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Sunday, October 26, 2014

If You Could Design a Game, What Would It Be?

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

Anybody that's been involved in the hobby for more than a few weeks has some gripes with it. It doesn't take long. The initial commitment and first few months you spend with a game are totally the 'honeymoon period,' no doubt, and to tell ya the truth, those are good months, man.
In my case, once I've decided to jump into a game I'll generally have spent a completely ridiculous amount of time learning everything I can about it. Enough time that I'm a lil' leery about admitting exactly how much time, to tell ya the truth, but lemme put it to ya this way: I've been reading the Warmachine rules on and off for a couple of months now, as well as the Cryx army book.
I have yet to make a final decision. Spartan Game's Planetfall is I dunno.
Decisions decisions.
Regardless, by the time I give in and buy some stuffs, I'll totally be in 'ermahgerd dis game is da awesome' mode, all flush with hawt hobby lust and enamored with err lil' thing 'bout da game. Game iz perfect. It must be, cuz they convinced me to buy it, and I am genius and I know errthing dere is to know 'bout games, fer realz fer realz.
Overlooking the fact that I am a Xeno with a Hamster Living In My Head, which gives me a distinct (and somewhat unfair) advantage in my thought processes above and beyond what most Terrans are capable of, I am a Hobby Blogger, which clearly makes me like, the smartest hobbyist in any room full of hobbyists. Should I bump into another Hobby Blogger, there's a sooper-secret Byzantine handshake and series of dance-like movements and gestures I'm required to make, which closely resembles the competitive mating rituals male birds engage in when they're vying for the attention of a female. Once seniority is established and the loser has scrabbled off to like, the board game isle or whatever, we can go on about our business.

With qualifications like these, it's pretty obvious that I know as much, if not more, about game design than the people actually making the games we play, amirite? I mean...Hobby Blogger, Veteran player-of-games-of all- types, owner of a bunch of rulebooks and army books and miniatures beyond count...the list of Hobby accolades I've earned in my illustrious Hobby career is lengthy beyond measure. Ok, sure, none of it involves any sort of formal education or training of any kind in any field even remotely related to our hobby, like game theory, art design, marketing...any of dat other fancy stuffs, but a diploma is just a piece of paper, man, and I've learned 'bout Game Design in the school of hard knocks. Down in the trenches, rolling dice and pushin' around figs while these jerks were sitting in their comfortable classrooms reading books and writing essays. I was slicing off the tips of my Tentacles wif a razorknife, kitbashing minis an' whatnot, when these so-called 'Game Designers' were still learning what probabilities were all about.

Now for us sooper-Hobbyists, who quite clearly know more 'bout games than half the fools involved in actually making the games, cuz we're awesome like that, the next logical step would be to actually design a game. That honeymoon period wears off in a couple of months, and suddenly that game you thought was perfect just a few short months ago is revealing its flaws, leaving you wondering how those so-called 'Game Designers,' big dumb jerks that they are, could leave such glaring mistakes in their rulests and manuals and army books an' whatnot.
Pffft! These cats have no idea what they're doing.
I know I could do better...

* Here, Einstein is shown working on balancing Beakie Terminators for CC. This led to the discovery of the 'And They Shall Know No Fear' Special Rule. Groundbreaking work which changed 40k forever *

Well, now- let's see...
If I could design a game...If you could design a game (and I totally believe we could)...
What would it be?
Let's think about this fer a minute...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

[Surprise Attack!] Doubles Tourney

What is up, players?

We tried something new out in my local scene: A doubles tournament where each player gets 200pts, same turn movement without restriction but you can't share orders. YAMS rules: draw six, keep one each, share two between allies, discard two. The shared ones need both allies to complete it for the point, which was an interesting twist for some, and flat-out impossible for others. Interesting...

Sixteen players show up and are randomly paired into eight teams. Nemesis Bart makes it out to the tourney with me and is matched with Brian/Doremicom, I'm linked with Austin and his Morat Aggression Force. Should make for some good synergy with my Ariadna chompy/shooty list, which is just a trimmed down version of my NOVA stuff and slightly different than the practice one I ran against Nemesis Bart. I've dropped a Chasseur and gained a Spetznaz with sniper rifle. Austin's new to me, but after today I've certified him as an official Bush Craft Approved™ Not-A-Douche and we had a great day crushing Yuengling and occasionally other players.

More like "rarely", but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Musings of a --- Doing Something Different

SinSynn usually breaks down whatever post he is going to drop your way with some little insight into his life. we know all about the hamster, the crazy lady, Jessie,  his buddy NASCAR, his coworker Francisco and the wife-beater/boxer combo.

Paul Newman knew how to rock that look. 

I don't usually talk to you guys about the stuff that's going on in my life. I generally stick to store related topics and now and then throw in  a little bit of the the local flair. I do tend to get a little deeper in the comments, but as a rule, I've let the Xenos run the show when it comes to interacting with you guys. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Ballbusch Experience: Flippancy

Wargaming is a deeply silly pastime.  A good many pastimes are silly.  I fully admit to being bemused by golfers and finding the extent to which people attach their egos to the performance of professional athletes funny (though not always ha-ha funny).  After all, one takes up a hobby with the express goal of wasting time that could be better used making money or attempting to reproduce. 

Wargaming is serious business!

Still, pushing around toy soldiers is particularly absurd.  It is also refined and gentlemanly, like polo, but that makes it no less absurd.  For many years this absurdity has been embraced by the gaming community at large, both in wargames and RPGs.  Video games turned away from that path long ago, due mostly to commercial success and have tended towards self-seriousness since the early 90’s. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Some Days, Ya Just Gotta Be Kharn

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

Bein' sick is miserable, no doubt, but it does have some very small, teeny-tiny benefits.
Mainly that I can't do all the 'chore stuffs' that I normally do.
Grocery shopping? Am sick. No can do.
Doggy walkies? *cough, cough* What was that you said?
Trip to the Post Office to hit the P.O. Box? Can't do it I'm sick. And why do we have a P.O. Box anyway?

So basically, I'm treated like a Leper ('Get yer own food I don't wanna get yer sickness'), but I am left alone by The Crazy Lady I Live With. This is a boon in many ways.
Now because I'm sick, I can't be seen having too much fun. So doin' hobby stuffs is out of the question. Hard to pull off a convincing 'miserable moan routine' when yer painting a fig, or assembling a model.
What I can do is read books, uninterrupted, for hours on end. I can watch Netflix, and I can play video long as I do it quietly. If I can shout 'OhMyGawd you camping whore,' I can probably walk the dog (iz Crazy Lady Logic...which is totally an oxymoron, but let's not go there, huh?).

So there I was, comfortably laid up, reading a book, emitting the proper amount of 'moans per hour.' Also Crazy Lady Logic- 'oh you stopped moaning for a while so you can probably walk the dog.'
The book was Aaron Dembski-Bowden's Betrayer, which yes I've read a buncha times and shaddup and don't you judge me. I was halfway through the Battle of Armatura, gleefully enjoying the antics of Kharn and Argel Tal as they tore into Ultramorons...Errr, I mean Ultramarines, when suddenly I was overwhelmed by the desire to whack something with a big ol' axe.
I totally felt the need to leap upon a group of enemies and scrape and claw and batter my way through them, hacking and cutting desperately as they inflicted wound after wound upon me. And then when they all lay dead at my feet, and I still stood, panting heavily and bleeding into my armor, I would pick up one of their severed heads and hold it defiantly aloft, reveling in my victory, and scream to the heavens...
'Skulls! Skulls for the XII Legion!'
...I'd just hafta do it quietly.
So I turned on my XBox...

* I'll bet this guy never got nagged into late night doggie walks -_- *