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Monday, April 20, 2015

Thuloid Speaks: Games, Rules and Other People

Greetings again, you who come to this House for a steaming stack of Paincakes. Occasionally I hear it said, or at least implied, that ideas come from one's head. I am no anatomist, but this surely cannot be correct. My head emits goo of several viscosities, colors and flavors, and it seems to be filled with a sort of wrinkly, grey-pink meat (is it delicious? So difficult to find out), but no exploration of this appendage uncovers ideas awaiting expression. Where do ideas come from? In my experience, from encounters with things and other people.

Here. Have an idea.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Making Planetfall, part one- Rules 'n' Stuffs

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

 So...we're gonna talk about Planetfall.
 But since I've got 'adult language' in what would normally be my intro, I'll put everything after the break and just leave this here instead. Warning- adult language ahead. I should totally put a Tentacle Hentai pic here now cuz that would be funny...for me, but I frequently do stuffs like that and it turns out I'm the only person who really thought it was funny and Loquacious beats me with a purse...
 So lemme try an' be a 'responsible blogger.'
 It could happen. You can stop laughing. That's a lil' hurtful, actually...

* This is the starter set I purchased. Today we'll talk about what a 'Helix' is and more, since Spartan replaced a lot of common minigame terms like 'hit points' with their own funky made-up terms, like 'damage rating' an' whatnot *


Saturday, April 18, 2015


I decided to go back to basics today. I want to focus the attention on YOU, the reader and the blog network member. I want to know what is on your minds and what has your attention.

I know we sort of do this anyway, but I wanted to offer a dedicated space where you can talk about whatever is on your mind. If you want to give suggestions for new topics, have at it. If you want to gripe about the detail and pain in the backside level of your latest minis, I'd love to see that too. If you just want to shoot the breeze with your fellow Housemates, then do that. Today, the content is up to you.

(If this turns out to be popular, we may do it again in the future. Several blogs that I read on a regular basis have this idea as a feature and it's very well received by the communities that frequent them.)

I can't wait to see what you have!


Friday, April 17, 2015

[Another Year of Frugal Gaming] You Don't Have To Say You're Sorry To Look On Further Down The Line

I've been ill recently. Like, constantly. The air pollution and the heat in London seem to be running me down (I don't smoke, haven't for years, but I cough like a packet-a-day man); I've had an allergic reaction to some medication and a resultant round of skin infections bad enough to put me in hospital; and I work three jobs this time of year, cranking out work while it's available. Perhaps that's a bit more than I should be doing, all told, and I might avoid taking on major writing gigs for the rest of the month and give myself a couple of weeks to rest up and recover. I might also sneak off to Wales for a bit and set up that escape route. Anyway, the point is I've been feeling like crap and might have been taking that out on people.

I react viscerally and instantly to things - putting it plainly, for an apparently/allegedly smart guy I have a hot temper. I sort of need to get the feelings out of the way before I can actually think about things, which probably explains quite a lot of my behaviour in comment threads; sometimes I forget that there's an optimal way for me to engage. My saving graces are that it wears off quickly and I'm prepared to take correction once my boots are cooled - but people don't always catch the "I could be totally wrong" part, and it's true that what's said is said and what's done is done.
... you wrote three paragraphs dwelling about not liking things and how much you don't like that other people do like it. Which, hate to say, is becoming a common theme on your writing. I'm going to sound like an ass for saying this, but you are becoming Stelek, and at least Stelek manages to be funny and enjoy things. 
-- gx1080
Well, they say The Truth Hurts, and that did prickle me a bit. It's a fair cop, really. Over the years I've written a lot more than three paragraphs dwelling on not liking things, and how lots of other people like things so there's a lot of demand for things I don't like, so more things I don't like get made, and after a while the sheer amount of things I don't like sours my guts somewhat. Whether that gives me a right to constantly spew the resultant fluids over the Internet is another matter.

Don't get within six inches of me when I'm in a bad mood, that's all I'm saying.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Successful Blogging: Reader Engagement

I feel the best measure of a blog's success is having a lot of reader engagement. How much is a lot will vary blog to blog. I once heard that if you're getting 2% engagement that you're doing well. In researching now for this article I can't find that to verify it but it seems pretty spot-on. So, if you're getting 100 readers for an article then getting 2 comments would be a good engagement. I don't factor in social networking however. I'll explain more after you click that read more button below.


[Colour Theory] Near-Neutral Achromatic

Similar to Pure Achromatic (Greyscale) schemes, are Near-Neutrals. Since Grey is Neutral, Near-Neutrals are Colours that have so much grey (light or dark grey) that it's almost impossible to tell what the original colour was. "Earthy" is another term given to these colours due to how many browns comprise these tones. Painting in Neutrals can feel pleasing as they're not aggressive, even when you're using a lot of darks.

"Sepia" is a term you might be familiar with for an art style that uses mostly Yellow Neutrals. However, a painting style that uses a single colour is called "Monochromatic", which I'll look at next.

Any of the other art styles I've covered can be used when painting with Neutrals. The mixes of Hues, contrasting lights and darks, softer blended ranges, etc.

The chart here is a good guide on colour intensity. To create Near-Neutrals, you really do want to go past the "Dull" colours, where the colour really starts to disappear and the grey tone becomes apparent.
      Created with painter from
      Bolder & Chainsword
      Keep these things in mind:


      Tuesday, April 14, 2015

      Porky's Wild Bore - TTG phone home?

      Porky here, phoning House from a kind of sample return mission, into and out of the blogrolls.

      There's a lot going on in there, and it's been a wild few weeks for the worlds of GW especially. The End Times, rumours of Warhammer ninth edition, and that move by Mantic - all of which Chris at Corehammer discusses here. Plus release after release for 40K, maybe everything but the sinkium kitchenus.

      A question: what if a game world changes so much that gamers who love it feel left behind? Oldhammer has one answer: past products get snapped up second-hand or reimagined, and people make the old new again. (On the subject, The Warlock has a possible solution for drying paints, to keep old colours going.)

      But as third-party producers are showing, the fictional world might reside less in the official miniatures or a given ruleset than in the imagination.

      Take a look at the Blood Bowl team John at Company of the Damned is building. Those miniatures aren't Citadel miniatures, but they seem to capture some of the mood that Citadel did down the years.

      Blood Bowl appeared in the mid-'80s, a kind of alternate reality that ran through the Warhammer world of the time. That world - the world for a generation of players - might still be there, just outside the stadium. In the same way, Space Hulk, Necromunda and Battlefleet Gothic might be portals to an older M41.

      So what happens if miniatures in a Blood Bowl match leave the pitch, a bit like Eric Cantona at Selhurst Park, or maybe Andy Murray at Wimbledon? What do they find beyond the stands? What if terminators go renegade in-mission, or a hive gang heads up-spire, or stows away off-world, or a cruiser makes a detour?

      What waits just off the board or the tabletop? Is it possible to play out over the edges and see?