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Friday, March 27, 2015

Top X - Xtending Your Authority

Better late than never, buckle up for your bi-weekly dose of kick-ass in the House of Paincakes blogosphere.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

[Colour Theory] Square Tetradic Colours

I'll be looking at two Tetradic Schemes - Rectangular and Square.

In both, we use 2 sets of Complementary Colours for a total of 4 colours. The difference between Rectangular and Square is how far apart the colours are spread. We have the benefit of more colours to paint with, however it becomes harder to balance all of them cleanly.

Created with painter from Bolder & Chainsword
The Square scheme is more difficult to work with than the Rectangular one because the pairs are spread out evenly around the Colour Wheel. None of them blend closely with another, even though you'll have 2 Warms and 2 Cools. It's similar to the Triadic scheme, but with a fourth colour added. Here are some things I recommend:


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In defense of old minis.

Of late, I've found myself growing a little sentimental.

Hush, Bushcraft.

Old minis. 

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Neat things a happening!

Beat Ronin/aka James asked me to spread the word about this  Kickstarter. It is especially relevant for those in Australia. Please go check it out!

On a more local (but also less) scale, there is a fundraiser for March of Dimes this Saturday at a game store you may have heard of, with the ARTEMIS Starship Simulator as one of the events. Suggested donation is $3/seat, and a $10 donation from AUSTRALIA has already come in.

thank you, gamers, for being awesome.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Porky's Wild Bore - Ain't ascending to no plane, fool?

The H-Team's Porky here, with no plan but to riff off the rolls. Let's see how that one comes together.

This past week ian!!!! at Quarantine World posted a review of a card game, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards. If that doesn't give you a hint of the general tone, the subtitle is Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre!, and the cards themselves paint a clear picture.

It might seem more at the Murdock end of the spectrum, but this is clearly an approach that could be adapted for spells and psionic powers in other systems, and for a lot more besides.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Mostly silly stuff Monday

Hey people!

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Thuloid Speaks: Gaming and the Hyperreal, Part I

Good day to you, gentle readers and pilgrims to the House. The vortex of sophistry that was my last missive having likely left you dazed and horrified, you may hesitate to enter again into the twisting corridors of Thuloid's mind. I can respect that. I would have left long ago, but I can't find the door.

Yes, of course I'm locked in this labyrinth, if locked in means can't imagine what a door would even look like--but somehow you people keep getting in, and I appreciate the occasional intrusion. If nothing else, it proves to me that I'm not God, which is comforting. Now, some have treated solipsism as a very serious philosophical problem. Personally, I can't. So I'll just quote Wittgenstein (playing on Sartre): "Hell isn't other people. Hell is yourself."

Her left side looks a little flat. More highlights?


Lost and Damned: Recognising time sinks

Hey all,

In this post I'll talk about the stuff from last fortnight or whenever which I was going to yammer on about but decided to address other things. Moving on >.>

Sadly, the neurological thrill ride that is making time management a reality (You can do it, go you!) will have to go back to the monthly schedule as my haematology subject is already starting to overwhelm (PDF was killed to a man). Tragic really, as it's almost week three and the textbook won't get here until April. -_- Fat lot of good that does me in the here and now, but eh. LOGISTICS people.

This photo may have been edited

Sadly I feel a tad lost with the haematology study as linking what's seen under the slide to patient presentation and FBC results is sorta difficult. I'd also say one of those leucocytes looks quite smashing but anyhow, time management.

What I wanted to talk about was how to recognise time sinks- the unavoidable bits of time you lose throughout the day (i.e. travel).


Sunday, March 22, 2015

What if GW?

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

 When I picked the Tau as my very first 40k army, I was all fresh-faced and bushy-tailed an' whatnot, and I devoured the fluff in my 4th Edition Fishy-Peoples Codex.
 Friggin' devoured it.
 OhMyGawd there was just so much in there to pour over; the Tau had that whole 'caste system' thingy goin' on, by way of a fer instance. As someone from a PC and Console Gaming background, I was pleasantly surprised to read about the Tau's society as much as I was their cool, anime-inspired war machines. There was a whole breakdown of their alphabet and explanations and descriptions of the various Tau Septs (Which is kinda like a Clan thing, just the much cooler Xenos version), and the titles they could hold, and for whatever reason I found alla this stoopidly fascinating. The mysterious origins of the race were told, but enough mystery left there for 40k fans to debate over.

 And yes- that was why I picked the Tau. Cuz I love anime. I know there's some old-school 40k cats that dinna like the Tau due to their obvious anime-inspired aesthetic, but whatever. I had no idea about that at the time, and honestly never cared. Still don't, as a matter of fact. Only 40k fans could be handed a new faction and be burnt about it, cuz we're forever saying 'What about the Legions? Y U No Make Legions, Games Workshop?'
 Or we want the Mechanicum, or Hrud, or even *Stand By For Clock Reset* the return of the Squats. Games Workshop have forever turned a deaf ear towards their fanbase in favor of delivering what they think we should want, to extremely mixed results...
 ...That may very well be an understatement. 

 On one tentacle, well - who the heck wanted Crimson Slaughter? Show of hands and/or other grasping/holding/pinching appendages? No? Yeah - not nobody, really.
 On another (Don't worry I've got a bunch of 'em) - Would the Beakies be what they are today if Games Workshop didn't play up da Beakies? If the original plastics coming outta GW weren't the now-classic RTB1 Space Marines, but instead were something else entirely? Did anybody ask fer those Beakies?
 Regardless, they changed the game.
 They changed everything.

* Apparently back in the day someone understood that 'Power Fist' is the setup line for entirely too many jokes, as well. And thusly was the 'Power Arm' invented. We all still think the OG Missile Launcher is the shiznit, though, amiright? *