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Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Dream Army- Picking Units Part One

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

I'm gonna start off by saying that I was completely unimpressed with the Astra Militarum Codex upon release. Over time I've come to...not exactly think it's da awesome or nuthin,' but I don't hate it. I know I'm not the only one who thinks that all of the new(ish) hardcover Codexes for 40k seem to be bland and flavorless for the most part. This being Games Workshop we're talking about, complaining about the increased cost for fewer pages overall is pointless, so that has nothing to do with my feelings regarding the actual book.

Look, I know darn well that Marbo was a silly, silly character. But dammit he was fun in a very 40k way- just having him in yer army list was always something yer opponent would sweat about. His damage output potential was considerable, but in true 40k style it was random enough to be utterly devastating or hysterically meaningless. Oftentimes it would kill Marbo himself.
A thrown Demolitions Charge tossed by a character that can literally appear out of thin air anywhere on the board is a scary thing for an opponent to have hanging over their heads. It's gonna happen, there's just no telling when and where, and this cat could potentially vaporize an entire squad of Beakies in Terminator Armor on the turn he arrived! A Demo Charge is Strength 8, AP 2, Large Blast. That's no joke.
Unfortunately there's this lil' thing called Scatter, ya see, and well...thrown Demo Charges are notorious for being just as deadly to the attacker as they are to the defender. To me, this made Marbo very '40k-ish.'

He was absolutely 'Rambo in Space.' 
To blatantly 'borrow' something from pop culture and add it to the Grimdark with a tad (a smidgen. A wee bit) of Games Workshop humor is just so verr 40k...
Honestly, I'm gonna miss this kinda thing as GW moves forward with their name-changing 'we gotta protect our IP' nonsense, cuz I kinda sense the days of tongue in cheek humor with lil' winks and nods to action/sci-fi/pop culture icons are over.

* This guy TOTALLY belongs in the Guard. It was sad to see him omitted this time, and even sadder to think that he will likely be gone forever. Games Workshop is neatening up all their IP's, so wacky 'homage characters' like Marbo are just gonna disappear. Others, like Warhammer Fantasy's Heinrich Kemmler (always a controversial character and a magnet for arguments regarding 'how far is too far in minigames?') are being killed off in the fluff *

Friday, September 19, 2014

[Confessions of an English Zombie Fancier] Semi-Detached Three-Champion Warband - Needs Fixing Up

I've been a bit hard on SinSynn. Writing an army list is harder than it looks, and I don't even have the pressure of worrying about what NOVA will and won't allow me to take. (Writing that is somewhat awkward since I actually know someone called Nova, and she is a princess of arbitrary restrictions in her own right - but moving on.) For starters, the Force Organisation Chart has turned into this... thing.

Thanks to Adam from The Dice Abide for this one.
More nurrd games need to use infographics. I need to stop saying 'infographic'.
Why do I give a crap if I'm appointing myself Acting Chief Stillmaniac? Because persuading people to abandon all the things that make for the photocopy special game experience, all at once, is not easy. People are scared of freedom. That's why I'm always nervous around bald eagles and Americans (well, that and you're all so... boisterous. You're like Beasts of Nurgle, without the slime trail). Anyway, the point is that I'll need to at least keep up the pretence of being able to play a pick-up game, even if I plan to lure people out of the practice through the various sundries and extras offered by the Crimson Slaughter Codex.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Like A Boss: Part 6- Burnout

So you have been following along, and you have some money. You go ahead and put your ducks in a row and you get a small little storefront and start selling games. You did it! You're in business for yourself, and you're the boss of YOURSELF.

The "work" of owning your own store seems like a pleasure. You're thrilled to be doing the day-to-day work of ordering, receiving, pricing, shelving, recommending, selling, closing and cleaning. No matter how many hours you put in, you love what you are doing. You are a part of your community and it is serving you just as much as you are serving it- and you don't want it any other way.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Madness 7

1.MariAngellos Wonderland   Painting, Step by step, review, contests, opinion.

A Spanish painting blog, with step by steps and other fun stuff thrown in for good measure. You should check him out!

2. Admiral Drax SinSynn went to all the trouble of recruiting him, and he actually joined! He's been around a long time, adding a great deal to the blogsphere. Welcome Drax!

If you want to be featured here, please join! We are always looking for more Hobby related blogs and Tumblrs!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everything Is Better In My Imagination...

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

So this week I found myself working at Lincoln Hospital here in the Bronx. They're having major problems there- the sprinkler system has some sort of fluctuating water pressure issue and it's causing false alarms on the fire alarm system.
My fire alarm system.
The sprinkler system is monitored by the fire alarm via waterflow switches, and waterflow switches are exactly what you'd think they are by their name. The 'switch,' in this case, is a paddle that sits in the pipe. When a sprinkler head pops, the water flowing through the system and out of the popped sprinkler head will move the paddle- just like when you flick a light switch with yer finger.
Water flows, it triggers the switch, and bam- an alarm is generated. Sirens and strobe lights and the whole deal. To say it's loud and somewhat frightening, especially when you don't expect it, is an understatement.

As you can imagine, a fire alarm going off in a hospital is not something to be taken lightly. You don't just evacuate a hospital. False alarms are bad. Verr, verr bad. Multiple false alarms occurring every day and night for months is something that will cause heads to roll. Since this was the exact situation I was dealing with this week, I had my best 'srs bznss' face on.

Since the false alarms have been ongoing for months, pretty much every viable scenario that could possibly cause them has been investigated. Several times, in fact. Theories have been put forth by the dozens, and been proven false. Parts have been changed. New stuffs has been installed and old stuff removed. Yet there I was, up on a ladder while like ten people watched me, removing another waterflow switch.
I wasn't alone- steamfitters (the guys that work on sprinkler systems. Also known simply as 'fitters'), plumbers, electricians, a buncha bigwigs from the Hospital's Engineering and Life Safety departments, management representatives from Johnson Controls, who have the maintenance contract for the Health and Hospitals Corporation...and my faithful partner-in-crime, Francisco.
He of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hat...and matching tattoo..
I had a crowd observing me.
I'm used to stuffs like this now, but it's still a lil' nerve wracking.

So I pull the waterflow switch off of the pipe, and I look in the hole there.
'See anything?' someone asks.
'No,' I reply, 'I was kind of expecting to see a sarcastic Hermit Crab. Like, maybe he had taken up residence in the sprinkler system and he resented the paddles on the waterflow switches. Maybe he spent all his time battling with them or sumpthin,' I dunno.'
And then I did my best impression of a sarcastic hermit crab battling a waterflow switch paddle.
I looked down to see ten pairs of eyes staring at me like I was some kinda weirdo...which is a fair assessment, except I'm an exceptional weirdo. I'm not just yer average, run-of-the-mill weirdo, goddammit.

'A Hermit Crab?' says one, 'Are you serious? Are you trying to be funny?'
'This isn't funny,' says another, 'this is costing the Hospital a lot of money.'
'Never mind the disruption of services,' says a third.
They directed me to get off the ladder, and pointed for the steamfitter to get up there and check out the hole.
Construction guys don't respond well to soft-handed management types doing the pointing thing, so naturally he gave an indignant snort and had a gripe.
'That makes as much sense as a branch on the line being attached to a slop sink,' he said as he climbed the ladder. That theory had hurt the fitter's feelings. Such a thing isn't legal, and suggesting it was implicating him in an illegal act, in a sense.
Francisco leaned into me as I stood next to him.
'I thought it was funny, dogz. I was feelin' that theory.'

* The my mind, anyway *

While some Terrans may indeed have no sense of humor, one of the issues I regularly have in my dealings with them is the fact that I tend to say the stuffs that pops into my head as soon as I think it. And the stuffs that pops into my head apparently seems a lil' ...weird to a fair amount of Terrans.
The stuffs going on in my head is far moar entertaining, and much funnier than reality.
Thankfully, oh-so thankfully, there are people that 'get it.' I'm so grateful the Powers-That-Be saw fit to guide me to them, and fer having me wind up here, at the House of Paincakes, where I can share them with you.
And not be judged...too much.
Not fer nuthin,' but hobbyists are a wonderfully imaginative bunch.
While that's super-dooper-awesomely-cool, it does come with it's own set of hazards...