience an extremely rare gift - a step by step progress pictorial on facebook.  It's a few weeks old, but I I just couldn't stand the thought of their being people out there that hadn't seen this.

New Member Monday

SRS Business
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Dark Angels Blog
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Winter Project. The Plot Sickens...

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

So the Holiday season has come and gone. The Crazy Lady's two brood-mates (sister and cousin) have retreated to whatever mausoleums they usually haunt, and everyone in the great city where I live is bundling up against the cold and returning to their normal, grumpy selves, resigned to suffering through about two to three months of the winter doldrums.
This is a bleak time of year- icy winds whip down lifeless, empty blocks, rattling the branches of the odd sad, skeletal tree poking up out of the concrete. Considering my block is usually teeming with humanity, it strikes a melancholy chord in me as I peak out the window. For most of the year, I very much enjoy mingling with the Terrans on the stoops of our respective buildings, but waddayagonnado?
Winter is settling in.

*Traffic cops are still lurking about, though. You can bet that double-parked van will get a ticket*

It is entirely too cold to hang out in the gaming garage, and much to the Ultimate Rival's frustration, I am more than a little reluctant to get up early on a Saturday or Sunday and take the drive upstate to the gamestore.
I really, really like to sleep late on the weekends....if I'm not working. Blah.

For the record, sleeping late means 'till ten AM. The Ultimate Rival, having served in the military, has a very skewed sense of what 'sleeping late' is. Needless to say, he's a knucklehead who wakes up with the dawn and starts yelling at peoples. I'd happily sleep through a Saturday or two if circumstances would allow that.
Anyway, the bottom line is that not a lot of actual games are gonna get played until Spring. But hey, that's what hobby projects are for, amirite?
So I've started plotting mine...


Friday, January 4, 2013

[The Von Report] At Last, We Face Something In Power Armour

So, I've had my Necrons a while, and since they've continued to serve me well since I bought back into the army just before Christmas 2011, I've decided to focus on them for the club league rather than buy into a new army. Admittedly, it helps that I have quite a few unpainted Egyptian-style death-robots cluttering up the place and a hobby budget best described as 'negligible' for the first four months of 2013. I just prefer to think of it as a reward for their faithful service and continued failure to be absolute tosh.

Here's a photo of the new stuff, with which the unfortunate readers of GAME OVER may be familiar.

Put this all together and it's at least nudging the 1500 points we've been tasked to paint... so I just paint that over four months and I'm sorted, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, the collection only holds 12 Troops models, and that might be satisfactory if they were super-tough Deathwing Terminators or similar, but alas, they are comparatively squishy Necron Warriors who cower in fear of the ubiquitous autocannon or even the laughing- stock heavy bolter.

The plan, therefore, is to paint up this 1500 points of stuff to qualify for the painting points, but to actually field the new units on some sort of in-and-out cycle, with the Warriors (and possibly Lords) already in my collection to top up some lists that won't just implode the second a Hydra or Rifleman Dreadnought looks at them funny. I'll still have 1500 points of new toys painted up to show for it at the end of the four months, but I'll be pulling odds and sods from the complete collection in order to build some lists that aren't a complete embarrassment.

That said, I might be able to get away with using only the new models for the first month, with a list that looks a bit like this:

  • Vargard Koschei - Necron Overlord - warscythe, sempiternal weave
  • Catacomb Command Barge - tesla cannon
  • Royal Court - 4 Crypteks - all Harbingers of Destruction
  • 6 Necron Warriors
  • 6 Necron Warriors
  • Ghost Ark

My general plan is for the Crypteks to boot the Warriors out of their Ghost Ark and hijack it for use as a gunboat, drifting around unleashing two infantry squads' worth of firepower while they snipe at tanks or heavy infantry off the back. The Warriors shelter beside the Ark and receive some help with reanimating while they cower on whatever objectives they can reach, and Koschei swoops magnificently around trying to hit as many things as possible with his warscythe before he's inevitably pulled off the back of the Barge and killed.

To see whether that plan survives contact with the Enemy, click the button! To spare your eyes the full majesty of my word hoard (even a 600 point game runs to a 1500 word report, you see), I've presented some edited highlights for your viewing pleasure, with a link to the club forum where you'll find the blow-by-blow. If people would rather have the full reports here, I can start doing that next week...


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Well the holidays didn't kill me...

Being a game store owner during the holidays is somewhat like playing whack-a-mole blindfolded with a chainsaw. There's tons of messes and destruction, and when it's all over you have to clean it up-

but this is all a good thing in the long run.

We've gotten through Christmas, which is always a challenge- balancing orders with distributors and their holiday schedules, as well as the general uptick in demand for special orders and "fixture games" ( Ticket to Ride, Cataan, etc). It's a lot to balance and doing it well is pretty important.

But our busy season is just beginning. At the end of January, we have our annual local game convention. We go every year, and it's always insanely busy. This year, we're adding insanity to the mix, on purpose.

This year, TheDude is going to be running events at the con instead of running the booth. The convention turns 40 this year, and TheDude LOVES to run roleplaying games. He's decided to showcase his homebrew system and is going to use it for all four events he is running at the con.

That's not all! Oh no, we don't go halfway. We're all in! In addition to TheDude going to be as far away from the booth as possible, we're also running a M:tG Pre-release event at the convention. We're doing it overnight between Friday and Saturday, and we're hoping to host 128 people all at once. We normally hold several waves of 44 or so at a time.

I have 5 total staff to run the con and this event with, and planning and logistics are my purview. So, suffice it to say, I'm looking for volunteers and planning on a whole lot of no sleep.

My focus for the next month is going to be planning and getting ready- so I'd love to take on questions you might have about the FLGS industry or what it's like to run one. Please hit me up in the comments, and we'll see what next week brings!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year New Member Monday + Contest

Hey folks and welcome to a new year here at the House of Paincakes!  Now that the writing staff have made it past the holiday season and, presumably, survived - we should be slowly but surely getting back up to more than one article a week.

Special thanks to SinSynn for keeping the lights on while he tried to wrap his alien brain around all this holiday cheer and figure out just who this 'Christopher' person is.

Right. First post of the new year.   The fact that it's a New Member Monday would be perfect if it were actually Monday.

But we have a new Member anyway and here it is:

Shades Of Chaos
Keywords: Wargaming, painting, gaming, reviews, battlereports, vornucopia of games, commerce

But wait!  There's more!  It turns out that these fine folks are running a little contest to kick off the new year. So if you fancy your chances of winning a plastic Chaos Lord on a super sweet Manticore and are capable of liking things on Facebook, then you should probably check out this link:



Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Chaos and the Writhing Tentacle Fiends

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

So the holiday season is wrapping up, and things are quiet here at the House of Paincakes. All of my fellow authors are out and about, leaving me alone here in the office.
The least they could've done is turned off the electric fence.
After all, I did promise not to, uh...have another 'accident,' and I'm pretty sure Lauby has our insurance all squared away, but whatevs. I'd rather be trapped here with no one but the Hamster That Lives In My Head as company than to be at home.
Y'see, shortly after Halloween the Crazy Lady's sister arrived, and she has stayed as our guest throughout this holiday season. Their cousin arrived just before Thanksgiving, turning our apartment into the world's smallest bed and breakfast.
In a couple of days, we'll usher in a New Year, and the Crazy Lady's sister and cousin will return to their respective tombs...errr, I mean homes.

*Next year I steep the mat in garlic. That'll keep 'em out*


Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Politically Incorrect Gamer: Adult Material

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

Sorry I missed you guys last week. 
I ended up working a 6am to 6pm shift at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, repairing damage done by Hurricane Sandy...which is, apparently, a lot of what I'll be doing for the next year or so.
I'm an electrician, by the way. I've mentioned that to you guys, right? Hey, a Xeno hasta earn a living - disintegrators ain't free, y'know.

*A snazzy model like this one will cost ya a pretty penny*

So, yeah- apologies for not bein' around.

Anywho, I'm about to write a post that's kinda been stuck in my craw for a bit now, just rattling around. It's been there long enough to become annoying, actually. As you all know, I'm not a big 'planner' when it comes to my posts; the post you're about to read is the one I'm about to write.
Or, at least, I hope you're going to read it. I'm sure this wandering introduction isn't helping to sell the piece.

I'll tell ya what, though- you should prolly read it, cuz I'm sure I'm about to spout something stupid.